Beintehaa…Qubool Hai (Episode 2)


Episode 2:

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Recap: Intro of Asad, Ayaan, Zoya, Aaliya, Shabana and Ghulam… Asad and Zoya meeting… Heading Bhopal…

The episode starts with Zoya and Ghulam reaching Bhopal and reaching their house.
Ghulam: Zoya beta, we reached…
Ghulam turns around and sees her sleeping and smiles while shaking his head and parks the car. Shabana comes out,
Shabana: Ji, where’s Zoya..?
Ghulam: You’re Zoya is sleeping at the back.
Shabaan goes and opens the door, she smiles and sees Zoya,
Shabana: Shukar hai aap Ka Allah, you sent our daughter back safe.
Ghulam takes the luggage inside,
Shabana: Zoya beta…
Zoya doesn’t respond.
Shabana: Zoya…
Zoya opens her eyes a little.
Zoya: Did we reach?
Zoya looks at Shabana,
Zoya: Khala…?
Zoya widens her eyes and wakes up.
Shabana: Come.
Shabana helps Zoya come in,
Shabana: It’s late at night, talk to everyone tomorrow and go to sleep.
Zoya: Khala, where’s my room?
Shabana: Up there… (Pointing upstairs)
Zoya: Khala… I have to walk? I’m tired, say if I fall down while walking?
Shabana: Think positive…
Zoya: I’m sleeping with Aaliya today.
Zoya walks,
Shabana: Zoya…
Zoya enters the room and shuts the door. Shabana smiles,
Shabana: Pagal! Allah, give this girl some brain, she’s absolutely crazy.
Shabana leaves.

Asad and Ayaan reach Bhopal,
Driver: Sir, where are we going?
Asad: Hotel
Ayaan: But Bhai… We were going to go somewhere else…
Asad: Not at this time, anyways they must be sleeping, our flight landed late and you’re here for the wedding and I’m here for a meeting.
Ayaan: Come on Bhai, you should join the wedding, it’s going to be fun.
Asad: They invited you, not me…!
Ayaan: Bhai… Dad said both of us will come and they said okay.
Asad: You can go in the morning.
Ayaan: WE…will go in the morning.
Asad: Take us to the hotel please.
The driver starts driving.
Ayaan and Asad then reach a hotel and check in and go to their room.

Morning in Bhopal:

Aaliya wakes up, she looks at the time and gets shocked,
Aaliya: Allah… I missed Fajr, no, how? I can’t…!
Aaliya then sits up, she was about to go when she sees someone sleeping next to her, she slowly pulls the blanket off and she sees the face,
Aaliya: Z…Zoya?!
A little smile appears on Aaliyas face. Zoya turns to her side while sleeping. Aaliya stands up and goes towards the bathroom. Suddenly images flashes through Zoyas mind, Zoya gets disturbed, then Explosion happens and Zoya wakes up shockingly, she looks around and breaths heavily and sweats. She fills the glass up with water and drinks it.
Zoya: Ya Allah, I missed Fajr, please forgive me, but there’s still time right? We can read Fajr until Zohar Namaz. But what are these dreams continuously saying?
Zoya starts thinking,
Zoya: Ya Allah, I think I’m overthinking.
Aaliya comes out of the bathroom.
Zoya: Aaliya…!
Zoya puts the glass down and runs to hug Aaliya, Aaliya hugs her back.
Zoya: How are you Aaliya? I missed you so much!
Aaliya smiles a little,
Aaliya: I’m fine, Alhamdulillah, what about you? How was your studies?
Zoya: Alhamdulillah, I passed.
Aaliya: Mashallah that’s good.
Zoya breaks the hug,
Zoya: Are you okay?
Aaliya: Haa, I’m okay, what will happen to me?
Zoya: You feel down, you don’t feel like that lively Aaliya to me…
Aaliya: I’m okay, just…
Zoya: You’re worried because you missed Fajr? Don’t worry, we still got time till the next Namaz.
Aaliya: Yes, but our times were different and there’s something called Dahwa Kubra.
Zoya: Chill, I’ll use the Internet and find out.
Zoya tries to finds her hand bag,
Zoya: Have you seen my hand bag?
Aaliya: No… It must be outside.
Zoya: Yeah, anyways I’m pretty sure it starts at 12 and it’s 9 something. Let me use your phone.
Aaliya gives her phone to Zoya and Zoya takes it and starts searching.
Zoya: Look, it says here so we have time.
Aaliya: I’ll go pray.
Zoya: And I’ll go do my Wudu.
Zoya drops Aaliyas phone on the bed and goes to the bathroom. Aaliya puts the praying mat down and covers her hair with her hijab on and wears a jumper to cover her wrist and starts praying. Zoya comes out and sees her short sleeves and Aaliya praying.
Zoya: You can’t pray like this.
Zoya then sees one of Aaliyas jumpers and wears it to cover her arms and takes a scarf and covers her hair and wraps it around. She sees a mat ready for her to use near Aaliya.
Zoya: Thanks Aaliya.
Zoya then starts praying.

