Beintehaa- Yeh Ishq Hain, This is ‘OUR’ Story (Two Shots)


Hi all. Some of you do know me. Yes I am Fatarajo and I have written FFs b4 and I still write FFs now. And I m the same one who wrote One More Chance, and sorry due to some reasons I had to end that ff abruptly. Main reason is I m busy with my studies.I had a long break today, and I also studied and I had some free time. It will take me 4 hrs to write an episode of my ff and my break is like 1 hr. So I decided to write this two shots on Beintehaa as this is my all time fav colors show and fav colors pair Zaya. I used the 1hr to write the first part

Okay so here is the story. Now the one shot begins.

A beautiful decoration is ringing with the echoes sent through the blow of the wind. And a hand catches it to have a glimpse of it. A beautiful pair of eyes is shown facing towards the window. And she smiles. She is none other than Aliya.

1993, Flashback 1
23 yrs ago, in Bhopal Two kids are shown. They are Aliya and Zain. Aliya is seen doing makeup and adoring herself.
“How do I look?” Aliya asked very happily and excited.
“Very ugly. Mamu ki Bhanji.” Zain replies rudely to tease Aliya.
“What did you say?” Aliya asked.
This angers Aliya and she starts to chase Zain.
“Zain ki Baachi, stop” Aliya says so and chases Zain. They both run and enjoy

“Do you really have to go to Mumbai?” Aliya says in a sad tone and her happy face and smile is missing.
Aliya is with her mom and dad.
“Yes beta, I and Zain have to go.” Usman, the uncle of Aliya answes,
“Please don’t go Mamu.” Aliya requests Usman not to go.
Usman bends down and explains to Aliya. Aliya understands but she is very sad.
“Don’t worry, beta Mamu will come again.” Shabana says to compose Aliya.
Zain lives with Usman, his father as his mother passed away when he was a baby.
Later, before going
Aliya is sitting at the terrace and looking at the stars and is sad. Zain comes and sits besides her.
And they both tell each other how much they will miss each other. Zain gifts Aliya the same beautiful window decoration in the beginning of the story.
“Whenever you miss me, just look at this.” Zain says so as he gifts Aliya.
“Zain we have to go now.” Usman calls Zain out.
Zain goes. Usman and Zain leave. Aliya sees this from the window and Zain is in the car. They wave each other bye.

2016, Current
Aliya’s eyes are staring at the clusters of stars on the dark sky.

“That day, that day when we had our first encounter in the phase of our adult life.”
Aliya gets into a flashback.

2003, Flashback 2 Part 1
It was of 14 years ago in Mumbai. A girl just reaches Mumbai. And she is shown full of life, cute, pretty, beautiful and a little bit shy. Her eyes are shown.
Just then a voice echoes, “Aliya didi!”
Yes it was indeed Aliya, much younger and cute and her eyes as always full of innocence and her sweet smile.
“Coming!” Aliya replied to the echo.
It was Aliya’s sister Aayat.
“Let’s go.” Aliya continues. Aliya and Aayat goes somewhere and while walking just then she collides with a guy.
“Excuse me! Are you blind?” Aliya replied in anger which changed her sweet smile.
Just then a guy is shown whom she collided with and he with full stamina and style open his sunglasses. His eyes was two drops of hazel, but it portrayed disturbance and arrogance. Yes, he was Zain.
“How dare you call me blind? First you see your steps.” His anger and disturbance continued with this.
“You were the one who collided with me.” Aliya continued.
“You want to fight with me?” Zain comes closer to Aliya not as in romance but in anger.
Aliya was about to reply and Aayat knew that she can be the one to stop the huge debate between the two.
“We are getting late dii, let’s go.” Aayat takes Aliya’s hand and they leave.

2016, Current
“I thought that this was our first and last meeting. I didn’t know it will continue for long, and long until.” Aliya stops and a tear drops from her beautiful eyes.

