Beintehaa…Qubool Hai Episode 15



Sorry for such a late episode… Sorry for any mistakes.

The episode starts with Nusz, Shoaib and Sunehri thinking,
Nusz: We need to do some investigation… Where did this incident happen?
Shoaib: Near the cliff… I’ll take you there…
Nusz nods, the walk ahead, Shoaib turns around,
Shoaib: Aren’t you coming?
Sunehri nods no,
Sunehri: You two go, I’ll stay here and if you find something then call me, I’ll try finding something here…
Sunheri leaves and Shoaib looks on confused.
Nusz: Shall we go?
Shoaib and Nusz leave. Sunehri comes out, she looks at the direction they left,
Sunehri: Sorry Shoaib… I have to do this…
(A sad tune plays…)
Sunehri gets teary eyed and looks on.

Barkat Villa:
Azraa and Sulaimaan come out of Surraiyas room,
Azraa: Don’t worry Aunty… You have to provoke Zain against that clingy Aaliya…
Sulaimaan: Uh…
Azraa: Whatever and then I will play my game…
Surraiya: Call me when you two thought of what to do and when.
Azraa and Sulaimaan nod and leave, Surraiya looks on.
Surraiya: Aaliya, you’re time has come, I wouldn’t let you settle with my son Zain and soon I will kick you… Not me, soon Osmaan Saab will kick you out of Barkat Villa!
Surraiya smirks.

Scene shifts to Alina in her room,
Alina is sitting and thinking, Sid’s words echo in her ears.
Alina: Sid… Whatever I did was for you… If you don’t like it then I will not do it but don’t avoid me…
Just then Fata and Azraa enter,
Fata: Do you think Zuhaib is Innocent?
Azraa: Yeah… Well… Maybe. But I know for a fact that he wouldn’t kill his brother, well I saw something.
Alina hears and remembers the incident, she remembers looking down and seeing Aarav kick Zuhaib’s leg which makes Zuhaib fall forward and push Aarav.
Azraa: I saw Aarav…
Alina: Aarav planned all of this.
Azraa: That’s what I mean cause he kicked Zuhaib…
Fata: What?!
Alina: He’s alive…
Azraa: What? How can you be so sure…?
Alina: Because he wants Zuhaib to go to jail and suffer… You don’t know Aarav. He would do anything to kill Zuhaib Bhaijaan.
Sunehri who was standing near the window is shocked listening to that.

Zuha enters Shamsas room,
Zuha: Bhabhi… Eat something, you can’t stay hungry and punish yourself…
Shamsa: I don’t want to… I’m not hungry!
Zuha: But…
Shamsa: You would forget in three days but what about me?! No one cares about me here… It’s all about Zuhaib Na? What about Aarav? Has anyone thought of giving him justice?! No!! It’s Zuhaib! Zuhaib! And Zuhaib!
Shamsa looks away and Zuha looks at her.
Zuha: It was an accident… Zuhaib Bhaijaan can never kill anyone…
Shamsa doesn’t look there. Zuha puts the food tray down and leaves.

Scene shifts to Zain and Aaliya,
Aaliya in her mind: Why have I developed something for Zain? I can’t let my heart break again…
Zain is talking and doing gestures, Aaliya smiles seeing that and wind blows on her hair, he sees her smiling at him and smiles too while talking. Then both share a silent eye-lock.

(Song plays in the BG)

Chahe main rahoon jahan mein
Chahe tu na rahe
Tere mere pyar ki umar salamat rahe

Chahe yeh zameen, yeh aasmaan
Rahe na rahe
Tere mere pyar ki umar salamat rahe
O… mmm…

**song finishes**

Aaliya then breaks the eye-lock and looks down.
Aaliya: I want to ask you something, I… I don’t want to get my heart to break again…
Zain: I won’t break your heart, you can trust me.
Zain assures Aaliya, Aaliya thinks, Osmaan hears and smiles.

Scene shifts to Asya:
Dilshad is sitting down on the bed crying, Zoya brings some food for her.
Zoya: Ammi… Eat this.
Dilshad: I’m not hungry.
Zoya sits near her.
Zoya: Ammi, you should never say no to food.
Dilshad looks at her.
Ammi: I know you’re upset about the fact what Asad and Najma did but why punish yourself? Now eat.
Dilshad wipes her tears and Zoya feeds her, Asad was standing there and smiles seeing that.

Qureshi mansion:
Nusz and Shoaib come back with the inspector, Sunehri sees them. The inspector leaves, Nusz shakes her head signing that she didn’t find anything. Shoaib also nods no.

Nusz then decides to go to the police station and leaves, Shoaib walks up to Sunehri.

