Beintehaa (True Love Never Ends) Episode 9

Scene 1

Location: Aliya’s House [A.H]

Aliya and Aayat come to have their breakfast. Usmaan also comes. Shabana brings food.

Aayat: Ammi (mom) what menu today?

Shabana: Morning as usual pori. Afternoon fired rice with potato chips and ladies finger. Dinner…………what do you want?

Aayat: What special mom? You never ask us the menu?

Shabana (stumbles for words): Nothing…………..

Aliya: No there is something…………….

Ghulam: Aliya it’s getting late for your college. Eat fast and go.

Aayat in mind thinks, “Something is strange…………… Dad has never spoken to us like this. What can it be?” Zubair comes in.

Zubair: Hey you guys aren’t ready? Ya, Allah why does these girls take so much of time to get ready?

Aliya: Hello Mr. Hitler we are ready.

Shabana: Hitler? What this Aliya you call your fiancé as Hitler? This too bad.

Zubair: Thank you mami for supporting me.

Shabana: Okay okay enough of talks. Now leave for your college it is getting late.

Aayat thinks in mind, “What is wrong? Something is fussy here………..”

Aliya and Aayat say bye and leave. Shabana tells, “Try to come home fast…..”

Zubair: Why what is so special today???

Shabana: Nothing. Yesterday was your birthday right, so today we have feast within our family members……..

Aliya and Aayat leave. Zubair comes near Shabana and whispers, “I know today who is coming and for him you’re doing this. Don’t worry I will disclose anything this to Aliya and Aayat.” He tells bye to them and leave.

Scene 2

Location: At Aliya’s college

Students are practicing in the stadium. Aliya, Zubair and their friends are selecting the students for the competition. Time goes on. It is evening around 4 p.m. The college principal comes. He sees the students being trained. The students see him and wish him. The principal goes near Zubair.

Zubair: Good evening sir.

Aliya and all others also see him and wish him.

Principal: Good evening students. So how is it going on?

Aliya: Selection process is over. Now we have to group the students under each member of the student’s council.

Zubair: And also to give unique name for everyone.

Aliya: Ho ya…..

Principal sees his watch and tells, “It is going to become 4p.m. so I think you can do this tomorrow.

They say okay and move on to take their bags and leave. Aliya and Zubair are joking at each other and Aliya’s hand touches Zubair’s hand. They both don’t notice it. Aliya’s friend Sharmi notice it and tells to Arohi and Dhanya, “They both look so cute together. They are the best couple in this world if they get married.” Arohi looks at them in a different manner and tells, “Ya if they get married”. Dhanya, “Of course they will Arohi” They both leave. Arohi stares at Zubya…..and tells in mind, “I m sorry Aliya but I don’t know why I m getting attracted to Zubair…. I don’t whether this love…………….”

Scene 3

Location: A.H

Aliya and Aayat come home. They go up to refresh. Aliya comes down in a blue night dress. Aayat also comes down. They see the whole place decorated. Aliya goes to kitchen and sees Shabana cooking busily. She thinks, “What happened to these people they behave so weird”

Aliya: Ammi shall I help you?

Shabana: Yes.

Aliya: What should I cook?

Shabana: Yes

Aliya: Ammi?

Shabana: Yes

Aliya thinks what happened to her?????

Dadi comes there. Aliya asks her, “Dadi what happened to ammi?”

Dadi: I don’t Aliya what happened to her. From morning she is so happy. She cleaned the whole house, now cooking so much of dishes and it is only six now. I don’t for who she is doing this…

Aliya thinks, “Oh this is the matter. Hmmm ammi papa hmmmm………..i will see later. For that idiot this too much. Anyways he is coming after such long time so it’s okay.” She smiles and goes to her room.

Its dinner time.

All come and sit for dinner. Shabana serves food. She keeps on look at the entrance. She smiles. Someone come and keep his/her hand hide Aliya’s eyes. Aayat gets excited seeing at the person. She is about to “Ar…” The person shoves of her not tell anything.

Aliya: Who is this?

Aayat: Didi it’s easy for you to find.

Aliya: Hmm………… Zubair?

Aayat: No….. He is very much close to you. He has been close to you from the time you were formed……….

Aliya: Araq????????

The person nods no to Aayat. Aayat: Hhh………….No

Aliya: Araq I know it’s you take your hand.

Araq takes his hand. Aliya: Cheater-cock.

Araq: Me? Noooo for years u have been a cheater-cock.

“So the prince of the house has returned???” They all turn back. Zubair and Razia come in. Araq goes to take Razia’s blessing.

Aliya: Ya from now on I have to manage two monkeys.

Shabana: Aliya?

Aliya: Sorry…..

They all have dinner.

Zubair: Wait…….. Araq has come so we can play something??

Aayat: Jiju u r always the best.

Zubair: Ok ok………..get ready I will come in a minute. Zubair goes up. He comes out. When he is about to get down he gets a call. He attends the call. He is about to get down but suddenly slips down and roll down. Every rush and come and take Zubair. Aliya is in tears……

Precap: Zubair asks Aliya to go to Mumbai. Aliya refuses……………

Sorry sorry for late update. I was busy in my other fan fiction EK MUTTHI AASAMAAN (A fistful of Sky)…………

Pls everyone read that also and give your comments.

Once again sorry everyone…………………

Credit to: wellwisher(ww)

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  1. Nice ff continue ur good job ww, I also like ur ek mutthi aasman ff

    1. wellwisher (ww) ragna fan

      thanks fatarajo

  2. Wellwisher thanks q lot dear for a beintehaa ff?

    1. wellwisher (ww) ragna fan

      i should thank u all only for motivating me

  3. Nice episode dude…… hey when will Zaya meet??? Can u make it earlier plz

    1. Ek mutthi as maan is fab dude keep it up 🙂 🙂

    2. wellwisher (ww) ragna fan

      Thank you aunheri….
      Zaya will meet after some four or five episodes….sorry…..i will try to make it earlier…

  4. super extraordinary make daily updates plz I also rad ek mutti……its also nice dear

    1. wellwisher (ww) ragna fan

      Thanq maya…
      I will try to be regular….i already told you guys i m in class ten so it s bit difficult for me….sorry….after march it will be regular because by then my board exams would be over……

  5. It awesome ww. Ur amazing. I luv ur both ff a lot.

    1. wellwisher (ww) ragna fan

      thank u……..

  6. Kavipriya venkatraman

    Hey ur story is just suupperbb …..i love zain and aliya. But y r u making so much of time to update ff …its my humble request ..plz upload quickly …as per everyday .or with the interval of one day..plz….

    1. wellwisher (ww) ragna fan

      i m so sorry for testing your patience guys……..
      but i dont have any other choice……….
      i promise it will be proper from march just another 3 months…………ppppppppppppplllllllllllsssssssssssssssssssss

  7. i don’t know wt these episodes are about can anyone tell me about that?plzz

    1. wellwisher (ww) ragna fan

      u didnt this episode or the whole ff?

  8. Yeh story was suprv..yaar..
    And also..sry ice its hurt others..
    means, try to understand yaar, she is ten cls she need to prepare..let it
    SRY..if am too much bore you with my so called advice r philosophy…

    1. wellwisher (ww) ragna fan

      no buddy not all
      i m not of type who get irritated to advice……
      thanks for understanding me

  9. wellwisher (ww) ragna and zaya fan

    posted the next one guys….
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