2003, Flashback 2 Part 2
“Mamu, your Aliya and Aayat is here!” Aayat says in excitement.
A rich guy, the Mamu of Aliya and Aayat is shown and he is Usman. He loved his nieces dearly. Usman loved them like his daughter , and he open his arms to let Aliya and Aayat hug him. Aliya and Aayat rushes to hug him. Aliya felt peaceful after that and she was really very happy to meet her Mamu after many many days. Mamu was also very happy and his heart felt peaceful as he found his nieces closer to him.
Just then he sees someone and he gets out of his comfort mode and gets into a strict mode.
“So, finally you are back!” He sounded angry and disciplined.
Aliya and Aayat are surprised.
“Who are you speaking to Mamu?” A super confused Aayat asked Mamu.
“Is it Zain? I have not met him for days since childhood I want to meet him.” Aliya smiles and as she looks she is surprised and her smile becomes a frown shape.
And that Zain is that same guy whom she collided with and just had an ego fight a while ago.
Zain’s smile also turn into a frown shape,
“You?” Aliya said who is 100% surprised and stunned.
“Mamu Ki Bhanji is you only?” Zain says.
Aliya and Zain stare at each other for long time and Yeh Ishq Hain plays.
They both couldn’t believe that their childhood sweetheart can change so much and be rude. This made Zain and Aliya forget about their childhood fun and all that just because of that one encounter they had just a while ago and now instead of desperate to meet each other which is turned into hatred forget about spending time they didn’t even want to see each other’s face and their ego had a bad clash. Usman was surprised at this cold reaction of Zain and Aliya towards each other, and Aayat like a teacher narrated him the story.

Aliya stayed back at her Mamu’s residence only for her Mamu whom she is very close from heart. But she hated Zain. And Aliya and Aayat did their studies in Mumbai so they anyways had to stay here. For Aliya her Mamu was the only condolence she found in staying in this house and city.

Aliya and Zain were supposed to get married as they were childhood sweethearts but their current ego and changes made them reject each other as they can’t even see each other. Forget about living with each other. Even their parents were fine with the marriage, the only reason for this breakup was their ego and that one encounter.

And instead of better things turned out to be worst between Zain and Aliya and they hated each other too much due to turns in event and only a war was left to begin between them.

One fine day, Zain gets to a glimpse of Aliya’s soft side and her sweet and cute innocence. Aliya enjoys with little kids in orphanage, and makes elder people happy who are staying in the old folks’ home. This was enough to melt Zain
“I did so much bad with her. And she is that nice girl. She may be a little rude, but her heart is very good. What have I done?”
This murdered Zain’s hartred for Aliya and he started to develop a liking for her.

Zain tried his best to make Aliya forget all bitter things and be friends with Aliya like they were in childhood but Aliya didn’t agree. Aliya still didn’t get glimpse of Zain’s good side. But another fine day, Aliya realized how much sorry Zain was for his rude behavior and Aliya also realized that she was also in fault in this. Aliya decided to forget all this and now Zain and Aliye became friends which became good and then best friends.

While carrying friendship, Zain didn’t realize when he caught the path of love and he fallen in love. Suddenly, instead of that naughtiness or fun, it became a silence on Zain’s face and he started staring at Aliya lovingly.
“Am I in love with her?” Zain started questioning himself and he got his answer.
Yes Zain was in love with his Mamu ki Bhanji.

But Zain was scared that what if, what if this will break their friendship again. Losing Aliya became a phobia for him, so he decided to give more time to himself and Aliya.

Zain and Aliya’s friendship continued and finally Aliya completed her graduation. But came in a problem in Zain and Aliya’s friendship and that was it was time for Aliya to leave Mumbai and return Bhopal.

Zain was very sad with this fact and he started questioning himself more as he starts thinking for the sake of his love.
“No, Zain. If you fail this time, you will fail forever.” Zain starts to speak to himself and he knows it was time for him to get into action to stop his Aliya to go away from him.

He ran, ran and ran. And finally he reached home. And he saw Aliya there and he was nervous but more courage start to wake among him with the sight of Aliya. Aliya comes to him.

“I am not going back to Bhopal. I am staying here only in Mumbai.” Aliya says so in excitement and she hugs Zain. Zain now had full courage to confess his love to Aliya.

As Zain was about to begin, Usman comes there.
“Congratulate Aliya. She is getting married to Zeeshan, my business partner’s son.”Usman says to Zain. Aliya is happy with her alliance and those words literally shaken Zain up. Those were already enough to broke his heart. But what he could do? He saw that cute smile on Aliya’s face and he didn’t want to vanish so he hide his broken heart with him only.

