Beintehaa…Qubool Hai Episode 14



Guys, I don’t know why telly updates keep on writing episode 11, but this is episode 14.

Thank you for liking and commenting, I hope it doesn’t get confusing.


The episode starts with all looking for Alina, Zuhaib finally sees Alina sitting down on the bench,
Zuhaib: Alina…!
Zuhaib goes to Alina and bends down,
Zuhaib: Alina, are you okay?
Alina looks at him,
Alina: Bhaijaan… I’m bad… Why are you here, you should go away from me…
Aarav, Fata, Gulgulay, Gopi and Azraa reach there.
Alina stands up and so does Zuhaib, she walks at the edge of a hill and sees the view, Aarav goes up to her,
Aarav: Alina… What happened?
Zuhaib walks up to her, she then moves out of the way,
Aarav: Bhaijaan,
Zuhaib touches Aarav’s shoulders, then Aarav slowly kicks Zuhaib’s leg which makes Zuhaib push Aarav and Aarav falls, all get shocked,
Alina: Bhaijaan!!!
Zuhaib even gets shocked,
Zuhaib: Aarav!!!

The constables get shocked, the rest reach there, Gulgulay calls the inspector. Shamsa comes there and looks on. The inspector arrives with the police and arrests Zuhaib, Zuhaib is also in shock, Alina remembers Aarav falling,
Alina: This is all my fault.
All reach there and see the inspector arresting Zuhaib,
Armaan: Why are you taking Bhaijaan?
Sulaimaan: What happened?
Gulgulay: Your brother had killed his other brother, we al saw how he pushed him.
All get shocked, Fata and Azraa go to Alina,
Alina: This is all my fault…
The police take Zuhaib, Armaan, Shoaib and Imraan go to the police station with Zuhaib and Sulaimaan, Shamsa, Alina, Fata and Azraa head to Qureshi mansion.

Asads bungalow:
Asad reaches his room, Zoya is nervously sitting down, Asad sits down,
Asad: I know this marriage was all of a sudden, you weren’t ready and so wasn’t I… But before taking it to the next level… Could we become friends?
A smile appears on Zoyas face, she looks at him,
Zoya: That’s what I was going to say… You spoke what was in my heart but… Friends?
Zoya forwards her hand, Asad looks at it,
Zoya: You shake it…
Asad: I know
Zoya: Then why aren’t you shaking it?
Asad shakes it: Happy?
Zoya: Friends…
Zoya goes to get changed, she comes out in a plain white salwar with a white Pajama, Asad gets changed and comes out,
Asad: I have a meeting, I’ll be back,
Zoya: Okay… But.
Asad leaves,
Zoya: Khadoos!

Scene shifts to Barkat Villa,
Aaliya is cooking in the kitchen, Zain comes in and tastes the food,
Aaliya: Zain… Its not even cooked yet… You’re going to ruin it.
Zain: No… I’m going to fix it with my magical touch…
Aaliya continues cooking,
Zain: So how was two days without Zain?
Aaliya: It was so peaceful.
Zain looks at her,
Zain: I bet you missed me.
Aaliya: No.
Zain: Yes you did.
Zain: I said I didn’t…
Zain: Everyone did, so how comes you didn’t?
Aaliya: Because I didn’t… Not everybody should miss you.
Zain: Fine…
Aaliya turns to him and splats of oil falls on his hand,
Zain: Ah!
Aaliya turns the gas low and turns to him,
Aaliya: Zain… Are you okay?
Zain: Haa…
Aaliya looks at his hand and sees its red, she takes his hand and blows on it, Beintehaa tune plays in the BG.
Zain looks at Aaliya.

Scene shifts to Qureshi Mansion, Sulaimaan, Shamsa, Alina, Fata and Azraa enter, Zuha goes up to them,
Zuha: What happened?
Sulaimaan: Aarav…Bhaijaan…cliff…
Fata: Zuhaib pushed Aarav down the cliff.
All get shocked, Sulaimaan glares at Fata,
Zuha: What?! How?
Sulaimaan: I wasn’t there…
Azraa: I’ll tell you, so basically, Zuhaib was touching Aarvas shoulder and then pushed Aarav.
Zuha: Why will Zuhaib Bhaijaan do this?
Shamsa cries, they console her. Alina looks at Fata and Azraa, she then takes them to her room.

