Beintehaan 10th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaan 10th February 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaan 10th February 2014 Written Update

Aaliya switches on the clock’s alarm bell. Zain stops it in sleep. She switches it on again. He wakes up angrily and stops it. Aaliya says him he slept a lot and to wake up. Zain asks her you didn’t get a lesson after last night’s event. She says she got it after that drama. Zain says it was not a drama. She says it was a bad drama. You insulted me in front of everyone and wanted to show how much you are in pain marrying this girl. The result of that is you insulted mamu, others and our marriage. You insulted yourself. If you are not realizing it even now, go and kill yourself in shame. Zain says she is trying to scratch the pole. She says she is a tigress and to be aware of her. He asks if she is drunk in the morning. He says to be a tigress, she doesn’t need a wrong route of liquor.

He says then shop lifting is also not wrong. Aaliya says you would be the world’s last person to get my explanation. My Allah knows what happened in supermarket. Zain says then Allah knows why I drank liquor. She says of course Allah knows, but you does not know why you drank. She asks him to wake up now. He goes near her and says you would be the world’s last girl whom I will seek help. She says at least you realized now that you need help. She says she married because of her parents and to stop thinking that he is the most deserving person, the fact is he is the weakest person who does not know anything else that blowing off parent’s money. I am in this situation because of you. You are not a prince charming that I was behind you to marry you. I have accepted this marriage and will follow it. I will listen to you when you are right, but when you are wrong you will get it from me.
Surayya is speaking to Shaziya. She says she will make Zain divorce Aaliya right now as he wished last night. She calls Shabana and greats her. Shabana asks how was valima celebration. Surayya says Shabana she is not speaking to her as her sister-in-law but as a son’s mother.

Zain says Aaliya she does not have any right on this house and asks if she has any self respect. Surayya says Shabana Aaliya had to listent a lot, if someone else would have been there, they would have left out of self respect. Shabana asks what happened. Surayya says Zain came inebriated for the first time yesterday. She sent Aaliya to the best salon, but she went to a mall and was caught shop lifting. Shabana is shocked and starts crying. Surayya further says Zain in an inebriated state told he hates Aaliya a lot. Aaliya says Zain that he can tell her anything, but she will not leave the room as he married her. He asks if she wants to make her own laws. She says islamic laws allow her to share her husband’s items. She will not leave his life or his room. She challenges him to remove her if he can. Surayya tells Shabana that Zain sought divorce from Aaliya. She says I told you if anything happens, not to blame me. Surayya says Shabana if Zain does not want to stay in this relationship, why to drag it.

Aaliya says Zain that she was tolerating his misbehaving as his mischieves and he was thinking her silence as her weakness, but what you did last night broke my silence. She says she married him as Allah’s wish and will follow it as her fate. That is what islamic teachings say and she wil not let them fail. She had promised her mom that she will write her own marriage story. She says in our childhood I told whenever my hair are cut, your pant will be removed. Zain says to write the story, it will be just a story not a reality. Reality will be she herself will leave him and go. She says you dream good. Zain holds her hand and twists it and says he will win and she will lose. She says lets see and they part ways. Surayys says to think of it, she will book a ticket to Mumbai. She will call Kazi saheb and make divorce proceedings. She cuts the call. Shabana starts crying vigorously. Ghulam comes and asks her what happened. She says Zain wants divorce from Aaliya. Ghulam gets shocked and gets heart attack. It is shown as just Shabana’s thinking. Just then Ghulam comes and asks Shabana what happened. She says she was speaking to Surayya who told valima went well and she praised Aaliya well. Ghulam says he took valim’s information last night itself from Aaliya. Aaliya said she is very happy.

Zain is angry and starts running on a treadmill.

Precap: Usman tells Zain that according to Bhopal’s tradition, husband and wife should eat in a same plate after marriage. Zain and Aaliya eat food from same plate.

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