Beintehaan 7th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Beintehaan 7th February 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaan 7th February 2014 Written Update

Aaliya asks Zain to sleep well tonight, from tomorrow she will write their Nikah’s story. Usman is standing near the pool. Surayya comes in. She speaks to her friend on phone and asks sorry for what happeend today. She cuts the call and goes near Usman. She says all rich people from mumbai came and we had go through this agony. I hope press does not get this news. She does not believe Aaliya shop lifted. Usman asks her if she knew Zain drinks. She says he didn’t speak about it, but with new generation, it is common. Usman says I sent to london to study. He asks if she used to speak to him. They used to speak, but he didnt discuss about this any time. Usman says he used to think that he knew Zain from childhood, but today realized that he does not know him. Surayys says even Zain was not

aware of this. It is not important that Zain drank liquor, it is important that why he drank liquor. He was suffering so much that he drank liquor. She can’t believe that Aaliya stole. Usman says Aaliya didn’t steal, he knows.

Nafisa comes to Shaziya’s room. Shaziya asks what is she doing here. Nafisa asks for Fahad and says she wants to take Fahad to her room today. Shaziya asks why. Nafisa says she wants to have a romantic chat with him. Shaziya gets angry and says to keep her romantic talks to herself, according to agreement, Fahad will stay with her this week. Nafisa says if she thinks something, she will make it happen. Shaziya says why will she let it happen. Nafisa says she will have to do it for her younger sister’s sake and shows her a clip where is keeping stolen watch into Aaliya’s bag. Shaziya tries to snatch the phone. Nafisa asks her not to try ever, if this dad sees this video, he will save Aaliya and send Gowhar behind bars. Shaziya is very angry. Just then Fahad comes and sees Nafisa there. He asks why is Nafisa here, is everything alright. Shaziya says she called Nafisa here and asks Fahad to go to Nafisa’s room now. She shouts and pushes Fahad out of her room.

Surayya comes to her room and sees Usman drinking liquor. She is antonished to see that and asks him why is he drinking. Usman utters word Talaak (divorce). Surayya gets shocked to hear that word. Usman then says you yourself told me that with liquor, person starts telling truth. He wanted to tell this from many years, but I came out from his mouth now. Surayya gets worried and takes the liquor bottle out, but then comes back realizing it is sparkling juice bottle. Usman then says according to Islamic scripture, words spoken in inebriated state are not true, so what Zain told does not mean anything. He says he is his son and knows what is going in his mind. He promises to bring back Zain’s life on track. He then wishes Surayya good night and goes to bed. Surayya says it is her promise to force Zain to divorce Aaliya.

Zain is still asleep. Aaliya prays Fajr (early morning prayers). Ali Ali mere maula song plays in the background. Chand bibi comes in and says she bought up Zain from chilhood. Aaliya greets her salaam. Chandbibi says she knows Zain well than anyone else in this house. Zain is diamond. When he will know how good you are, he will love you a lot. She then says she can write down her words. Aaliya says even she has taken a decision to write, she just need’s Allah’s help and to pray for her. Her shop lifting allegations, Allah with take care as she is his love one. Chandbibi gets happy listening to her words and says I know you didn’t do anything wrong, but why did you go to bring cough syrup. Aaliya says Surayya told to bring them. Chand bibi says there are lots of medicines in kitchen. Surayya orders her medicines from Germany. Aaliya then remembers Surayya’s and Nafisa’s words and other incidents of door lock, etc. She then realizes Surayya is the main culprit. Chandbibi asks what happened, she says nothing. Since she is new to this house, it will take time to understand what happens here. Chandbibi says she will send tea and goes.

Surayya is cooking breakfast in kitchen and remembers Usman’s words. Shaziya comes and asks her what is she preparing. Surayya says with this recipe, Zain’s hangove will lessen a bit. Vegetable starts buring and Surayya starts coughing.

Surayya starts coughing and searches for cough syrup. Aaliya comes and shows her cough sryup cupboard. She gives cough syrup to Surayya. Aaliya asks her sorry for leaving her syrup in departmental store itself but is relieved to see so many bottles in kitchen and says those bottles would suffice for whole year. Aaliya then says she is new to this house, but slowly understanding its culture. She promises Surayya to learn everything soon and won’t let her complain. She promises to change herself soon and goes. Shaziya praises Aaliya, but seeing Surayya says she bleow your mind out. If she is behaving with you like this, then what will happen to Zain. She goes then.

Aaliya comes to her room and switches on watch alarm repeatedly. Zain wakes up listening to the alarm. She says you slept a lot and get up now.

Precap: Aaliya says Zain, the reason for them to stay in this hell is himself alone and tells she won’t let him free. Surayya says Shaziya that she will make Zain take divorce at any cost.

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