Beintehaa…Qubool Hai Episode 13


Sorry about too many mistakes in the last episode, I got confused… I hope you enjoy today’s episode and don’t find it confusing…

I won’t upload until 22nd or 23rd because of some problems… so till then enjoy and take care ?

The episode starts with Alina taking a taxi and leaving, Armaan and Sanju sit down on a table,
Sanju: What was the need Armaan?
Armaan: Sanju… You’re my wife now… So let me make Alina believe how much I love you…
Sanju smiles,
Armaan: Alina followed us here, so now she knows we are a couple and then we can destroy her…
Sanju: You brother sister are like each other… Don’t use the word destroy… It sound evil.
Armaan laughs,
Armaan: Okay, we will expose her then, happy?
Sanju nods and smiles,
Armaan: What would you like?
Sanju: Coffee with no sugar or milk…
Armaan: Sirf?? Order something else too, wait I’ll order for you…
Armaan calls the waiter and orders food.

Barkat Villa:
Zoya is seen getting ready, she is wearing a yellow Salwar with yellow Pajama, she pins her stole on her shoulder and Aaliya comes in,
Aaliya: Zoya… It’s your, Sunehri and Sanju’s sangeet, you look plain…
Zoya: Sunehri and Sanju?
Aaliya: Haa, Khalid Mama agreed for Shoaib and Sunehris Nikah, so we thought to have her sangeet today too, then they wanted Sanju and Armaans Nikah done again… So Dilshad Khala agreed and we all planned that they will get married on Saturday with you and Asad…
Zoya: That’s good… Does Sunehri know??
Aaliya: I phoned Nusz and told her… Anyways we need to reach the Qureshi mansion…
Zoya: Qureshi mansion…?
Aaliya: All of them discussed, decided and finalised Qureshi mansion because the boys insisted.
Zoya wears jewellery and bangles and stands. Aaliya smiles seeing her.

Qureshi mansion:
Sunehri gets ready and is sitting down,
Sunehri: Nusz… I’m nervous…
Nusz: Suni… Don’t worry, it’s your happy moment, love it rightfully and don’t worry, no one will keep you happy other than Shoaib… Anyways at 3, I’ll call you.

Zuhaib tries to stand, he successfully stands up and tries to walk, Shamsa comes there,
Shamsa: Zuhaib… What are you doing? You need to rest…
Zuhaib: I’m just trying to…
Shamsa: No, the Dr said rest!
Zuhaib: For how many days will I rest? It’s Armaan and Shoaibs Nikah and I’ll still be on the bed, but please don’t call her…
Zuhaib slowly moves forward,
Shamsa confusiNgly: Her??
Nusz comes there and sees him,
Nusz: Allah… You don’t even listen!
She comes in and stands near Shamsa,
Zuhaib walks and smiles,
Zuhaib: I can walk…
Nusz claps,
Nusz: Wow… That’s an achievement isn’t it?
Zuhaib looks at her,
Nusz: Show me you can run then I will say…
Zuhaib: What is your problem?
Nusz: When you fall… Your whole pride will fall off!
Zuhaib: Oh please… I’m not proud…
Zuhaib walks and falls but slips, before Shamsa could Nusz holds him and this makes Shamsa angry,
Nusz manages to make him sit,
Nusz: Well not bad… I think you’re better but not too much walking, only resting.
Zuhaib: I thought you were going to taunt me again… Or slap me.
Nusz: That was an accident… Anyways I have made the arrangements for you to sit down, down stairs.
Shamsa: W…
Nusz: What clothing would you want to wear?
Nusz goes to his wardrobe and opens it.
Zuhaib: Any…
Nusz: Any clothing?
Zuhaib: Yes…
Nusz: Okay, wear your boxers and go in that…
Zuhaib: What? No!
Nusz giggles,
Shamsa sees this and huffs, she then leaves,
Nusz: Okay, you can go in that…
Zuhaib: No… It’s my brothers Sangeet and I don’t want to look like that Buddha Gabbar Singh!
Nusz: Oh please… Don’t say anything to Gabby, okay, Anyways here…
Nusz takes out a sherwani and gives it to him.