It was Aliya and Zeeshan’s engagement and they got engaged. Zain’s heart was already broken and he couldn’t take it anymore and he closed his eyes full of pain and despair. Aliya was happy with her marriage but she had no idea what Zain was going through.

Aliya’s marriage preparations are going on with full swing and happiness. Everyone is happy and smiling faces are everywhere. Heart broken Zain was running here and there. What else he could do? He lost his love and he didn’t want his love to break down like him. He pretended to be happy but he wasn’t happy. Usman started doubting Zain as he knows this is not his same Zain. But he doesn’t know this was due to his broken heart.
“What’s wrong beta? You seem quite lost these days. Is there anything you want to share with me?” Usman questions Zain
Zain denies, but a father knew his son well. Usman knew it was not easy to make Zain say what exactly he want so he decided to make it easier and he gives Zain a tip.
“Listen Beta. I have more experience than you in my life. I know is not easy to share something from your heart to others. But remember one thing never destroy a family. Never ever. And if one is destroying stop it. ” Usman said so to encourage his son more, and this made Zain feel a little better.

Zain was heartbroken but he started to overcome a little with this but he still loved Aliya dearly but it didn’t reduce, it was still 100%. There was nothing that could drain it. Just then at night Zain gets a call and he is stunned.
To be continued…

What do you think must have happened?

I wanted to make it a one shot initially, but I have this bad habit of overwriting or writing too much. So I made it a two shots πŸ˜› I hope you all enjoyed.

The next part which is the final part I will publish on Friday night or Saturday morning as I am busy before that.

Please do feel free to drop your comments and express your opinions . Your comments do mean a lot to me. Thank you πŸ™‚

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  1. zaya is also mine all time fav couple loved ur two shots pls pls pls update soon

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      Hey myna thanks for commenting they also one of my all time fav couple and my all time fav colors pair and will update next part on fri

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    Awsm….. Poor zain waiting for next shot…. Take care???

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      Hey kriya thanks for commenting yeah sad for zain πŸ™ and will update the next part on fri πŸ™‚

  4. Awesome Data, can’t Elat for the best part.
    Take care and keep smiling?

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      Hey dal thanks for commenting dear happy u liked it and thanks same 2 u πŸ™‚

  5. Meghs

    Jo.. amazing yaar a nice concept beautifully portrayed. . I liked it but u stoped at crucial moment not fair yaar pls post nxt part soon i am waiting

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      Hey meghs thanks for commenting dear happy u liked the concept and I love suspense thats why I stop at crucial part πŸ˜› and next part I will post on fri πŸ™‚

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        Ok i will waiting to friday now

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        i submit already I dont know when they will post

  6. MINHA

    Am really waiting for zaya since beintahaa over nd it’s title song it is superb.I always used to sing it
    “chali koonu ho
    Parhoo tum kahi”

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey minha yeah I miss zaya a lot also and tile song I love it too and wow haha nice zaya is like one of my all time fav loved that show and zaya from beginning till end

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    Wowoowoww Jo it was amazing!! Loved it very much!?? and I have a request pls start a new ff only on bi pls??
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      Hey angel thanks for commenting dear and as for ff i cant promise as this jul I m busy and m planning to end all my ffs by end of aug or beginning of sep as I will be going to bd for my holidays, but I may start a new ff but unfortunately it is likely to be a combo ff where bi is one of the show n i will only write that as my semester 2 that will start in oct is quite stressful as we have exams for 4 modules unlike this semester where we have exams for only 2 modules and yeah will post it tonight most probably

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    Oh my Fattiiiitttraaaanna I loved it so much!!!! This one shot was amazing and cute like hell.

    Honest to god I loved it aha.

    You already know my lectures but honestly read it three times.

    Love you xx.

    Anyways keep smiling like always xx.

    ~Nusz xx

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey nusz thanks dear happy u loved it a lot πŸ™‚ and also this two shot is close to my heart it was suppose to be a one shot but i tend to overwrite thats why I made it two shots and three times :O wow thanks your comment made my day again πŸ™‚

  9. Loved your two shot based on beintehaa it was amazing. Please update soon can’t wait!

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      Hey princess thanks for commenting happy u liked it I have submitted the second part already but I dont know when will they post it

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