Beintehaa (True Love Never Ends) Episode 4


Scene 1

Location:University of Mumbai [UV college]

Zain and his friends are in their classroom.One of his classmate informs the whole class that all the students of the 4th yr batch students are suppose to assemble in the auditorium after our first period.So all the students after their 1st period assemble in the auditorium.The college Principal arrives and announces”Dear students as u all know like every year the AIT that is the All India Talent competition is held in our college.So u people being the senior most students in the college are suppose to organize it and take charge of the competition.U know very well that from all over India we will have colleges participating and our college will provide them food and accommodation for two months.During these days I want u all to behave well disciplined and dont create a bad name for the college while ur about leave the college in next few months.Hope u will behave properly.And I want the Secretary of Extracurricular Activities to take the full responsibility along with his team to do the best.And by the way where is the Secretary of Extracurricular Activities?”A hand raises up somewhere from the middle.It s non other Zain.He comes out of the crowd and comes to the stage.Principal”Hope u will do u best Zain”.Zain”Sure sir.Thank q for believing in me so much sir.”Principal similes and then turns towards the students and says”U guys have one week time to get ready as all the colleges will be arriving by this weekend.And one good news is that students from all batches can participate and i have already informed ur juniors.The remaining details will be filled up by Mr.George.Thank u students and have a nice day.”
Zain silently prays to god”Oh god,if Aliya is alive pls make me meet her this time atleast.pls god…….pls god…………”

Scene 2

Location:Bhopal–Aliya’s house

Zubair and his mum enter in.Zubair gets blessings from Ghulam,Shabana and Dadi.They all wish him happy bday and all get ready for the bday party.Just when Zubair s about to cut cake Ayaat calls”Just minute jiju.How can u leave the most beautiful girl and cut the cake”Zubair”Sorry Ayaat for not waiting for u.I should have waited for u to come.Sorry Miss Galaxy”Ayaat laughs and than tells “jiju i didnt talk about myself.I told about my didi that is about Miss Zubair to tell in ur language….Aliya didi has gone out to pray for ur long life so u have to wait until she reaches home………..”Just then Aliya enters the house.Ayaat”See my didi has arrived.Now u can cut ur cake jiju”All of them laugh.Zubair cuts his cake.He feeds his mom Razia but she asks him to feed first Aliya.He feeds her n she feeds him back.He feeds Razia,Ghulam,Shabana,Ayaat n Dadi n they also feed him back.They all sit for dinner.They start eating.Zubair tells to his mom”Mom i think it will be better if u stay herself for next 2 months as i will not be here.”
Razia:Why?Where r u going?
Zubair:Mom I did tell u right?Our college s participating in AIT competition n me being the President of students council should go for it……….
Razia:Hmmmm………….Now days ur just informing me n not seeking permission.Okay s Aliya n Ayaat coming?
Aliya:Hmmm……Bapa i wanted to ask about this to u.Could Ayaat n me go to this competition.
Ghulam:What can i say?That s what ur guardian has given permission.
Zubair:Who mamu?
Ghulam:U only..
Ghulam:Okay..okay..U both can go..
Shabana:Which city?
All the three in unison shout”Mumbai”
Ghulam,Shabana,Razia n Dadi look tensed n surprised at the mention of Mumbai.
Shabana immediately tells”All the three of u r not going for this competition”
Aliya,Ayaat n Zubair looks surprised………

Precap:Zubair in his mind tells”I wish Zain is not alive.As I LOVE U Aliya…………………….”

Sorry guys. I was not feeling for somedays n was little busy b’coz of Diwali.
Will update more within next few days.Once again sorry.?
Wishing u all A happy belated diwalli.

Credit to: wellwisher

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