Shamsa is walking at thinking,
Shamsa: He was only open to me but this girl… Who is she? Why is he open to her?! Why am I fuming?! I need to do something!
She then sees Zuha,
Zuha: Bhabhi… Could you please take this down…
Shamsa nods and takes the tray, Zuha rushes somewhere.
Shamsa sees the oil and smirks, she goes near the stairs and spills some there,
Shamsa: Now I will show that girl!
Shamsa then told the servant to take it down, guests start to arrive and Rehaan, Sulaimaan and Zain welcome them at the entrance, Zarine and Dilshad are making the arrangements of food and decorations. Azraa comes in,
Sulaimaan: Bhai… I swear we didn’t invite Vamps…
Azraa glares at him and rolls her eyes,
Azraa: Really? What are those? (Pointing at his shoes)
Sulaimaan: They’re my Nike air huarache, they cost more than your life….
Azraa: Excuse me mate, I’m not that cheap like you who buys fake stuff and lies they’re branded, your huaraches are probably not even worth 100 rupees. blo*dy fake loser!
Zain and Rehaan: Ooooo!
Azraa fake smiles and goes inside,
Rehaan and Zain giggle, Sulaimaan angrily looks on and huffs.

Ayaan enters with Humeira, Ayaan is angry, Humeira smiles.

Azraa walks up the stairs and Shamsa sees her,
Azraa: Why does it smell of oil?
Shamsa: Oh no… What if she falls?
Azraa manages to come up the other side and sees Shamsa,
Azraa: What? Oh… So you’re the one who spilled the oil there?
Shamsa gets shocked,
Shamsa: No… I…
Azraa: No need to lie to me, I know… You see evil minds think alike and that’s how I know… Anyways was this for me?
Shamsa: No… It was for that new girl…
Azraa: New girl? Who?
Just then Nusz comes out,
Nusz: If you need help then call one of your brothers.
Zuhaib: Okay!
Azraa sees Shamsa and then Nusz and nods,
Zuhaib: Nus!
Nusz sighs and goes there,
Nusz: I shouldn’t have took the Job, what do you want?!
Azraa smirks and Shamsa looks on,
Azraa: She hasn’t become his wife and is already doing his stuff…? I think there’s something in between them…
Azraa sees Shamsa angry and smiles,
Azraa: Oh… This girl? See how she’s throwing her rights on Zuhaib… I mean like he’s not even hers and she thinks she owns him.
Nusz comes out and thinks: Allah… When will I leave from here? He changed so much in a day, past few days he was silent and lost and now he’s loud and rude… But he’s fun to tease…
Nusz smiles,
Azraa whispers: Look how she’s blushing…
Shamsa gets even more angry.

Armaan, Aaliya, Shazia, Nafeesa, Fahad and Surraiya enter, Surraiya unwillingly enters. Aayat and Rizwaan enter too.
Osmaan whispers: Smile…!
Surraiya fake smiles and whispers back: If you didn’t give me the oath of Barkat then I wouldn’t have never even step here!
Sulaimaan and Zain greet them while Rehaan is seen eating, Tanveer enters with Najma, Sulaimaan and Zain look at Aaliya and smile.
Sanju and Armaan enter and are shocked and confused.
Sulaimaan: There you are Bhai… Go get changed, you two Bhabhi…!
Armaan: But…?
Sulaimaan: I will tell you later!
Sanju and Armaan go to their rooms, Surraiya looks around at the decorations, Dilshad makes Zoya sit on the chair, then Sunehri comes down and she sits on a chair next to her. Asad comes in and Dilshad makes him sit on the opposite chair to Zoya, Shoaib also comes in and is mesmerised seeing Sunehri. Sunheri smiles and blushes. Kriya comes in and smiles,
Sulaimaan and Zain greet her,
Then Rahul enters and Sulaimaan and Zain are confused.
Kriya: I called him here… He is here with me…
Sulaimaan and Zain nod. Rahul comes inside and walks with Kriya. He looks around the house. Zuha then sees the decorations and smiles, Musa runs in,
Zain: Woah… Why are you running?
Musa: Girls… They wouldn’t leave me alone…
Zuha hears.
Sulaimaan: Oh really?
Musa: Haa, it’s not my fault I’m that hot you see…
Zuha laughs and they look at her,
Zuha: Hot and you?
Just then girls enter, Zuha laughs even more seeing them,
Zuha: So those are your crazy fans?
They look there and see Ladies…
Zuha: Oh, so these are your fans??
Zuha then leaves and Musa looks on.

Alina and Fata come out, they see Azraa,
Azraa: Hi…
Alina: I’m forced to be in this Sangeet…
Fata: Shall we go down?
Azraa: Be careful…
Shamsa looks at Azraa, Alina and Fata get confused, they start walking to the stairs, Fata and Alina smell oil and look down,
Alina: Who spilt oil here?
Azraa: Shamsa did…
Alina: What? Why?!
Azraa: To make that girl Nus fall, she is getting to close to Zubaib nowadays…
Alina and Fata understand and smirk,
Alina: Oh… Okay…
All leave down, Nusz comes out and is near the stairs and was about to go down when Sanju stops her,
Sanju: Nusz, come and help me…
Nusz smiles and walks towards Sanju’s room.
The oil is shown spilt.

