Beintehaa (True Love Never Ends) Episode 7


Scene 1

Location: B.V.

The epi starts with Nafeesa looking at Fahad distraught for breaking his promise. Shazia smirks.

Shazia: So Fahad will u spend time with me today right?

Fahad looks at Nafeesa. Nafeesa is about to reply when kids enter and say, “Dad today we will not go to school”

Nafeesa’s elder daughter Ayesha tells, “U everyday spend time with either Nafeesa maa or Shazia maa but today u will spend time with anyone of us.” Fahad feels embraced. Both Nafeesa and Shazia are blogged.

Arif: Papa we don’t want to go to school today. I want to play with u.

Nafeesa’s second daughter Nasifa tells, “No today dad will take me out to movie”

Ayesha: Uhhh…. U both only know these things only. Dad can we go for family picnic. School is really boring.

Arif: No dad u will play with me today.

All the three keeps arguing and starts fighting both Nafeesa and Shazia try to control but are in vain. Fahad is also unable to control.

Shazia: See how have u grown your children?

Nafeesa: Shazia they are also your children. It is all because of u only. Today is my turn to be with Fahad but u are trying to be with him.

Shazia: Shut up Nafeesa, it is not because me it is of u.

Both mothers start arguing and fight. Fahad is tries to stop their fight but isn’t able. He sits on the bed keeping is hand on his head unable to do anything. The sound of the fight is heard till the dining table.

Zain’s father Usmaan is comes to have his breakfast and hears the fight sound. He tells his wife Surraiya and says “Every day morning this is the problem. I told u from the beginning not to get Fahad married again. I don’t have peace in the house at all.”

Zain comes there.

Zain: Gudmrng dad. Gudmrng mom.

Usmaan: Gudmrng Zain

Surraiya: Gudmrng Zain.

Surraiya goes to bring the breakfast.

Zain hears the fight sound and tells “Dad I have a doubt”

Usmaan: Yes tell me

Zain: How is my bhai able to manage two wives because u having one wife feels it very difficult to manage mom then how is bhai alone able to do it?

Usmaan: I gave him training Zain.

Zain: But u has only one wife then how?

Usmaan: It is very simple Zain. Having one wife or having two wives both is same. Women are always women.

Surraiya is standing behind them. Zain tries to give signal to his father but Usmaan doesn’t understand it and continues.

Usmaan: They show of as though they are very obedient and respect their husbands in front of the world but the truth is there is always a woman’s dictatorship in every house including this house.

Zain: Dad mom is-

Usmaan: Of course Zain ur mom is a perfect Hitler. These ladies are quite a lot possessive and out of fear they try dominate us but we should be careful at handling at them. And it is very easy to manage and escape from them u know?

Zain: I don’t know about it till now Dad. But I will watch it now…..

Usmaan sighs asking if Surraiya is behind. Zain nod yes. Usmaan turns back and sees his wife starring at him.

Zain: All the best dad now let me see how expert ur in handling mom…..

Surraiya: Do u I behave like perfect Hitler or did I ever dominate u???

Usmaan: Hmmm…..No Surraiya begum. I was just joking with Zain. Isn’t it Zain????

Zain in a sarcastic manner: ya of course. Dad loves u so much mom. How will he ever tell like that??? He was just joking right dad???

Usmaan: Zain????

Surraiya: Zain it is becoming late for ur college have ur food fast and go.

Zain hugs his mom and gives a kiss on her cheek. He rushes out of the house saying bye to his mom and dad.

Surraiya: What is this Usmaan shab???

Usmaan: Surraiya I just told it for fun…….

Surraiya: I m not talking about. Already Zain is not in a mood to get married and u r motivating him to not do so. If u give him bad picture about marriage life then how will he ever get married.

Usmaan: Ughhh….. There is no right for me even to tell the truth or fact to my children.

Surraiya: Usmaan I m talking seriously…. I fear Zain will never get married.

Usmaan: Ohhhh………come on Surraiya. He hasn’t still completed his college yet. U don’t to fear or worry about Zain. He is matured enough to take decisions on his own.

They hear Shazia shouting at Nafeesa to shut up.

Usmaan: If both our bahus fight like this I m sure that Zain will never get married.

Saying Usmaan leaves for his office.

Nafeesa shouts at Fahad for breaking his promise.

Surraiya: Ya Allah I did I big mistake by getting my son married twice……

She walks towards Fahad room to stop the fight.

Scene 2

Location: Fahad’s room

Surraiya walks inside the room. She sees Nafeesa and Shazia yelling at each other. Kids are throwing things at each other. Fahad is trying to control all of them. Surraiya shouts “enough”. The house becomes silent.

Surraiya: Is this a home or anything else. Nafeesa I didn’t expect this from u. Shazia I brought to u this house not just because I need a grandson. U both are this house’s bahu.

Remember that and behave urself properly. Shazia go get ready the kids for their school.

Shazia: Yes mom.

Surraiya: Fahad get ready for ur office.

All go except Surraiya and Nafeesa. Nafeesa is about leave when Surraiya stops her.

Surraiya: What s wrong with u Nafeesa???

Nafeesa: What s wrong with me??? Everything is wrong mom. U wanted a grandson which I was unable to do. So u got Fahad married to Shazia. Okay Fahad has to be neutral to both of us. Shazia didn’t do any mistake except for getting married to my husband. But today Fahad broke his promise mom.

Surraiya: What promise did Fahad broke Nafeesa.

Nafeesa: Shazia is pregnant mom……….

Surraiya: That s good news Nafeesa. U should indeed be happy.

Nafeesa: Good news??? For whom??? It might be good news for u mom but not for me.

Surraiya: Why Nafeesa?

Nafeesa: U still doesn’t understand my pain mom. Fahd had promised to me to have only one kid with Shazia but today he has broken the promise. And it is all because of u mom.

Surraiya: Because of me??

Nafeesa: Yes mom. If u had treated Ayesha and Nasifa equally how treat a grandson then I would have not been in this condition. It’s all because u only mom. U doesn’t treat male and female equally because u doesn’t have a daughter so u cannot understand my pain.

Nafeesa cries and runs to her room. Surraiya is shocked to hear this…………

Scene 3

Location: Surraiya’s room

Surraiya is teary eyed. She recalls Nafeesa words, “U doesn’t treat male and female equally because u doesn’t have a daughter so u doesn’t understand the pain.”She cries. She recalls a girl calling her maa where are u hiding. She goes to her cupboard and moves her dress and take out a suitcase out. She opens it. There are some toys and a dress stained with blood. She recalls the past of the two families getting separated……..

Before 15 years……………

A girl voice is heard. She calls out, “Zain where are you???” The girl looks beautiful. She is Aliya. A boy shouts back, “Aliya try to find me…..” The boy looks Handsome. He is Zain……….

Precap: Maha episode: Zain and Aliya meet in the UV College.

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  17. Beintehaa was my favourite hindi serial among all the serials last year. I miss this serial even today. I m very happy to read this fan fiction and te good news for Beintehaa fans is that they are going to re-air Beintehaa on Rishtey very soon 🙂

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