Beintehaa, Yeh Ishq Hain This is ‘OUR’ Story (Two Shots) part 2


Hey all. Fatarajo aka RANDOMFAN is here. I am happy u all liked the first part of the two shot so as I got free for a while during my break I decided to write the second part which is why I could publish it today.

By any chance if you didn’t read part 1 , please do read it. I will recommend you to read part 1 first then part 2 as both the parts are crucial for this two shot after all it is a two shot.Here is the link for part 1:

Here is part 2.
2016, Current
“I never knew I will ever pass through this barrier in my life. That year was the biggest year in my life which changed my entire life.” Aliya said this which was from her fragile heart.

2008, Flashback 3
It was three years later, since Aliya got engaged. (Flashback 2 was in 2005, and part 1 ended with flashback 2) Everything in these three years changed.

“Can show me your hand?” A girl says in excitement.
A pair of hands is shown and the hand is entirely a wonderful design of mehendi with a very deep color, and what caught the eye of the design was this big initial of the letter ‘Z’.
“Wow, it’s so nice.” Aayat says in excitement.
And the girl with the Mehendi design removes her hand and she is none other than Aliya.
“It is said that if someone’s color of the Mehendi is deep her better life will love her a lot for the entire life.” Shabana in belief and happiness shared this with Aliya.
Aliya smiles and shys. Yes, Aliya was getting married after 3 years of getting engaged.
As Shabana was about to go, Aliya holds her mom’s hand
“Ammi, where is Zain?” Aliya asks her mom. Shabana stays quiet.
“He will also not come today, right?” Aliya says as she got the answer of her mom’s silence.
Shabana nods, and this confirmation makes Aliya feel down, but Aayat was there to make her feel better.

On the other hand, a guy is shown speaking to his staff
“How many times I have told you that I want this work to be done as soon as possible. Can’t you do a single thing properly.” This voice of the guy makes his staff horrified.
“I am sorry, sir I won’t do so again.” The poor staff said just in hope to cool her boss down.
His face is revealed and he is none other than Zain.
“Okay fine. You may leave now.” Zain said so as he know that further scolding her would just waste his time.
The staff leaves.

Zain was now a workaholic. And a successful businessman taking over his father’s business. That naughty, full of life, and friendly Zain wasn’t there anymore. He wasn’t the same Zain anymore. The only thing that remained unchanged was his love for Aliya. And his broken heart was shattered into smaller pieces as he was even more heartbroken now.

Zain finally kept his work aside and he walked up and looked at the potrait of his dad.
“It have been three years since I lost you, dad.” Zain speaks so in his mind which converts into drops of tears which fall from his eye.

Flashback 2, 2005
It was that time when Aliya’s marriage preparation was going on and Zain gets a call and he gets shocked. (The part from where part 1 ended) It seemed to be the end of the world.

Zain ran, ran and took the car. He drove as fast as he could. And he finally reached there, and what he found was a place on fire. That was his dad’s office.
“Dad!” Zain shouts.
Zain rushed into the office to save his dad who was his everything people tried to stop him, but his love for his dad overpowered them and he ran into the office. And as Zain goes in, a guy whose face was full of black coal due to the smoke of the fire comes out and he was Zeeshan, Aliya’s fiancé.
“Everything is over. We are ruined.” Zeeshan says who was depressed over his loss.
“Where is Usman sir?” Zeeshan questions people.
Zain goes in and he manages to defend himself against the fire. He continued and continued and he found something. His dad. But, he was lying down on the floor. Zain quickly rushed to his dad and he went to him.

“It’s time for me to leave beta.” Usman said so who knew what will happen to him,
“No, no, no!” Zain says so as he tries to convey to his dad to stop blabbering nonsense and that he needs to provide him medical care soon.
“Promise me. You will always make me proud. Stay happy.” Usman said his last three sentences and he breathes his last in Zain’s lap.
“Dad!!!!!!!!!” Zain shouts and he portrays his sadness and anger out as he just lost something which he loved the most.

