Beintehaan 6th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Beintehaan 6th February 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaan 6th February 2014 Written Update

Aaliya comes with police. Surayya, Nafisa, and Shaziya get happy seeing that. Usman and others get shocked. Usman goes and speaks to Aaliya. Zain interrupts and says he wants to introduce guests who is this lady. Zain goes on stage and says today is his valima because he is married to Usman saheb’s daughter-in-law. He says Aaliya came late because she was shop lifting a previous item in departmental store. Usman asks Zain to shut up.

Zain says if he would have loved her, he would have inscribed on his hand that his wife is a thief. Usman gets angry and asks Zain to shut up. Aaliya goes near Zain and says she is not a thief. Zain drags Aaliya till the inspector and asks him to tell what she did. Inspector informs Usman that she shop lifted and security caught her red handed. Zain then

asks Usman you brought this girl for me. He then asks all the guests if they accept his dad’s choice. Nobody replies. Usman asks Aaliya what is the truth. Aaliya says she does not know how that watch came in my bag. Surayya asks her why did she go to departmental store when I sent to salon with Nafisa. Aaliya says she went to bring cough syrup for her. Aaliya says Usman to believe her. Surayya asks her why didn’t she come with Nafisa. Surayya calls Nafisa and asks her where is she. Nafisa says she is still waiting for Aaliya in a mall. She checked the mall several times, but cannot find Aaliya. Zain then asks Nafisa to come back as Aaliya is in house here. Zain asks Usman even now you think this is the best girl for me. He then says Aaliya you showed your true colours today and showed why you married me. He then asks divorce from her. Everybody is shocked to hear that. Usman and Aaliya stand mum. Shaziya, Gowhar, Chakkiwala and her group are happy.

Zain asks Usman to free him from Aaliya and then collapses. Fahad and Rizwan carry Zain to his room. Aaliya starts crying. Usman says inspector that he will speak to him later, insector goes. Usman asks sorry to the guests for what happened today and requests them to go. Aaliya comes to her room sadly crying. Kise poochun, hai aisa kyun, bezubaan sa ye jahaan hai song plays in the background. She remembers Zain’s words calling her a thief and asking divorce. Song again plays in the background. Aaliya sits down and cries looking at sleeping Zain. She remembers Shabana’s words to take Holy Quran’s help in distress. She opens Quran.

Aaliya reads Quran. She says even Quran says what her ammi taught her and asks Allah to help her. She goes near sleeping Zain and wraps blanket on him. She goes into flashback and remembers Shabana’s words that after Nikah, relations have to be lived and bonded together each day. Aaliya asks Shabana if it is only girl’s responsibility and has to bend. Shabana says bending is like slavery. Both husband and wife have to follow together. Girl has to be a bit careful as she lives her paren’ts house and goes to a new place. She has to adjust for the sake of her parents. Aaliya asks if there is any guide to follow. Shabana says both husband and wife have to create their own guide. She herself has to decide looking at her husband’s behavior and prepare her own guide book. She then looks at Zain confidently and asks him to sleep peacefully tonight. From tomorrow, she will write their marriage story.

Precap: Surayya says Usman that Zain did wrong by drinking liquor, but he spoke his mind out. Usman then takes liquor bottle in his hand. Surayya asks him why is he holding the bottle. He says divorce..

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