Beintehaa (True Love Never Ends) Episode 3

Scene 1

Location:Bhopal — Ayaat and Aliya’s college

Aliya and Ayaat get down from their yellow Lamborghini car(Guys it is the most expensive car and a very rare piece to buy it in the whole world). The girls head towards their respective friends group.Ayaat has three friends– Tara. Deepika, Teena.They are all good friends since their childhood days.Aliya meets her friends Dhanya, Arohi and Sharmi.Aliya and her friends are in canteen.Someone is keeping an eye on Aliya.Sharmi by mistake spills the juice on Aliya’s dress.
Sharmi:i so sorry.
Aliya:its okay Sharmi.U guys go to the class, i will wash it and come to the class.
Saying so Aliya walks in direction of washroom.Someone is following her..Aliya stops and sees back but doesnt finds anyone. Aliya enters the washroom and cleans her dress.She comes out and starts walking when suddenly someone from behind touches her.She turns back and the person keeps a handkerchief on her face.Aliya falls unconscious.The person lifts her and walks somewhere.

Scene 2

Location:A dark room

Aliya comes to consciousness.She recalls what has happened to her.She remembers a person wearing mask keeping handkerchief on her face.She sees that her hands and legs are not tied.She wonders who had done this……….She then tells to herself”Who else will do this???………Zubair i know its u.Come out.”A person comes out.His eyes blue in color which radiates lots of love.He comes towards Aliya.
Zubair:U forgot something very important today Aliya………..
Aliya:Sorry Zubair.I know today is ur b’day and i should have been the first person to wish u.I m sorry……
Zubair:See still u didnt wish me.The moment u saw me u should have wished me.I had to do this big drama of kidnapping u to make u remember that today is b’day.And-
Aliya:OMG! I m extremely sorry.And “HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZUBAIR”
Zubair:Thank u lady diana.
Aliya:Shut up Zubair.I have told u thousands of time not to call me by this name Mr.Hitler.
Zubair:Do i look like Hitler?
Aliya:Of course…..U make all girls to fall in ur love trap and like all the other boys u give them pain in the end and u-
Zubair:Excuse me it is my fault of giving pain to those girls whom u tell.I m no way responsible for it.If they get attracted to my looks and style it is not my fault instead its their fault. Okay???
“See i said u right??If u want to meet Aliya we have to search where is Zubair”saying so Sharmi and Dhanya come inside the room.
Dhanya:Anyways u guys are going to get married within next 6 months.Cant u not wait till then???
Aliya:Dhanya its nothing like that.Today s Zubair’s bday so i did just come to wish him.
Zubair:Correction i brought here and i reminded u to wish me.
Sharmi:What s this Aliya??? U forget ur lover’s bday??????Too bad ya…
Aliya:Sharmi we are not lovers.He is just my cousin and my friend thats all.
Sharmi:Anyways u guys are to get engaged in next three months right??So whats wrong in calling Zubair as LADY DIANA’S LOVER???
Aliya:oh Sharmi……..U guys are embarrassing me.I m leaving.
Zubair:okay relax Aliya.Sharmi seriously myself and Aliya are only just good friends Maybe after our marriage we might become lovers but we will remain as good friends forever.
Dhanya:Okay fine.Now the mean reason for us to come here is Princi has arranged an assembly and wants all students, teachers and the President and Vice President of the students council thats u and Aliya to be present over there.So will u pls stop all ur nok jokes and come there pls???
Zubair:Sure Miss Universe we would.
Aliya:Zubair ur quite annoying…
Zubair:See before marriage self ur trying to have control over me.
Dhanya:”Oh guys come on”
Zubair:”Okay fine lets goooooooo……….”

Scene 3

Location:Aliya’s college assembly area.

The whole college has assembled.The college Principal comes and says”A very good morning students.Hope u enjoyed ur weekend well.”A student standing near Zubair tells aside”U give us lots of seminar and projects like how give for school students and at the same time u tell that we enjoy our holidays.”Zubair”Dude ur speaking loud enough for everyone to hear.Before u get into any trouble its better that u be quite.”The Principal is still talking”….U know like every our college participates in the All India Talent[AIT] competition meant only for colleges.Unlike every year this time students from all the batches can participate which means even the first year students can also participate.I give the responsibility to the students council to take the participants and do ur best.This weekend the participants will go to Mumbai and u will stay there for two months in University of Mumbai college where the competition is held as usual.They will provide u food and accommodation and the 1st two weeks u will go for outing and then u have to start practicing for competition.5 teachers will accompany u.I want our college to come first this time.The remaining details will be put up on the soft-board outside my cabin.So thats all for now students.Enjoy ur day.The students are happy and shout aloud.Aliya is happy as Ayaat will accompany her this time…………

Precap:Aliya and Ayaat inform about the competition being held in Mumbai to Ghulam.Ghulam and Shabana(their mom) look tensed when the girls mention the word “Mumbai”……..

Credit to: wellwisher

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  1. I was missing u and ur update..Thank u for posting …Hurray!.. Now Aaliya will go to Mumbai it’s gonna interesting to read next epi..Eagerly waiting for that..Take care ?..and Thanks..

  2. Wow. . Am reallly lovng dis beinteha mohabat. 1 cmplnt der was no zain scene, bt i realy luvd alya n zubis nok jok. . . Pls can u updt regulrly. .

    1. Thank u Liya.
      I m sorry for not having any Zain scenes.
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      so i want to complete before that zain n aliya falling for each other.

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