Beintehaa is the story of unconditional love,between two souls .The show title itself suggested a little about the story i.e.”BEINTEHAA means ‘Limitless’ or without ‘boundaries’. It was a love story of two souls Zain and Aaliya collectively called as ZAYA by some fans ,their love story began with an misunderstanding and Zain’s sweet idea for revenge from Aalia for all childhood defeats he suffered . Aalia and zain are cousins and zain’s family runs a chain of hotels named after their daughter Barkat and Aalia belongs to a middleclass family.The show started with Zain returning from abroad completing his studies his character was portrayed as a young spoilt brat who just lives his life for fun.Aalia is shown as a well cultured typical Bhopal bred girl who is ,quite serious about her life and it all started with her marriage preparations here Zain was supposed to be a guest who was there for the inability of his father to attend the marriage and he was there without his mother,suraiya knowing it.Suraiya disliked Bhopal for a reason so Zain and usman (his father) sent him to Bhopal secretly At Aalia’s marriage she is struck by an misunderstanding and mistakes Zain as her fiancé Zeeshan , and for his sweet revenge zain continues the drama,which is taken advantage of by Aaliya’s fiance’s parents to demand more dowry from Aaliya’s family,des[pite the fact that they have already received a big installment of dowry.and they threaten them to defame their daughter after which tno-one will marry their younger daughter.Aaliya’s parents avoid help from zain’s family but somehow zain comes to know about it and tries to help them ,but Aalia’s parents resistance to accept help and the greedy nature of her fiancé’s family and Zain’s determination to help them ultimately puts an end to the unwanted and unfit marriage . Zain and Aaliya are forced into a marriage. Zain wants to get rid of her as he never wanted get married and only wanted to have girlfriends.

They come closer when Zain’s brother, Fahad, lands in trouble by some goons. They work together and rescue him. This incident makes them friends. During this incident, Aliya’s sister (Aayat) gets deceived by Rocky, who assured her he’ll make her a model but planned to make her an escort. Zain without telling anyone helps her and send Rocky to jail. After Rocky comes out of jail, he causes an accident in which Zain is harmed. During the interrogation Aliya finds out the truth of Aayat and confronts her in front of the whole family.

Now Zaya have come closer to each other and have developed feelings for each other ,which was proved by an incidence with Zubair, Aliya cousin. Zain (now in love with Aliya) feels jealous. Seeing Aayat also close to Zubair Rizwan(best friends with Zain, who has fallen for Aayat) also feels Jealous. They plan to get rid of him. Meanwhile, Zubair finds out Zain and Aliya’s story and plan to bring them together.

Meanwhile the reason for Suraiya’s dislike for Aaliya and Bhopal is known. Aliya notices a shadow heading towards an old well. She finds out it was Suriaya. Suraiya tells her story and states that Aaliya’s uncle MirKhan have kidnapped her daughter.later Aaliya helps them to find barkat and wins Suraiya’s trust and suraiya begins liking her. Later the truth is revealed about barkat’s life……that mir khan made her work for the living since childhood and she is addicted to drugs which shocks everyone.But this is not the end to the hurdles in zaya life and usman mamu (Aalia called him with love) meets up with an lift accident ,in his office and later it is revealed that Barkat is not Barkat, but is Bobby, Mir Khan’s real daughter. She planned to kill Usmaan but she failed. She is then thrown out of the house. Suriaya believes Bobby and starts disliking Aaliya again.

As usmaan is paralysed and Aaliya unable to prove her innoscence the distance again, begins to grow between zaya.Later Zubair gets into the trouble and is blamed for Usman’s conditoion and ,Suraiya takes an advantage of the situation and aska Zubair to separate zaya to get out from this case and he at once agrees.His plan is spoiled by his lawer Rehaan who a friend of Aalialater confesses his love to Aayat (aaliya’s sister) and soon they get engaged.

This not the end to zaya’s love hurdles and they encounter Zain’s look alike rocket who also loves aalia and tries to take zains place and fails. After this zaya misunderstandings clear . They want to remarry but according to the Islam laws, Aaliya would have to perform the Halal Nikaah (second marriage).rehaan agrees to marry Aaliya and finally with tackling some more difficulties out of their way Zaya finally reunites . The show then takes a seven-year leap, they have a child called Zayed who is a rival of his cousin Kashish (Rizwan and Aayat’s daughter) just like Zain and Aaliya were and they give a reflection of zaya. Seeing them fight, Zain and Aaliya remember their journey from hate to love and live happily ever after………

Well this tells us that love has it’s way trough all odds

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Credit to: Richa

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  1. Richu Richu Richu a tight hug for u ….
    I’m very happy for this story…. plz dr keep it up……

    1. thanx riya sweety hope u liked it nd srry for missing many things i wanted to keep it short n sweet but srry nt too shrt nd hope i made less mistakes this tym……………………

  2. wow..richu dr..i like zaya pair.

  3. Wow richu,excellent Dr,u amazngly imprvd ur writng my opnion ,ths s flawless dr.its up 2 d mrk nw 🙂 .gd luk

  4. thanku hg nd pragna nd @ HG IF U NOTICED I CHANGED aALIYA’S SPELLING A LOT OF TIMES,,,,,

    1. Ya dr,i noticed

  5. Hey Richa u no it was my fav serial b4 mmz !!thanq so much yaar 4d remembrance of beintehaa mohabbat !!

    1. nyc to hear that mandy …………….. and keep reading nd welcm…………….

  6. Wowww… I love it… The song ”Lamhen…Meri Lamhen…” Just feeling excited… Keep it up Richa…

    1. hyy brity nycto cu lol keep rreading………….

  7. Sorry guys i dnt want to hurt anyone but i wanted you all to know that this updates/writing is not by richa.she has copied it from wikipedia and cut short it.if u dont believe me u can check wikipedia

    1. hello tia dr u can plss corelate it with wikkipedia dr thrtr its too short and here i hav xplained further u can chk may be it resemble it bcoz the story is same everywhere ya last line you can say from there but i tell u u also try n send wikki article to Tu they compare dr mine was rejected too for the reason it was from wikkipedia LOl ;0 NO OFFENCE DR BUT U CAN Compare dr

  8. U made so many mistakes

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