Flashback 3, 2008
Zain gets out of this flashback , the most bitter one of his life. He will never forget. Zain carried out the last few words of his father. He made him proud by making his dad’s business stand up again and be powerful which was once destroyed due to the fire incident. But Zain couldn’t carry out the last two word that was to stay happy. How could he have been happy? He did bring back his father’s business but he couldn’t bring back his father. The only thing that was the hope of being happy wasn’t also there as Aliya his true love was getting married to someone else. How will this make Zain happy? This turn of incident entirely changed Zain. Even after 3 years, he still kept everything to his heart he couldn’t even share it with his dad who wasn’t with him. But Zain kinda forgot that his dad was watching him from the heaven.

As for Aliya, most must be confused why her marriage was happening later. Zeeshan is an independent guy, and he postponed his marriage with Aliya, as that fire incident made his situation bad. He didn’t want to make Aliya suffer due to this which is why he postponed this marriage. As he had a soft corner for her. Aliya like an ideal fiancé supported Zeeshan, and more than that an ideal friend supported Zain and was with Zain in his bad times of his life. She did all she could to bring back Zain from this tragedy, but the only thing she missed out and foreseen was the love Zain had for her only. She was still unaware of the fact that Zain truly loved her a lot. She did become his good friend, but failed to become his best friend due to this mistake but it was not her fault. It was all destiny’s game what else she could do.

Aliya sits by the window and she looks at the lovely window decoration which Zain gifted her in their childhood.
“Why are you not with me in the most important phase of my life which is marriage?” Aliya says this in her heart as she was disappointed with the fact Zain missed all her pre wedding functions due to his work.
” I am sorry Mamu Ki Bhanji.” Zain sits besides Aliya to persuade her and they both look at the moon, the witness of all this.
“You are always busy with work. You have forgotten about me.” Aliya expresses her despair with Zain full heartedly.
“I have some work, Aliya you must understand.” Zain says so to explain why he never come. Just an excuse.
Aliya eyes to Zain with her innocent eyes, and wanted a better detailed and valid answer of what she just ask.
“I shouldn’t have even come to you!” Zain replied rudely and he leaves. And while leaving he weeps from his heart as he knew that if he stayed with Aliya one more minute his heart will completely melt and he confess his love to her which he feels won’t go well with Aliya. Why it will? After all Aliya was getting married in a few days’ time.

Aliya with a totally confused look didn’t know how to react.

Days passed by, and Aliya’s marriage date was nearing. Zain took advantage of his work and fully ignored Aliya’s pre weddings function. But how could he ignore his love, Aliya? Somehow they both met and had an encounter which they couldn’t avoid. For brides they get more happy and excited as their marriage dates come more near, but for Aliya was complete contrast. She wasn’t excited at all and suddenly she started questioning herself why is she even getting married?

Do you know why? Because even Aliya started to took the path of falling love but she didn’t know where will the final destination of that path be.

Finally the day of the marriage arrives. It was Aliya’s wedding. Zain cleverly managed to skip all Aliya’s pre wedding functions, but this time he failed to do so. This time the reason is his friendship with Aliya. Zain remembered that Aliya considered him as a good friend so to keep that friendship he had to do so.

Everyone was happy with this marriage but Aliya wasn’t . Something was triggering her to not get married. But Aliya knew that if she did so this may cause problem for her family. So for sake of that she unwillingly continued.

Finally she reached the venue. And now it was time for Nikah for hers and Zeeshan’s. Aliya was feeling restless and she was looking for Zain everywhere and finally her eye tracked Zain. Zain just did nothing, smiled what else he could do it was too late for him. The view of Zain made Aliya smile. Aliya looks around and it turns out to be Zain.
“Aliya, there is something I need to tell you.” Zain tells Aliya as if he wanted to share something with her.
Zain holds her hand and takes her somewhere and Aliya was completely clueless.

“What is it Zain?” Aliya asks Zain who was super confused.
Zain felt nervous and he started to sweat, and he couldn’t speak. Just then whatever his dad told him about not to fear echoes to his ears to his heart. Zain smiles. And he could suddenly imagine the soul of his dad who wished him and gestured him good luck.

Zain speaks about all his moments his spent with Aliya who was overwhelmed with this sweet gesture of Zain who summarized their friendship in such wonderful words. And then
“All I just want to say that I love you, Aliya.” Zain finally speaks his heart and this seemed to bring the money to buy super glue to fix his broken heart.

Aliya is stunned as she didn’t know how to react. Already she is confused regarding her marriage, and now this shock. The only thing she could do was to stay still.