Ayaan wakes up,
Ayaan: Where did Bhaijaan go?
Ayaan looks around and sees Asad on the floor and making dua.
Ayaan: Oh no, Bhaijaans praying?
Asad in his heart: Ya Allah, it’s my first time reading Fajr, I know it’s late but Ya Ghafoor, please forgive me, I heard Fajr prayer is powerful, my Ammi says that Namaz is the key to everything, I always make dua at the darghar but I feel more relaxed while praying here, I want to win this deal against the Abdullahs. Ya Raheem bestow your mercy upon us.
Asad finishes making dua and folds the mat, Ayaan pretends to be asleep.
Asad: I know you’re awake, stop acting and get ready, you need to go…
Ayaan slowly gets up and stretches,
Ayaan: Bhaijaan, you’re coming too.
Asad: Don’t be stubborn, I have a meeting today and….
Ayaan: Bhai, meetings can be done later!
Asad: This is important Ayaan, I can’t risk it.
Asad then receives a call and he attends it.
Asad: Hello?
Asad gets surprised,
Asad: Okay, thank you for telling me Akram.
Asad disconnects the phone,
Ayaan: What happened Bhaijaan?
Asad: The meeting got cancelled and is postponed and rescheduled in 2 days.
Ayaan: Oh, that’s bad… Now you have to come to this Nikah..
Asad: No…vo…
Ayaan: No Bhaijaan, now go and get ready.
Asad shakes his head and opens his suitcase, Ayaan then smirks,
Ayaan to himself: Ya Ghafoor, forgive me, I had no other choice but to do this…

It then goes into a flashback when Asad was in the bathroom taking a shower when they reached, Ayaan called the company they were meant to make a deal with,
Ayaan: Hello…?
Girl: Yes who is this?
Ayaan: Wow, what a sweet voice you have…
Girl: Excuse me…?
Ayaan: Oh, sorry, well I called in to cancel the meeting.
Girl: Why?
Ayaan: You see my Bhaijaan is feeling unwell and it will be so unfair how they will start the presentation without him.
Girl: Sorry Sir, we can’t let that happen and who is your Bhaijaan?
Ayaan: Sorry, you see after hearing your voice I forget everything, anyway a his name is Asad Ahmed Khan. He had an accident yesterday and will be better in two days.
Girl: Oh… How did this happen?
Ayaan thinks: Now what should I tell?
Ayaan: Uh…you see, he was walking, yeah…?
Girl: Yes…
Ayaan: And he…he (looks at the Tv screen and gets and idea) haa, he was walking and didn’t look then a car hit him slightly and the doctor said to take rest for 2 day. So that’s why he couldn’t come.
Girl: Oh, is he in the hospital?
Ayaan: No.. He is taking a rest on the bed.
Girl: Could we talk to him?
Ayaan gets shocked: Uh… He’s sl…sleeping.
Girl: Okay, I’ll pass the message on to the seniors and see what’s going to be done, is that okay?
Ayaan: Haa, it’s absolutely fine with us.
Ayaan then hears the shower stop and gets surprised,
Ayaan: Send me a message on this phone when you find out, okay Khuda Hafiz!
Ayaan hurriedly switches the phone off,
Asad shouts: Ayaan! Pass the towel and my clothes.
Ayaan: J..Ji Bhaijaan.
Ayaan releases a breath of relief and gives Asad the towel and clothes, Asad shuts the door and Ayaan hears a buzz, he sees the message and smiles.
Ayaan reads it out to himself: We have talked to the seniors and they have accepted to rescheduled the meeting and we will give the date out soon.
Ayaan smiles and Asad comes out,
Asad: What happened Ayaan?
Ayaan gets shocked,
Ayaan: Nothing Bhaijaan…
Asad: Okay, pass my phone, I need to call Ammi…
Ayaans eyes widen and a funny tune plays.
Ayaan: Bhaijaan, can I call Ammi from your phone? You see my phones battery died…
Then Ayaans phone starts ringing and Asad looks at him, funny tune plays. Ayaan then slowly and secretly deletes the message and the call log details.
Ayaan: Oh, I thought the battery died, anyway here’s your phone
Ayaan gives the phone to Asad and gets relieved.
End of Flasback.

