Beintehaa (True Love Never Ends) Maha Episode


15 years ago…………….

“10…..9…6…5…3….2…1….0…….”a girl of 7 yrs old tells it. She looks cute with her beautiful smile. “Zain I will for sure find u.” A boy voice replies back, “Aliya if u can try to find me…….” The girl Aliya tells, “Where are you both hiding?”Aliya searches Zain and for one more person…..She searches everywhere is unable to find them both. She gets tired and thinks of give up. She sees Shabana feeding Aayat. She ask, “Ma did u see Araq and Zain anywhere?” Shabana sees a boy under the sofa. She replies, “I don’t know where is Zain, but…….”

The boy hiding signals her not tell anything. Aliya asks, “But what? Did u see Araq?”

Shabana: No I don’t know where your brother is…. Aliya: Then you could have told u don’t know where both of them are there. Shabana: Aliya I have to make your sister to eat don’t disturb me. Aliya: Ughhh……..

Aliya goes in search of them. She goes to Usmaan and asks, “Mamu do u know where is Zain and Araq hiding?”Usmaan sees Zain hiding inside the cupboard and signaling him not to tell anything.

Usmaan: No Aliya I didn’t see him anywhere.

Usmaan signals Aliya towards the cupboard. Aliya goes towards cupboard and shouts out. Zain comes out. He tells, “Cheater”

Aliya: Me cheater?? What u got out so you’re calling me cheater?

Zain: Don’t lie Aliya. I saw Papa helping you. Your are a big cheater. Dad why did u help her?

Usmaan: No Zain I didn’t help Aliya. I told her I don’t know where u r hiding.

Zain: u didn’t tell her anything but through ur actions u did it. I won’t talk with u papa.

Surraiya comes there. She has a girl baby in her arms. She tells, “Usmaan shab this too bad.”

Zain: Ask nicely mom. Dad s very bad. Always supporting mamu ki bhahuji.

Surraiya: U should have told where Araq is also hiding.

Zain: Mom u too????

Aliya: ha-ha……see Zain both mamu and mami support me only.

Zain: U r a big cheater cock. U don’t talk.

Just Araq comes there. He tells, “as usual u got help and won. I’m ashamed to call u as my younger sister.”

Aliya: I m not ur younger sister. We both are twins that’s all.

Araq: but I was born 1 minute before u.

Aliya: so what that doesn’t mean I m younger to u.

They both start arguing. Just then Ghulam enters in. He shouts at the kids to stop it. He tells, “Araq always you’re fighting with Aliya. What is this?”

Araq: Dad she only started the fight.

Aliya: Don’t lie u only started it.

Araq: U cheater cock don’t talk.

Ghulam: Even if she starts it cant u not adjust.

Araq: What s this? All of u are supporting only.

Zain: u r correct Araq. Mamu ki bhahuji is always supported.

Surraiya: What is that mamu ki bhahuji Zain? From where did u learn such words.

Zain: I saw it in a movie. In that movie the hero’s father was always supporting the heroine. So the hero used to call his wife as mamu ki bhahuji.

Surraiya: ohh….oh….so the hero used to call his wife like that? Okay okay….

Shabana enters the room with Ayaat. She tells, “what is this? If u all the three support Aliya then I will support son and son-in-law.”

Zain: What is the meaning of son-in-law mami??

Shabana: After ur grown up u will become my son-in-law.

Zain: How??

Shabana: By marrying Aliya…

Aliya: No no no I will not marry this idiot

Zain: even I can’t marry this mamu ki bhahuji

Araq: Then I will become whose son-in-law mom???

Shabana: Mine…

Araq: How???

Shabana: Barkat

Araq: but mami she is 3 and half years younger than me.

Shabana: so what? Even Aliya s 6 months younger than Zain

Aliya: but I cannot marry this stupid

Zain: I m stupid? U only

All three start chasing each other. All laugh and enjoy. Fahad comes there and supports Aliya. All the four play. The parents this and smile. The whole is happy but there is an evil eye looking at them…………

2 days after.