Zain realized that Aliya’s reaction was not surprising and would be like that. But he was feeling so much better. He knew the answer before , and he knew maybe he didn’t had enough money to buy super glue to fix his heart, but at least he had some. And then, to stop him from making his heart into smaller pieces till salt he just went away.

Later, Aayat comes to Aliya and takes away. Aayat thought that the restlessness seen in Aliya’s face was due to marriage stress.

It was Nikah time of Zeeshan and Aliya. If was the most crucial moment for any bride and groom at this point of time. Same was for Zeeshan and Aliya. But for Aliya it was also the most crucial moment for her but in a different perspective. This was the time, the time for her to take decision. If she doesn’t do anything she have to live it with this in her entire life and Aliya understood this thing very very well this time.

Now it’s the time for the Nikah. Zeeshan happily says Qubool Hai three times after listening as he is ready to accept his marriage with Aliya. Now it was Aliya’s turn. Aliya is about to mutter Qu all her moments of friendship with Zain and flashback gets flashed infront of her eyes, which ended with Zain’s innocent love confession.
“Say, beta” Shabana persuades Aliya who thought that Aliya was nervous.
“No. I don’t accept this. No Qubool Hai.” Aliya confidentially said so as she realized about Zain’s love for her.

All are stunned and gives question mark look to Aliya.
“I know what you all have been thinking but I am sorry Ami. I am sorry Zeeshan I love someone else.” Aliya finally clarify with others after herself.
“Then why did you agree of this marriage?” Zeeshan questioned Aliya as he was about to get into a bond with someone for three years and she suddenly refuses.
“I myself didn’t know about it. I am sorry.” Aliya clarified and confirmed about her decision to all.
“But now I have got to go.” Aliya says as she knows that she have to go to him now.
Aliya runs and runs and runs. Shabana tries to stop her but Zeeshan tells Shabana to let Aliya do what she wants to do.

Zain, on the other hand is disappointed assuming that Aliya and Zeeshan got married.
“They must have got married by now.” Zain told himself and calmed himself.
And as he was about to go in his ca, he can hear tinkles of the Payel and also the clashes of bangles. This directed Zain to look and he looks and he can see a girl. It was blury initially but as she came near Zain seems to know her as if she is the same girl. Whom he loves and is getting married. And she comes near, and yes it was her. It was indeed Zain’s Aliya, Zain’s Mamu Ki Bhanji. Zain was surprised as he didn’t understand what was going on.

Just then Aliya comes and Zain is now confused completely. Before Zain could completely ask Aliya,
“You must be surprised right?” Aliya says.
Zain only said yes.
“It’s because I love you, I love you Zain.” Aliya with confident and full heartedly confessed her love to her true love.

This stunned Zain a lot. He was out of words. He still couldn’t believe what just happened with him. He still think that he was dreaming. Does his true love also love him too? Was it for real? There was so many questions rising on his mind. Even Zain himself was confused what he should do.

Before, he could say anything, Aliya tightly hugged him. And then finally Zain also hugged Aliya. They both were enjoying the best moment of their life. All their love was portrayed by the hug and this is how they started to share their love. Zain’s happiness had no boundaries he was so happy that he didn’t know how happy he was, that tears dropped from his eyes, and that was his tears of joy. Yeh Ishq Hain playes as this was true love of Zain and Aliya.

Later after a while, Nikah of Zain and Aliya takes place. Zain and Aliya both say Qubool Hai three times and they get married. Zain and Aliya look at each other happily.

Aliya remembers the most pretty moment of her life and this brings a smile on her face. And just then Zain comes from behind and hugs her. Aliya smiles.
“So, what were you thinking about my love?” Zain romantically asks Aliya.
“Our love story, Zain.” Aliya replied happily.
Zain smiles, and just then two kids one boy and one girl comes and runs.
“Papa!Mummy!” They both start shouting.
Yes it was Zain and Aliya’s children.
Zain and Aliya also hug their children and they look at each other and reminisce all their romantic moments. Yeh Ishq Hain plays and they smile looking at each other.
The End

So, this is the end of this two shots. I wanted to write more but I didn’t want to bore all of you, so that’s why I finished the story here. I hope you all liked it and thanks for tolerating my two shots. But what to do this was from my heart.

And please do drop comment if u read it please if not I feel nobody read it 😛 nvm is your choice won’t force u all 😛

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