Beintehaan 4th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Beintehaan 4th February 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaan 4th February 2014 Written Update

Phone bell rings. Shabana picks the call. It is Usman on the other side. He greets salaam her and asks about everyone’s well being. He then invites her for Zain/Aaliya’s valima next day. He says he is booking tickets for them. Shabana says she can’t come as there is a lot of work pending after marriage here and even Ghulam is not feeling well. Usman says if Ghulam is not well, then he won’t force them to come. He asks Shabana to take permission from Ghulam if he himself can attend from bride’s side. Shabana says he has every right to attend, he is Aaliya mamu before becoming sasur. Usman says Shabana to speak to Surayya and gives phone to Surayya. Surayya interrupts and says designer has come with his sherwani and to check. She taunts her asking if he is attending from bride’s

side. He says yes and goes. Surayya speaks to Shabana. Shabana asks if there are preparations going for valima celebration. Surayya says it is mumbai and celebrations happen according to status. Though Zain didn’t agree for valima, Usman had to keep valima. She wants to say that Usman forced Zain again. Till when this will happen. Shabana says she doesn’t think Zain will be forced anymore. She speaks to Zain/Aaliya often and it looks like they are happy. Though a bit rift happens, but it is of love. Surayya hears this and gets angry. Surayya says she has lots of work and will speak to her later, she cuts the call.

Shabana is preparing food. Aayath asks her to take her for Valima. Shabana says they cant go bare-handed without gift for the valima.

Shabana asks Aayath to wait for sometime until their financial situation normalizes. He asks her to give the reason to Aaliya that abbu is not feeling well.

Aaliya is angry about the orphanage incident. Zain comes and says she was wrong this time also. She can’t say true at all, she is a lier. He wakes up then, it is just his dream. He sees Aaliya murmuring in her dream that she is not a lier. Zain says if someone says lie always, how can someone believe. She is a torture for him. Aaliya asks Zain to say sorry, she is not a lier. She repeatedly asks him to say sorry in her dream. Zain sleeps back angrily.

It is morning now. Chandbibi gives valima dress to Aaliya and asks her how is it. She says it is beautiful. Chandbibi says in their village they say it is the bride who makes the dress beautiful by wearing it. Aaliya asks if she can try the dress. Chandbibi says she will go to kitchen now and to try the dress.

Zain speaks angrily to Rizwan looking at his marriage pic with Aaliya in a newspaper. He says he got more than 50 calls today congratulating. He can’t tell them the truth though. The people he had not invited for valima are also coming. This nikah has become an embarrassment to her. The whole city has known about the nikah and he cant be a part of this drama anymore. He cuts the call. Aaliya listens to Zain’s conversation and starts crying. zain is walking out angrily. Shaziya meets him and asks where is he going, if he is not preparing for the valima. He says he doesn’t want to attend it. Shaziya says Aaliya will feel bad. He says let her feel bad, she deserves it. Zain goes. Shaziya gets happy and says she will inform about this to mummyji, she will be happy.

Aaliya looks at the newspaper pic, remembers Zain’s words and starts crying. She says I am sorry Zain, I didn’t think even in dreams that I would be such a trouble to anyone. Nafisa comes to her room and says nice pic. Aaliya sees her and greets her salam. Nafisa says her valima dress is very good and asks her try and check if it fits her. She murmurs in her mind that Aaliya is crying even before valima, says she will inform this to mom and goes out.

Both Nafisa and Shaziya come to Surayya. They both described their incidences with Zain and Aaliya to Surayya. Surayya gets happy and says welldone to both of them. She says this is just a begining, wait and watch, I will make Aaliya cry after valima that she will not forget anything.

Aaliya goes to kitchen and greets Chandbibi. She asks if she can help her. Chandbibi says she doesn’t her working until she is there. Aaliya calls her aunty and says she used to help Shabana in bhopal and why can’t she help her now. Chandbibi asks her to go and get ready for valima. She can’t work until her kitchen ceremony happens. Aaliya insisting saysing valima is in the evening. Chandbibi agrees then and asks her to serve juice to Zain. Aaliya asks for kitchen work. Chandbibi says kitchen work is done and asks her to serve the juice to Zain. She takes the juice, Usman sees her and asks if she is taking it for Zain. She nods yes. Usman asks both Zain and her passport. She says she will and goes. Surayya comes and asks if he drank tea. He says yes and says he was thinking if even she can prepare tea for him. She asks who else was serving tea. He says he saw Aaliya taking juice for Zain. He says he is thinking about going for second honeymoon with her along with Zain and Aaliya. She gets shy and goes from there.

Aaliya takes juice to Zain’s room and finds all items not in order. She starts arranging them. Rizwan comes in. Thinking Zain is in, says he wants to try his red shirt and starts removing his clothes. Aaliya sees that and stops him. He sees Aaliya and runs from there. Aaliya starts arranging the items again.

Zain is swimming. Rizwan comes and says it is not right. He asks what happened. Rizwan says her forgets that you are married and he should not enter his room now. He describes him about the shirt incident and calls Aaliya as bhabi. Zain says she is not your bhabi and he has more right than Aaliya on his room. She should have gone out. Rizwan says Aaliya didn’t tell her to go out. Zain says he does not need permission to enter the room, Aaliya is outsider. He then asks Rizwan to accompany him to his room to get his red shirt. He has 1 more thing in the cupboard, French wine. Rizwan gets happy.

AAliya finds wine bottle in Zain’s cupboard. She is astonished to see it and says how can mamu’s house has wine bottle. If mamu gets to know this, he will feel bad. She has to make sure mamu doesn’t know this. She throws all the wine in washin basin.

Zain comes and sees the cupboard opened. He asks Rizwan if he opened it. He says he didnt and had closed it.
Zain then hears a voice in bathroom and goes to find out. He sees Aaliya throwing wine in wash basin and gets angry on her. He says how dare she is to touch the wine. He says she is just mamu’s bhanji and does not have any right on his room’s items. He then asks about his items. She says it was not in order, so she arranged it. He says he warning her last time and asks her not to touch antyhing in his room. Aaliya says she got him juice that chandbibi gave. Juice is healthier than wine. Zain and Rizwan go out.

Surayya speaks to kazi saheb and asks about conditions for divorce. Zain is walking out angrily with Rizwan behind him. Surayya asks him what happened. He says he can’t tolerate Aaliya any more. He further says she threw all the wine which his friend gave. He asks how gave her this right. Surayya says your dad gave this right by marrying her to you. She says she was speaking to kazi saheb and invited him for valima. Kazi saheb was telling about a girl and boy marrying seeing each other on internet. Now they are not compatible with each other and are taking divorce. Zain thinks about it. Surayya says according to kazi saheb, if husband and wife are not comfortable with each other, they can take divorce.

Precap: Aaliya shows watchman a watch and says she found it in this box. He says she shop lifted it and drags her out. Aaliya sees Nafisa and calls her, but Nafisa is speaking to Surayya and says she did her work and Aaliya got caught for shop lifting.

Update Credit to: MA

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