Early morning

Shabana gets up and goes inside the kitchen. She smells gas smell. She immediately rushes out and alerts everyone to leave the house immediately. Ghulam takes out Aliya and Araq out. Usmaan take Fahad outside opposite direction of where Ghulam s. Surraiya and Zain also go towards the opposite direction. Shabana takes out Aayat towards Ghulam’s direction. Fire starts everywhere. Ghulam’s family thinks Usmaan family is caught in. Shabana tries to go in and rescue but Ghulam stops her but she goes in. Same way that side Usmaan’s family also thinks the same. Surraiya realize that Barkat is still inside. She tries to go inside but stops. She sees Shabana lifting Barkat and coming. Shabana’s face is not seen, only her back is seen. Shabana is about to cross but fire surrounds her. She throws Barkat on the opposite side and jumps that side. Before she could catch Barkat fires spreads everywhere and Barkat falls down on the fire. Surraiya shouts, “Noooooo BARKAT…………” The whole house blasts. Usmaan shouts, “Shabana” Zain shouts, “Aliya” Fahad shouts, “Araq”. Surraiya shouts Barkat again……


Usmaan enter the room. He sees Surraiya crying. He also sees the suitcase. He closes the door. He comes near Surraiya and tells, “I know u can’t forget the past. But u have to move on your life. Now u have grandchildren.”

Surraiya: Usmaan I too knew it but do know what happened today…..

She narrates what all happened in Fahad’s room. She asks, “Don’t I have a daughter??? It is paining so much” She cries and leans on Usmaan’s shoulder. Usmaan consoles her. He tell, “Surraiya I understand your pain even I miss my daughter. I miss her lot. I also lost my sister’s family. If they all had been alive now Zain would have got married to Aliya. But nothing is our hands. It is all fate.” Surraiya in mind thinks: No Usmaan it is fate. Aliya is alive but she will never get married to Zain.


A week after the incident.

Usmaan and his family are in some other house. Surraiya keep on cries. Usmaan consoles her. Surraiya tells him to take Zain and Fahad out for a picnic. Usmaan asks her also to come. Surraiya refuse and says she wants to be alone for some time. Usmaan says okay. They all leave except for Surraiya. Just when Usmaan leaves Shabana enters in an auto. She goes to meet Surraiya. Surraiya ask her to stop there. Shabana looks on confused.

Surraiya: Where did u come?

Shabana: Bhabi I came to know today only u are alive.

Surraiya: So what?

Shabana doesn’t understand why Surraiya is behaving like this. She sees Barkat’s photo. In front of it flowers are kept.

Shabana in a shocked tone: Bhabi what happened to Barkat?

Surraiya: Why u don’t know? U only killed her

Shabana: i?? No bhabi I didn’t.

Surraiya: just shut up Shabana. I treated u as my own sister but in return u killed my daughter. Why did u do this? For money?

Shabana: no bhabi.

Surraiya: yes . Now listen to my words carefully. I will marry my son Zain to anyone in this world but not to your daughter Aliya. And one more thing according to the world Ghulam Haider Khan’s family is dead and it will remain the same. Don’t ever try to show to ur brother that ur alive. If u try to do something like that then I will leave brother and separate him from his sons. I swear this on Quran.

Shabana is in tears, she leaves the house without saying anything.

Precap: Zubair falls down from stairs. Doctors tell him to take bed rest atleast for a month. Aliya tells that she is is not going to Mumbai….

Credit to: wellwisher (ww)

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  1. superb dr 🙂

  2. Wow u r fabulous dude. …. flashbacks was very funny buy the blast scene was very touchy. ….. and zain used to call aliya as MAAMU KE BHANJI. … not Bhahuji ok….. Other than that fantastic episode. ..

    1. thank u sanheri
      could u pls tell me the exact meaning of BHANJI because i dont know much of hindi………

      1. MAMU KE BHANJI means mama’s niece……… hey guys beintehaa is gonna be re telecasted in rishtey as SALAAM E ISHQ……… going to be aired on 11th JAN 2016!!!!!

  3. Well done ww i loved ur ff 🙂

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    1. thank u sis.
      i did well except for two subjects…….
      i m in class 10
      and actually there is correction in the precap: Aliya tells that she is NOT going to Mumbai…………

  7. Bhanji means niece.

  8. thank u everyone.
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