Fata: Where were you Alina?
Alina: Sid gained conscious…
Azraa: What? Really?! That’s goood, what did he say?
Alina: That he doesn’t want to see my face.
Fata: That’s Bad… Why?
Alina: Because he wants to see the old selfless Alina… His Alina.
Azraa: What? You’re taking revenge from your family for him and he’s…
Alina: He’s right… I have become so blind in revenge that I forgot how he would feel.
Fata and Azraa get shocked, just then they hear Armaan shouting Alina. Alina, Fata and Azraa go down.

Armaan: There comes, the world’s selfish women!
Imraan: It’s not her fault!
Armaan: Look what happened, are you happy now? Was this all planned?!
Sulaimaan: What do you mean?
Armaan: Did you plan Aaravs death and Bhaijaan getting jailed?!
Alina: What?! I didn’t!
Armaan: Your so selfish, you can even kill your family members for you needs.
Imraan: Enougj! What are you saying?!
Armaan looks at Alina,
Armaan: All this happens because of her! She’s the one who planned all this with her Chamchis!
Azraa: Listen… We didn’t plan this okay…
Fata: And it was your fault! In fact, Zuhaib wanted to kill his brother so he did!
Sulaimaan: Bhaijaan would never do this!

Azraa: So was he dancing in front of us?! He pushed Aarav and we all saw, even the constables.
Armaan: I can’t believe you could stoop that low!
Alina: I didn’t do anything, I know I done bad but I didn’t take anyone’s life!
Armaan: Sure!
Alina upsettingly runs up.

After a while all are sitting down and thinking, Shoaib is in his room, Sunehri comes in,
Sunehri: Shoaib, are you okay?
Shoaib: Bhaijaan…
Sunehri: Don’t worry, we will free him, I’ll call Nusz.
Shoaib: Why Nusz?
Sunehri: Because she can help us…
Shoaib: How?
Sunehri: She’s a lawyer.
Shoaib: What? She got the degree? How?
Sunehri: Don’t be tight and yeah, she got the degree.
Shoaib: I’m not being tight but her?? What about you…?
Sunehri: I have as well.
Shoaib: Then why don’t you do it?
Sunehri: Try to understand…
Shoaib: Understand what?
Sunehri: Forget you.
Sunehri turns to go but Shoaib holds her hand.
Wajah Tum Ho plays in the BG…

Kaise kahun ishq mein tere 
Kitna hoon betaab main
Aankhon se aankhe mila ke
Chura loon tere khwaab main (x2)

Sunehri turns around

Mere saaye hain saath mein
Yaara jis jagah tum ho

They share an eye-lock.

Main jo jee raha hoon
Wajah tum ho..
Wajah tum ho.. (x2)

Song finished…

Shoaib brings her closer, Sunehri looks down,
Sunehri: Someone might come and I need to phone Nusz…
Shoaib: No one would come and there’s no need for Nusz to either.
Sunehri: There is a need for her to come, she can help us… I have to handle everyone here but if you need my help then do ask…

Sunehri turns to go but Shoaib holds her hand again, Sunehri turns around,
Sunehri: Shoaib!
Shoaib: What?
Sunehri: Look… There’s a lizard!
Shoaib lets go and turns around, Sunehri goes near the door and laughs, he turns back around and shakes his head while she leaves.

Sunehri calls Nusz and tells her what happened.

Armaan is talking to the lawyers, Sanju comes there,
Armaan angrily throws his phone and sits down,
Armaan: No one is ready to help us!
Sanju: Don’t worry…
Armaan: What don’t worry?
Sanju: Armaan, you need to calm down, Allah will help us because Zuhaib isn’t wrong…and there is one person that can help us…
Armaan looks at her,
Armaan: Who?
Sanju turns around and thinks.

