Beintehaa…Qubool Hai Episode 16


Episode 16:

The episode starts with Fata composing herself and leaving, Rehaan looks on, Nusz is seen thinking about something. Alina comes in the room and Nusz looks on.

Alina: I need to tell you something… Tomorrow is the court hearing… Zuhaib Bhaijaans innocent.

Nusz: What?

Alina: Yes, he is, I think Aarav Bhaijaan did this on purpose…

Nusz is shocked, Sunehri and Fata walk in.

Fata: She is right…

Sunehri: Aarav is alive.

Nusz: What are you lot saying? How can you be so sure.

Alina: Aarav faked his death because he wanted to punish Zuhaib Bhaijaan.

Nusz: But why?

Fata, Alina and Sunehri: Because he hates him and loves his property.

Nusz: Suni… How can you be so sure?

Sunehri then starts telling…

Sunehri gets a call,

Caller: Tell your husband to mind his own business or else… I would murder him.

Sunehri: What?

Caller: He already became Zuhaib’s favourite and is now after my property… Kan khol Ke sun lo that the property and the house is mine! You better tell your husband or after Aarav, it would be his turn!

The caller disconnects the call while Sunehri looks on.

Sunehri then was worried, Alina notices, Sunehri then tells her and Alina is shocked.

End of flashback.

Nusz: So? What proves by that? Anyone can call and say that…

Alina: But I called him

Alina then starts explaining.

Alina then calls on the exact number Sunehri gets a call on, the caller picks it up.

Alina: Put the phone on speaker!

Caller: Why?! Who are you?

Alina: Let Aarav Bhaijaan also hear!

The caller puts the phone on speaker.

Alina: Asalamualykum Aarav Bhaijaan… Don’t be shocked, I know you’re alive… Aarav Bhai… You see great minds think alike… Tell me the address and I’ll come meet you

Alina disconnects the call and smirks.

End of Flashback.

Nusz: Then what happened? Was it Aarav?

Fata: It was…

Fata tells

Alina had received the address and she headed out, Fata notices Alina going out and follows her, Azraa was too busy talking/making plans with Sulaimaan. Alina and Fata reach an old factory, Alina goes inside and is shocked to see Aarav, Fata comes in but hides, she also gets shocked to see Aarav and starts making the video.

Fata: Ab Ho ga Aarav expose!

Fata smirks and continues recording/videoing.

End of flashback.

Fata then shows Nusz the window and Nusz is shocked to see Aarav talking with Alina.

Aarav: What are you doing here?

Alina: I’m here to ask for my rights to, after you get the property, give me 10% of it!

Aarav thinks and then nods, Alina then gives him the food and leaves.

Nusz: I can’t believe this… Let me send it to myself.

Nusz sends it to herself and smiles.

Nusz: Now I will present it in court tomorrow.

Alina and Fata are shocked.

Alina: You can’t…

Nusz: Why?

Alina: Don’t publicly expose Aarav… We will show this to family only…

Nusz: But how would we get Zuhaib out of jail?

Alina: I’ll think of something…

Nusz: Sorry, I have to.

Nusz then leaves while Alina looks on, Sunehri also leaves.

Fata: Don’t worry… We have to stop her…

Alina: But how?

Fata: Tell Aarav…

Alina: What? But he would kill her.

Fata: Not only if I talk to him…

Asad’s bungalow:

Zoya is doing some work in the kitchen while Tanveer is relaxing on the sofa, Asad comes inside the kitchen, he looks for something, Zoya notices.

Zoya: Is everything okay?

Asad: Haa, have you seen my blue file?

Zoya: Blue file?

Asad: Yes, it’s very important.

Tanveer hears and turns there.

Tanveer: Asad, it’s in your room in your cupboard.

Asad looks at her.

Asad: Are you sure?

Tanveer: Haa, you left it in the kitchen so I put it there.

Asad then leaves and Tanveer looks at Zoya and smirks.

Tanveer thinks: I would get Asad used to me too much that he will forget you Zoya Rani!

