Beintehaan 5th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Beintehaan 5th February 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaan 5th February 2014 Written Update

Surayya is speaking to Zain. She says according to Kazi saheb, if husband and wife are not comfortable with each other, they can take divorce. She says it depends on individual situation. In your case, your dad takes all the decisions. She says anyways go and get ready for valima now. She shows an outfit and says your dad chose this outfit for you. Zain says he does not want to attend valima, one which is standing on a false relationship. Surayya says this is nothing, your dad is planning honeymoon trip of you both. Zain is shocked to hear that and says he will never go for a honeymoon. He goes out. Rizwan picks the outfit and says he will give it.

Aaliya is furious on Zain that instead of thanking her for throwing wine, he scolded her. Nafisa comes and asks Aaliya to accompany her

to a parlour. She drags her out. They see Surayya coughing. Nafisa asks if she is alright. Surayya says nothing, it is just an allergy. She asks Nafisa to bring Aaliya on time from saloon and it is her responsibility. She asks Nafisa to bring special german cough syrup from the same mall. They reach sallon and hairdressors start grooming Nafisa. Nafisa says Aaliya that she needs more time and to get mom’s cough sryup from the departmental store downstairs. Aaliya goes.

Chandbibi is busy with decorations. Shaziya comes and asks Surayya why papa has arranged such a big party. Surayya says it is good, more people means more drama. Nafisa calls Surayya and says she sent Aaliya to bring cough syrup. Surayya says good job Nafisa.

Surayya then asks Shaziya to do her well well, there is no room for mistakes. Shaziya says not to worry and goes. Aaliya reaches the store and searches for a pharmacy section. She asks for Polentine syrup and gets it. She heads towards billing counter. Gowhar crashes with her and drops Aaliya’s bag. She drops a watch in her bag and gives it to Aaliya back and says sorry. Aaliya pays bill and tries to go out, but security alarm starts. Security person asks he wants to check her bag. They find a watch from her bag and ask for bill. Aaliya says she does not know how it came in her bag. Security says she theft it.

Aaliya again she does not know how it came. Security person says all the thieves give same reasons when they are caught. Aaliya asks hi to behave, she is Usman Abdullah’s niece. Security asks if she is talking about multimillionaire Usman Abdullah. She says yes. AAliya just then sees Nafisa and calls her. Nafisa does not listen to her and instead calls Surayya and says she has done her work and Aaliya is caught now.

Usman gets Aaliya’s call. He tries to pick it, but Surayya takes phone from him and says she will speak.

Surayya cuts the call. Inspector asks Aaliya to come with him to police station. Aaliya calls Zain then and says police arrested her. Zain asks her to give it to police inspector and speaks to him.

Usman asks Fahad to Zain and check. Just then Zain comes inebriated with an alcohol bottle in his hand. Usman and others get shocked seeing this. Zain walks with an unsteady gait and strikes a waiter. He then asks sorry to him. Fahad helps him up and tries to take him to his room, but Zain says he wants to speak to dad right now, right here. HE says Usman sorry for drinking today. He says he drank because Aaliya thinks everything are hers. She threw his wine. He was very possessive about house, family, everything, but Aaliya this it is all hers. She thinks she is my wife and this valima is a must. She wants to show I am his husband and she is my wife, blo*dy hell. Usman asks him to shut up. Zain says till when you will ask me to shut up, but today I won’t. Just in 1 second you ruined my life.

Zain further says you made me married without my consent. you didn’t ask me what I am I going through. You used to take my opinion even for a lollipop, but you didnt ask me in my life’s biggest decision. Usman says I know this is the right decision for you. Zain says this decision is right for your bhanji, not me. I hate her than anyone else. I tolerated her every moment. Why did you did this to me dad. Usman says you are inebriated now, when you will be alright you wil realize about my decision. Zain says you trust Aaliya than me. He says he has surprise, lets Aaliya come.

Aaliya comes with police. Everybody sees it, and Usman is very angry. Shaziya and Surayya are very happy.

Precap: Zain asks Usman even now you think Aaliya is the right girl for me. She showed her true colours today. Zain asks for divorce then..

Update Credit to: MA

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