Aaliya finishes Praying and makes a Dua,
Aaliya in her heart: Ya Allah, give me the strength to accept what you have written in my fate, Ya Allah, protect my family and friends from evil and guide them to your path, Ya Raheem, show your mercy on this Ummah and forgive them and guide them. Ya Sami, head my prayer and accept it and I’m ready to face what is destined for me but make me capable of it.
Aaliya finishes making her dua and sees Zoya making hers.
Zoya in her heart: Ya Allah, Alhamdulillah for another day, please help all this Ummah, I believe this was written all by you but can you help me meet my soul mate? Who I truly deserve? Ya Allah, it’s all in your hands, I have nothing else to say but to guide all of us.
Zoya finishes making dua and sees Aaliya gone, she folds her praying mat and puts it in the cupboard and goes out and up to her room.
Aaliya helps her Shabana cook breakfast,
Aaliya: Ammi, why didn’t you wake me up for Fajr?
Shabana: I thought…
Aaliya: Don’t worry Ammi, I’m okay, in fact we should thank Allah for making me realise and showing me that I was marrying a wrong guy, I can never forget my duties of being a Muslim, I should put my pains aside and show my deviation towards my God, any ways Allah will help us alway…
Shabana hugs Aaliya,
Shabana: I’m sorry Aaliya…
Aaliya: No Ammi, don’t apologise, it wasn’t your fault.
Aaliya in her heart: Shukar hai Aap ka Allah, you showed me the right path and shied me that I was going to marry a wrong guy. Thank you.
Aaliya gets teary eyes, she breaks the hug and wipes Shabanas tears, Shabana wipes Aaliyas.
Aaliya: Ammi, I’ll check on Aayat.
Shabana nods and Aaliya goes, Zoya was listening to this from behind the wall and hides when Aaliya leaves, Zoya then goes in.
Zoya: Khala…
Shabana turns around and sees Zoya,
Zoya: What happened Khala? What were you talking about?
Shabana: Zoya…
Shabana then tells Zoya everything about Zeeshan and how he cheated her.
Zoya gets shocked.
Zoya: How dare he?! Khala, just tell me his address and I’ll slap him and beat him up so he can get his brain in the right position, how can he do that with Aaliya?
Shabana: Aaliya already slapped him…
Zoya: Khala… Aaliya should beat him up publicly with sandals! In fact let’s all go and show him the consequences of messing with Aaliyas heart.
Shabana: Forget him Zoya…I’m just worried for my daughter.
Zoya: Don’t worry Khala, she will deserve someone better than that stupid idiot Zeeshan, her soulmate must be coming in fact came…
A guy is shown coming out of the airport,
Zoya: and if Zoya is here then not to fear.
Shabana smiles and caresses Zoyas hair,
Zoya: Khala… Tell me one thing, is there a wedding going on here?
Shabana realises: Oh yes… Thank you for reminding me, today is Khalid Bhaijaans daughters Nikah.
Zoya: Nikah? Wow, are we invited?
Shabana nods yes,
Shabana: But Aaliya…?
Zoya: Don’t worry Khala, leave it on us
Shabana: Us?
Zoya: Haa us.
Zoya then looks on and smiles