Alina is seen crying in her room, Sulaimaan comes in,
Sulaimaan: Would you STOP those fake tears?!
Azraa: Excuse me! Her tears are genuine, not fake like you!
Sulaimaan: I need all of your help, I want Aaliya.
Alina: Tell her you love her, there’s no need to plan anything…
Sulaimaan: Look who’s talking…
Alina: You started it then, do you remember my curse??
Sulaimaan thinks and remembers get saying you will never get love in your life.
Alina: I take that back.
Fata: Are you okay Alina? I mean you…
Azraa: Yeah, Alina…
Alina: I want to be left alone.
Azraa: But…
Alina: I said I want to be left alone!!
Sulaimaan: Calm down! We’re going… Even we don’t want to stay here with you!
Azraa, Sulaimaan and Fata go out.

Azraa and Sulaimaan talk while Fata thinks.

Barkat villa:
Zain and Aaliya are spending time together and are talking which is witnessed by Surraiya, she gets angry and thinks of something, she remembers Azraa,
Surraiya: Would Azraa help me?

Surraiya calls Sulaimaan and tells him to bring Azraa here, then after a while Sulaimaan and Azraa come to Barkat Villa, Surraiya takes them to her room.

Surraiya: I want to talk to you…
Azraa: Haa?
Surraiya: I Want you to separate Zain and Aaliya!
Sulaimaan and Azraa get shocked,
Sulaimaan: Rani Sahiba… You too?
Surraiya: What do you mean you too?
Azraa and Sulaimaan tell her that even they want to separate Zain and Aaliya. Surraiya smirks and all think of a plan.

Scene shifts to Bungalow.
Dilshad is sitting down while Tanveer is cooking in the kitchen, Najma is reading a book while sitting opposite Dilshad,
Tanveer angrily cooks and says: They made me a servant! Oh god! I dreamed of ruling here but my state worser than a servant!
Dilshad: Tannu… Is the chai ready?
Tanveer fake smiles: Nahi… Two more minuets…
Just then they hear a knock on the door,
Najma: I will get it.
Najma goes and opens the door, Najma gets shocked and Shireen enters with Razia while clapping, Dilshad stands up and looks on, Tanveer watches from the kitchen.

Shireen: Wah Dilshad! I must say, you’re so fake…!
Dilshad looks on.
Najma: Listen…
Dilshad: Najma!
Najma stops and moves back,
Shireen walks up to Dilshad and slaps her, Razia smiles, Najma, Tanveer and Dilshad get shocked.
Shireen: You’re so selfish and you’re their Badi Maa? My Nikhat died and you’re celebrating?!
Dilshad looks at her,
Dilshad: You’re misunde…
Shireen: Enough!
Dilshad: you…
Just then Dilshad notices Zoya standing there and looks on.
Shireen: What? You proved how low you are… You’re selfish… Why show your concerns in the first place?!! Where is Asads wife?!
Zoya stands near Dilshad.

Zoya: I’m here?!
Shireen looks at Zoya,
Shireen: She looks like from a rich family, no wonder you got greedy and got her married to Asad!
Dilshad looks on,
Zoya: How could you say this to her?!
Dilshad: Zoya…
Zoya: No Ammi, let me speak…
Dilshad gets touched when Zoya called her Ammi,
Zoya: I’m sorry but you can’t come here and slap Ammi without any reason, you must be Nikhats mother right? Well everyone has their own lives, they need to move on, would Nikhat be happy seeing you sad? Would she be happy seeing everyone not moving on and mourning? Well it’s been two days since she has lost her life and we are only allowed to cry and mourn for 3 days… I know Nikhat wouldn’t be happy seeing us sad. We’re only allowed to mourn for 3 days and then move on…
Shireen glares at Zoya,
Shireen: Now will you teach me what to do?!
Zoya: No… You’re older than me and I can’t tell you what to do, you have the abilities to make your own decisions… I think you should leave, if Asad finds out you slapped his Ammi then he won’t keep quiet and all of us know that.
Just then Asad walks in and sees Shireen and Razia.