Police Station:
Nusz reached and enters his cell, Zuhaib looks at her.
Zuhaib: What are you doing here?
Nusz: I know you didn’t do anything on purpose. I’m here to talk to you.

Nusz and Zuhaib sit down and start talking.
Nusz: Now tell me the story…
Zuahib looks at her.

A song starts playing (Tere Sang Yaara)

Tere sang yaara
Khush rang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitaara.
(Zuhaib looks at Nusz while talking to her.)

O karam Khudaya hai
Tujhe mujhse milaya hai
Tujhpe marke hi toh
(Asad looks at Zoya talking with Dilshad and making her feed) 
Mujhe jeena aaya hai.

O tere sang yaara…
Khush rang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitaara

O tere sang yaara
Khush rang bahara
Main tera ho jaaun
Jo tu karde ishara
(Zain and Aaliya talk, Zain smiles at Aaliya.)

Kahin kisi bhi gali mein jaaun main
Teri khushboo se takraaun main
Har raat jo aata hai mujhe
(Armaan is tensed, Sanju gives him food and assures him that everything will be alright. He looks at her concern towards him.)

Woh khwaab tu…
Tera mera milna dastoor hai
(Nusz then starts talking and Zuhaib is lost in her.)

Tere hone se mujhme noor hai
(Zain teases Aaliya, Aaliya gets angry and chases him.)
Main hoon soona sa ek aasmaan
Mehtaab tu… (Aaliya and Zain fall on each other and share an eye-lock.)

O karam Khudaya hai
Tujhe maine jo paaya hai
(Shoaib and Sunehri talk, Shoaib smiles at her and hugs her.)
Tujhpe marke hi toh
Mujhe jeena aaya hai
(Sunehri breaks the hug and tries to go but he holds her hand.)

O tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara
Tu raat deewani
(Alina and Sid think about each other.)
Main zard sitaara.
(Alina cries.)

O tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara
Tere bin ab toh
Na jeena ganwara.
(Azraa can’t see Alinas pain and walks out, she clashes with Sulaimaan and gives him the dirty looks.)

Maine chhode hain baaki saare raste
(Sid is packing his bag and sees Alina and his photo.)

Bas aaya hoon tere paas re
(Zain smiles at Aaliya.)

Meri aankhon mein tera naam hai
Pehchaan le…
(Alina looks on)

Sab kuch mere liye tere baad hai
Sau baaton ki ik baat hai
(Kriya is at the coffee table, Rahul gives her a coffee, she says no but he feeds her.)

Main na jaunga kabhi tujhe chhod ke
Ye jaan le (Zain, Shoaib and Armaan are shown.)

O karam Khudaya hai
Tera pyar jo paaya hai
(Nusz takes details and smiles but shocked as well.)

Tujhpe marke hi toh
Mujhe jeena aaya hai.
(Armaan hugs Sanju)

O tere sang yaara
Khush rang bahara
Tu raat deewani
(Kriya and Rahul enjoy the coffee.)
Main zard sitaara.
O tere sang yaara
(Sunehri and Shoaib share an eyelock.)
Khush rang bahara
(Asad and Zoya look at each other, Zoya smiles at him.)
Main behta musafir
(Alina and Sid’s split screen is shown.)
Tu thehra kinara.
(Then Fata walks and trips but Rehan holds her on time.)

Episode ends on all the scenes.

Precap: Court day… Nusz finds a shocking proof… Nusz to get kidnapped.

Guys, there’s a change in the casting, Ravi Dubey will be replaced by Shravan Reddy, so Zuhaib is Sharavn Reddy…

Asad: Karan Singh Grover
Zoya: Surbhi Jyoti

Aaliya: Preetika Rao
Zain: Harshad Arora

Ayaan: Vikrant Massey
Humeira: Ketki Kadam

Rizwaan: Vikas Grover
Aayat: Shivangi Joshi

Najma: Niti Taylor
Imraan: Vikram Singh Chauhan

Ayesha AKA Sunehri: Sunehri?
Shoaib: Namish Taneja

Nuszat / Nusz: Nusz ?
Zuhaib: Sharavn Reddy

Zuha: Zuha?
Musa: Karan Kundra

Kriya: Kriya?
Rahul: Parth Samthaan

Zara/ Sanju: Sanjana?
Armaan: Sidhant Gupta

Alina: Alina ?(one of my friend)
Siddharth: Siddharth Malhotra

Sulaimaan: Siddharth Gupta
Azraa: H.N (My Sister, she doesn’t want her real name revealed so her initials…)

Fatima (Fata): Fatarajo ?
Rehan: Arjun Bijlani

Shamsa: Shamsa ? (one of my friends.)
Aarav: Vatsal Sheth

Thank you so much for commenting, I really appreciated and I hope you continue liking this FF,

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