Beintehaa (True Love Never Ends) Episode 6


Scene 1

Location: A.H–Terrace

Zubair s standing looking at the sky.Aliya comes.She asks”Counting the stars?”

Zubair:Hhhh….no.Just was admiring the beauty of the nature.Is Ayaat normal?

Aliya:Hmm…Yes maa came and spoke.

Zubair:Oh wow.Now Miss Galaxy is back.


Zubair:Okay okay.How did mami convince her?

Aliya tells what happened and the flashback is shown……..

Ghulam:But with one condition

Ayaat:What papa?

Ghulam:U should never reveal ur identity to anyone.

Aliya:But how?

Ghulam:u never tell to anyone ur full name and about us to anyone.U will be called only by ur surname. And the most important thing is u will never ever show that ur from rich family.Did u understand?

Ayaat:Is it possible?and why should we hide our identity?

Ghulam:Ayaat i have lots of business enemies….That is why i dont have my Business setup in Bhopal instead in Ujjain. I dont want anyone to harm my family.

Aliya:Papa u dont need to say this at all.We will do as u say.But what if our friends or by other means our identity is revealed?

Ghulam:Well u dont need to worry about it.The college where ur going to stay, the Principal is my friend and i have told him to manage things….And coming to ur friends, as per the rule of this competition all students will be treated equally so no one will come to know that ur rich.And my kids live a simple life so its not a problem.

Ayaat:Okay papa we will do as u say.

Aliya:Yes and i will inform Zubair also about this…………

fb ends.

Zubair:So this the plan?


Zubair:But i dont think it is because of mamu’s enemies.I think……….

Aliya: Zubair………I know for what their doing this…Fb shown…..Aliya hearing the conversion of Ghulam, Shabana and Razia’s conversation.

Zubair: wish Zain is alive Aliya. So that u both can get married.

Aliya: Zubair i dont wish to get married to Zain. I only wish he is alive. I like him as much as i like u.But i never loved him. We were kids when we got separated and i like is different from love.

Zubair: But u do miss him right?

Aliya: Yes of course,not only him all those got died in that accident, my brother, my aunt and uncle and Zain’s brother and sister everyone who died.But i dont know why is so i miss Zain so much.

Zubair: Because u love him.

Aliya: Zubair I m going to get married to u now and so will u pls stop this talk?

Zubair: Okay Lady Diana.

Aliya: Gudnyt.

Zubair: Gudnyt Aliya.

Aliya goes. Zubair in his mind tells “I know Aliya u love Zain. U cant hide from me anything Aliya. I do want Zain to be alive but at same time I wish he is not alive as I too LOVE U ALIYA……..”

Scene 2

Location: Barakat Villa[B.V.]

Next day morning. We hear two ladies shouting and yelling at each other. Zain wakes up because of their noise and tells “ohhhh……..I really don’t understand how is bhai able to manage two wives. Uhhh….I will never need an alarm at all” saying so he gets ready for his college. The scene shifts to Zain’s brother’s room where his two wives are fighting.

“Fahad u said u will spend time with me today “one of the ladies tell. She looks a bit modern than the other. She is wearing a blue chudhi but it is a modern dress. With her free hair and makeup she looks super hot.

The second lady is a wearing saree and she seems a bit traditional and she tells back “Uhhh….shut up Nafeesa. Fahad loves me more than u. He will spend time with me only because I was only able to give this family a male heir and not u.” This irks Nafeesa. The second lady smirks at her victory over Nasifa.

Nafeesa: it is true that u gave birth to a male heir for this family but u was only married to Fahad to give birth for a male heir and not for anything else. Our marriage is a love marriage and mom and dad believes me more than the belief they have on you and one more thing after I gave birth to girl child only u was married to Fahad and gave only once birth till now Shazia.

Shazia: Nafeesa u have mistaken one thing. Of course after the birth of Arif I did not get pregnant but now I m pregnant.(She turns to Fahad and says)Fahad u r going to get another boy child…

Nafeesa gets shocked by this news. Fahad is happy but at same he is sad for once again hurting Nafeesa. He remembers his promise to Nafeesa before getting married to Shazia….

“Fahad: I promise u Nafeesa that I will have only one male child from the lady I m getting married. U know very well that I love u so much but what can I do Nafeesa? Mom wants a male heir and she thinks that only Shazia can give birth to male heir and that stupid astrologer also said that u can never give birth to male heir.

Nafeesa: Do u believe all that Fahad?

Fahad: No Nafeesa but mom believes it and u know that I can never say no to mom’s words.

Nafeesa: Its okay Fahad. I believe in u completely.”

Nafeesa looks at Fahad distraught…………

Precap: Surraiya(Zain’s mother) remembers the past how the two families got separated………..

Credit to: wellwisher

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