Asad: What’s going on?
Dilshad, Najma, Zoya, Tanveer and Razia get shocked.
Dilshad: Nothing… She came here to… To bless you because she couldn’t make it in the Nikah.
Asad gets suspicious.
Najma: Ammi! You’re lying!
Najma glares at Shireen while Dilshad and Zoya look at her,
Asad: What do you mean?
Najma: Bhaijaan… This lady…
Zoya: Najma… We…
Asad: Let Najma speak!
Dilshad glares at Najma and nods no,
Najma: I’m sorry Ammi but if someone comes in our house and slaps my Ammi then I won’t keep quiet!!
Asad gets shocked and Dilshad and Zoya look at Asad worriedly. Asad gets angry,
Asad: What are you saying?!

Najma: I’m telling the truth Bhaijaan, this lady slapped Ammi!
Asad looks at Dilshad and she looks down with tears in her eyes,
Shireen: Haa I slapped her! These types of women should…
Just then someone slaps Shireen and Shireen gets shocked, all look there and it was Rashid. Razia widens her eyes and looks on.
Shireen looks up while touching her cheeks, she gets teary eyed,

Rashid: Enough Shireen… Let’s go!
Shireen: You slapped me… Because of them?!
Asad gets angry seeing him and looks away,
Rashid: Everyone has rights to move on! When you said you don’t have any relationships with them then with what right did you come here?!
Najma giggles and then says: She got slapped by her husband! I think her husband is even tired of her everyday dramas!
Shireen gets angry and Rashid looks at her,
Dilshad: Najma!
Najma looks away,

Shireen feels embarrassed and hurt, Rashid goes up to Zoya,
Rashid: Stay blessed Beta… Take care of Asad and this family…
Zoya looks at him.
Asad: Enough of your Drama!
All look at Asad,
Asad: This women slapped my Ammi! How dare she?! Take her away before I start on her! And you (Rashid) don’t need to show your fake concerns!
Rashid looks at him,
Dilshad: Asad…
Najma: Bhaijaan is right! With what rights is he here aswell? And I agree as a stranger he blessed Bhabhi… So he can leave now!
Dilshad: Najma… Have you two forgot your manners?!
Asad: They forgot theirs… We haven’t and if you find this rude then there’s more rude avatar than this!
Rashid looks at Asad and Najma who look away, Zoya thinks what happened…
Asad: Tell him to leave!
Dilshad: Asad, he’s your Abbu…
Asad: He lost that right!
Najma: And what Abbu?! Anyways what is a Abbu? I never had a Abbu in my whole life and I don’t need one!
All get shocked,
Najma: Can you actually tell me what Abbu means?! Abbu, Dad, Father, Papa and whatever, I don’t have any importance for him in my life because he never carried out the duties he had towards us!
Dilshad: Najma!!
Asad: She’s telling the truth! What has this man ever done for us? Why is he here now? Tell him to get out!
Rashid feels hurt.
Zoya: But…
Asad: You won’t speak!
Zoya stops and looks on.
Shireen: Are you happy now? They insulted you and you’re still standing here!

Najma grabs Shireens hand and pushes her out of the door, Ayaan holds Shireen on time, Razia follows on and all look on.
Dilshad: Najma!! You’re crossing your limits!
Najma: Ammi, they wouldn’t listen nicely…
Dilshad: So you would forget your limits?!
Ayaan looks on, she then turns around and looks at Najma.
Ayaan looks at Asad and Asad looks away,
Zoya to herself : Allah…I hope these brothers don’t grow hatred towards each other.
Najma: Bhaijaan…
Shireen cries,
Shireen: They insulted me so much…
Najma rolls her eyes while hearing her Drama.
Razia: Aur Nahi to Kya, Bhaijaan even slapped…
Asad: You can also leave Mr Khan!
Shireen: After all this you’re still going to stand there?!
Rashid walks and looks around, he then steps out,
Asad: You can come in if you want Ayaan…
Ayaan: No Bhaijaan… You insulted Ammi Abbu…
Shireen kinda smiles.
Ayaan: And I’m sure Ammi must have done something….
Shireen looks at him,
Najma: Haa, she slapped Ammi…
Ayaan: What?!
Shireen glares at Najma,
Ayaan: Ammi slapped Badi Ammi?
All nod,
Ayaan: Apologise Ammi…
Shireen nods no.
Ayaan then enters,
Ayaan: Then only call me home after you apologise!
Ayaan and Najma then shut the door at their faces, Shireen gets very angry.