Tanveer then turns back and relaxes with a smirk!

Barkat Villa:

Zain and Aaliya finish eating the food, Aaliya then goes to her room and smiles, Zain also smiles. Surraiya sees this and fumes, Shazia comes to add more fuel.

Shazia: Mom, did you see Aaliya? Look at her closeness for Zain! Aisi Choti town Ki ladkia only know how to trap rich boys!

Surraiya looks at her and leaves, Shazia looks on.

Nusz is ready for the court, she has evidence that could bail Zuhaib.

Fata is talking with Aarav on the phone.

Fata: This is the only way Aarav… Decision is yours.

Fata then disconnects the call and looks at Alina.

The family reach the court, Armaan is tensed and Sanju helps to ease the tension. Sulaimaan relaxes back while the rest look on worriedly, Alina and Fata enter with Azraa and take their seats.

Nusz is on her way, then she stops the car with a sudden jerk as she sees a woman lying on the floor, Nusz steps out to help her.

Nusz: OMG… Is she okay? Excuse me…?

Just then someone covers her mouth with a white handkerchief that had chloroform on it. After a lot of struggles, Nusz faints. The woman stands up and one of the goon pays her, she smirks and leaves, the other goon takes her back and phone out of her car. A blue van comes and they put her in there and drive off.

All are waiting in the court.

(Note – I don’t know how all of this works… Sorry for any mistakes.)

Judge: You may proceed the case 4200…

PL (prosecution Lawyer): Sir… The opposition lawyer had not arrived.

Judge: What?

PL: Yes… It’s true, there no point in waiting.

Judge and all look on, Judge thinks.

Zuhaib is then brought in and is made stand in the box. Zuhaib’s family look at him.

Judge: We will wait for 10 minuets for the opposition lawyer.

PL nods and takes his seat.

All are waiting, the time is ticking. The judge is continuously looking at the clock.

Nusz is shown being tied on a chair.

The PL drinks water, all look on.

Sunehri: Where is Nusz?

Shoaib: She has to come… She can’t leave like this.

All continue waiting for Nusz.

Judge then looks at the time, all are worried, Sunehri thinks.

Judge: It’s been 10 minuets and no sign of her… So I guess this…

Sunehri: One minuet!

Sunehri then stands up, all look at her.

Sunehri: Sorry to stop you your honour but I will take this case in my hands.

All are shocked. The judge looks at her and then nods.

The screen splits on Sunehris face and Nusz kidnapped scene.

Precap: Will Zuhaib be free from all the accusations??
Sorry for such a late episode… Sorry for any mistakes.

Guys, there’s a change in the casting, Ravi Dubey will be replaced by Shravan Reddy, so Zuhaib is Sharavn Reddy…

Asad: Karan Singh Grover
Zoya: Surbhi Jyoti

Aaliya: Preetika Rao
Zain: Harshad Arora

Ayaan: Vikrant Massey
Humeira: Ketki Kadam

Rizwaan: Vikas Grover
Aayat: Shivangi Joshi

Najma: Niti Taylor
Imraan: Vikram Singh Chauhan

Ayesha AKA Sunehri: Sunehri?
Shoaib: Namish Taneja

Nuszat / Nusz: Nusz ?
Zuhaib: Sharavn Reddy

Zuha: Zuha?
Musa: Karan Kundra

Kriya: Kriya?
Rahul: Parth Samthaan

Zara/ Sanju: Sanjana?
Armaan: Sidhant Gupta

Alina: Alina ?(one of my friend)
Siddharth: Siddharth Malhotra

Sulaimaan: Siddharth Gupta
Azraa: H.N (My Sister, she doesn’t want her real name revealed so her initials…)

Fatima (Fata): Fatarajo ?
Rehan: Arjun Bijlani

Shamsa: Shamsa ? (one of my friends.)
Aarav: Vatsal Sheth

Thank you so much for commenting, I really appreciated and I hope you continue liking this FF,

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