Scene shifts to Mumbai, a mansion is shown. A man is walking down the corridors and he is talking in the phone, his face is shown and its Osmaan Abdullah,
Osmaan: How is this possible, we were told that the meeting was today
Girl: Sorry sir, it got rescheduled.
Osmaan: Okay, thank you for letting me know.
Osmaan gets another call and sees Zain’s name flashing,
Osmaan: Bye, take care.
Girl: You too sir.
Osmaan disconnects the call and picks up Zain’s,
Osmaan: Haa Zain beta, bolo.
Zain: Dad, I’m here and I’m heading to Bhopal.
Osmaan: Why Bhopal?
Zain: Dad, you were having a meeting in Bhopal and Fahad Bhaijaan reached there also.
Osmaan: Oh no…
Zain: What happened Dad?
Osmaan: The meeting got cancelled and I’m not coming, I forgot to tell Fahad, tell him when you reach there, and since you’re going there you might as well stay there for few days because they will give a date after 2 days.
Zain: But Mom?
Osmaan: Leave her to me.
Zain: Okay Dad, I’ll stay around Poopis and come back later with you and my friend is also going.
Osmaan: Rizwaan?
Zain: Yes Dad, any ways I’ll call you later and do inform Bhai about the meeting getting cancelled. Bye.
Zain disconnects the call and Osmaan smiles, he turns around and sees Surraiya.

Zain is shown sitting in the car and smiling, Rizwaan is seen eating and drinking,
Zain: Bhopal, here we come….
Rizwaan: Why are you taking me?
Zain: I don’t want to go alone because it doesn’t look good you know…
Rizwaan: Haa Haa, any ways you get all the girls and I don’t…
Zain: Don’t tell me you’re still crying over that…
Rizwaan: For you it must be that but for me it was the end of my happiness!
Zain: Come on Riz…
Rizwaan: You shut up and don’t talk to me!
Zain laughs and Rizwaan eats while looking upset.

Asad gets ready and Ayaan is seen styling his hair in front of the mirror, Asad is wearing light black shervani with black patterns and Ayaan is wearing cream shervani with silver patterns on it. Asad receives a call and he attends it,
Asad: Asalamualaykum Ammi.
Dilshad: Walaykumsalaam have you reached? Beta how are you?
Asad: Alhamdulillah Ammi, I’m fine how is Najma? And how are you?
Dilshad: Alhamdulillah, are you going to that Nikah?
Asad: Ji Ammi, they invited us and I’m going for you only…
Dilshad smiles,
Dilshad: Don’t worry, just come back soon and bring me a Bahu…
Asad: Ammi…
Ayaan: Bhaijaan, Ammi?
Asad nods, Ayaan takes the phone off him, Asad looks on,
Ayaan: Aslamualaykum Badi Ammi… How are you?
Dilshad: Uh Walaykumsalaam…
Asad thinks: I didn’t tell Ammi that I’m here with Ayaan…
Ayaan: Badi Ammi, don’t worry, I’m here and I will make sure Bhaijaan brings back a daughter in law for you…
Dilshad (surprised): Ayaan?
Ayaan: Ji?
Dilshad: Takes care… I’ll hang up now…
Ayaan: Okay and any ways Bhaijaan wasn’t ready to go but how can he say no to Ayaan?
Dilshad: Okay…
Ayaan: We will talk to you later Badi Ammi…
Dilshad: Allah Hafiz
Ayaan: Allah Hafiz
Ayaan disconnects the phone and Asad looks on worried.

A mansion is shown in Mumbai,
Dilshad: Asad is with Ayaan? But he didn’t tell me…
Najma comes from behind and covers Dilshads eyes with her hands, Dilshad feels them.
Najma: Ammi…
Dilshad: Najma..?
Najma lets go and Dilshad turns around and smiles and hugs Najma,
Najma: What happened Ammi?
Dilshad: Nothing…
Dilshad looks on.

Precap: Zain reaching Bhopal with Rizwaan… Aaliya and Zain meeting… Zoya and Asad meeting… Nikah of Khalids Daughter… Surraiya upset on Osmaan…

Asad: Karan Singh Grover
Zoya: Surbhi Jyoti
Aaliya: Preetika Rao
Zain: Harshad Arora
Ayaan: Rishabh Sinha
Rizwaan: Vikas Grover
Aayat: Shivangi Joshi
Najma: Niti Taylor
Thank you so much for commenting, I really appreciated and I hope you continue liking this FF,

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Credit to: Halima

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