Beintehaa (True Love Never Ends) Episode 5


Scene 1

Location:Bhopal–Aliya’s house[A.H]–Dinning table

It starts with Shabana telling”All the three of r not going to participate in the competition.”
The 3 looks surprised…..
Ayaat:But mom why?U have taken us all over the world except for Mumbai.Why s it so?Pls let us go.We will enjoy alot,we will go to-
Shabana:Enough Ayaat…I have told u clearly that ur not going anywhere n no more ur going to talk about this.
Saying so Shabana,leaves the place angrily.Ghulam,Dadi,Razia follows her.Ayaat cries n run to her room.Aliya tries to go behind when Zubair stops n tells”Aliya i know u have to go n console Ayaat but i want to talk to u about something”
Aliya:Zubair whatever it s i will only come after Ayaat becomes normal.Please understand.
Zubair:Okay fine.I will wait for u in the terrace.Come soon.
Aliya:Okay fine bye.
They both leave.

Scene 2

Location:A.H–Ghulam’s room

Shabana s crying.Ghulam tries to console her.She tells”We were able to hide the truth for 15 years but i fear it will come out.”
Razia:No bhabi.It will not come out.Even if it comes out there s going to be any problem.U dont need to wor-
Shabana:What r u telling Razia?Dont u know what will happen when the truth comes out?Zain n Aliya will get married if truth comes out because their love bonding is very strong and if they get married then thats enough for my bhabi to get divorced from my bhai n i dont want my brother’s life get ruined because of me.
Razia:But bhabi that was then now they have grandchild even n more over now Aliya s getting married to Zubair n they both love each other.
Shabana:Razia u think they both love each other?I know about my daughter Aliya very well.That incident has created a big impact on Aliya.She n Zain[Zaya] from their childhood days had shared good bonding n each everyone who see them had said when they grow they will be best couple and dont underestimate my bhabi.She will do anything to get rid my family from her family.
Razia:Bhabi i understand what u say but according to the what the astrologer said Aliya will get married to her cousin at the age of 20 right?
Shabana:Even Zain s Aliya’s cousin Razia………And i dont believe in all this astrology Razia……….
Ghulam:Shabana i understand ur feelings but at the same u have to think about Ayaat also.She isnt that matured enough to understand all these.
Shabana:But i didnt have any other way to stop Aliya from going to Mumbai.She s getting suspicious day by day.She feels like Zain s still alive.And the fact s he s alive n s in Mumbai.
Ghulam:Maybe they were but lots of things have changed.They might have migrated to some other city r country for Usmaan shab has so much of wealth that he will not Zain study in Mumbai for there r better colleges all over the world.
Shabana:No Ghulam shab.Bhabi said that she will never Mumbai n will get Zain married to anyone in this world except for Aliya.
Ghulam:Okay Shabana.Now we have to care about Ayaat also.We will tell Aliya,Ayaat n Zubair not reveal about their identity to anyone.
Shabana:But how s it possible.Zubair n Aliya r the students council President n Vice President so for sure their full name will be revealed which will give Zain an easy clue to find Aliya.
Ghulam:U dont need to worry about i will take care about.Now u go n console Ayaat n tell her that they can go to Mumbai.
Razia:Hmm………Bhai r sure???
Ghulam:Razia u dont need to worry at all.Aliya n Zubair’s[Zubayl] marriage s final n u will stay here until Zubair returns back.I have promised ur husband when he was about to die that Zubayl will get married.Though i wish Zaya marriage to take place, i do like both of my nephew.
They all leave.

Scene 3

Location:A.H–Ayaat’ room

Ayaat is crying.Aliya s consoling her.
Ayaat:Now a days ammi s not liking me.
Aliya:Ayaat mom said in anger but she never meant to hurt u. Why should she hate u?Ur her lovable daughter.Come on Ayaat.My sister s matured enough to understand all this. Ur my sweet sister right/
“Yes”Shabana enters with a tray with 2 milk glasses.
Shabana:My angel s angry on me?Sorry….Aliya’s sister will only make others to cry but she never cry because she s a brave girl.
Ayaat:Mom i m not still a kid to get cheated my all ur lies.
Shabana:See u urself told that ur not a lid.So u know i didnt hurt u from my heart.Now i will tell u something……..
Ghulam enters n says”U can go to Mumbai”
Shabana:Sssssss…….When i have i refused to my beauty queen?????U,Aliya n Zubair all can go to Mumbai.
Ghulam:But on one condition………….

Precap:The past of the two family is shown when they all have gone to Delhi…………..

Guys i will show the previous epi’s precap in next epi and today’s precap will come only in the 7th r 8th epi.Pls adjust.And sorry there will be very less scenes of Zain in the beginning because the remaining story will mostly take place in Mumbai.

Credit to: wellwisher

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