Qureshi mansion:
Nusz is seen talking to Sanju and Sunheri.
Nusz: What? I’m ready to help but we need to check out the place he died.
Imraan: I’m glad Nusz decided to help us.
Armaan: Haa.
Shoaib looks at Sunehri.
A song plays in the BG.

Hai ye nasha, ya hai zehar
Iss pyar ko hum kya naam dein
(Iss pyar ko hum kya naam dein)

Hai ye nasha, ya hai zehar
Iss pyar ko hum kya naam dein

Kab se adhuri hai ik daastaan
Aaja usey aaj anjaam dein
Tumhe bhuloon kaise main
Meri pehli khata tum ho

*song stops….

Sunehri notices Shoaib looking at her.
Imraan: Shoaib!
Armaan: Lagta hai love mein crazy ho Gaya hai… Shoaib!
Shoaib comes to senses and looks at Armaan, Sunehri blushes.

Nusz: Who was there at that time?
Sanju: It was Alina, Fata, Azraa…
Nusz: So we need to hear what they saw…
Nusz sees Fata,
Nusz: Fatima…
Fata stops and looks at her,
Nusz: We need you to say what you saw.
Fata: I’m sorry, I didn’t see anything…
Nusz: Please Fata… It’s a request…
Fata: Fine… Whatever!
Just then Shamsa brings a lawyer,
All look there.
Shamsa: Meet Advocate Arvind Khan, he will be handling the case… And he will punish Zuhaib.
All get shocked,
Shoaib: But Bhaijaan didn’t do anything!
Shamsa: He killed my husband and you’re saying he didn’t do anything?!
Nusz: You’re meant to be doing Iddah…
Shamsa: I will, after Aarav gets justice!
Nusz: But…
Shamsa: Lawyer, I will meet you in court on Monday!
Armaan: Well we got our lawyer too!
Shamsa: Really? Who?!
Sanju: Nusz…
Shamsa looks at Nusz, Shamsa then heads upstairs.

Precap: Nusz to do some investigation… Shoaib to help her… Alina to remember the incident… Fata and Azraa to get shocked…

Guys, there’s a change in the casting, Ravi Dubey will be replaced by Shravan Reddy, so Zuhaib is Sharavn Reddy…

Asad: Karan Singh Grover
Zoya: Surbhi Jyoti

Aaliya: Preetika Rao
Zain: Harshad Arora

Ayaan: Vikrant Massey
Humeira: Ketki Kadam

Rizwaan: Vikas Grover
Aayat: Shivangi Joshi

Najma: Niti Taylor
Imraan: Vikram Singh Chauhan

Ayesha AKA Sunehri: Sunehri?
Shoaib: Namish Taneja

Nuszat / Nusz: Nusz ?
Zuhaib: Sharavn Reddy

Zuha: Zuha?
Musa: Karan Kundra

Kriya: Kriya?
Rahul: Parth Samthaan

Zara/ Sanju: Sanjana?
Armaan: Sidhant Gupta

Alina: Alina ?(one of my friend)
Siddharth: Siddharth Malhotra

Sulaimaan: Siddharth Gupta
Azraa: H.N (My Sister, she doesn’t want her real name revealed so her initials…)

Fatima (Fata): Fatarajo ?
Rehan: Arjun Bijlani

Shamsa: Shamsa ? (one of my friends.)
Aarav: Vatsal Sheth

Thank you so much for commenting, I really appreciated and I hope you continue liking this FF,

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