Azraa, Alina, Fata and Shamsa come down, Zuhaib comes out while limping at walking, Sanju comes out and goes down with Armaan, both avoid the oil and it is on the other side, they make Sanju and Armaan sit opposite each other, Sanju signals Armaan what’s going on but he signs he doesn’t know. The women’s come and start doing Sunehri, Zoya and Sanju’s mendhi.
Sanju smiles and gets it done, Asad looks at Zoya, people stay dancing and singing in the stage, Zoya smiles and gets her mendhi done,
Soch Na sake play in the BG…
Some girls look at Shoaib and smile at him, he smiles back and decides to make Sunehri jealous,
Shoaib: Bhai… Have you seen her eyes… Wow,
Armaan: Who’s?
Shoaib: That girl that’s over there…
Ponting at a girl. Sunehri sees and looks on,
Shoaib: Wow… Kya Adaa hai uski…

Tenu itna main pyaar karaan
Ek pal vich sau baar karaan
Asad looks at Zoya while Zoya
looks at her hand and smiles.

Tu jaave je mainu chhad ke
Maut da intezaar karaan
Sunehri is helping Zuhaib come down, she avoids the oil, she makes him sit down.
Ke tere liye duniya chhod di hai
Tujhpe hi saans aake ruke
(Some people are shown dancing)
Main tujhko kitna chahta hoon
Ye tu kabhi soch na sake (x2)
(Asad continues staring at Zoya, he seems mesmerised)

Then the music stops, Aarav comes down, Shamsa gets shocked seeing Nusz and Zuhaib down,
Nusz: I left my phone upstairs, I’ll get it…
Zuhaib nods
Zuhaib: You can go wherever…and Nusz leaves and he looks on. Shoaib smiles at Zuhaib, Zuhaib smiles back.

Musa and Zuha come on the stage, Zuha is holding the microphone,
Zoya: Welcome everyone… I’m glad you all made it, it’s really fun seeing all of you joining our happiness… So our 1st performance would be by… Any guesses??
Musa: Well, this first performance would be dhamakedaar, all of you will be saying Vah Vah at the end… And meet our judge… (Points at a lady)
The lady smiles at everyone.
Musa: So give it up for our first performer, Dhule raja Shoaib…!
Musa and Zuha come down the stage, the lights go off, then it flashes and Shoaib is shown.

Thodi thodi katthai si uski aankhein
Hmm… thodi-thodi katthai si uski aankhein (Shoaib mouths and dances)
Thodi surme bhari..
Uske honthon pe muskurayein (Looks at Sunehri and smiles)
Haaye duniya meri (to tease Sunehri, he looks at the other girl and points at her)
Ho.. chakhna bhi chaahun
Rakhna bhi chaahun
Sabse chhupake usey.. haaye
Rabba.. Rabba (does some moves)
Mere Rabba Rabba
Mujhe bas ik jhalak toh dikha
Ho.. ho!
Rabba.. Rabba
Mere Rabba Rabba
Chaahe badle mein le le tu jaan
Woh hu wo…
Yaaron main kaise kahoon, kya hua?
Hosh hai ab kahin hai kahin yeh hawaa
Phirta hoon khud ko bhulaaye huve
Yaad meri mujhe toh dila do zaraa
Bematlab sa, jeeta raha tha
Ab mill gayi hai wajah.. haay
Yun toh ye dil, haan phisalta nahi
Moam ki battiyon pe pighalta nahi
Naina woh hai na (looks at Sunehri and touches his heart)
Haan sitaarein hain dau
Chaand dil mein kabhi bhi nikalta nahi
Talna bhi chaahun, bujhna bhi chaahun
Main unn charaagon tale.. haaye
Rabba.. Rabba
Mere Rabba Rabba
Mujhe bas ik jhalak toh dikha
Ho.. ho!
Rabba.. Rabba
Mere Rabba Rabba
Chaahe badle mein le le tu jaan
(SHOAIB finishes dancing.)

All clap at him, the judge writes down the score,
Azraa: You call that a dance? Zain goes to Aaliya,
Zain: Hi Aaliya…
Aaliya: Zain, aren’t you performing?
Zain: No.. I’m gone rubbish now.. I can’t.
Azraa sees this and fumes.

Musa: Wow Shoaib, Kya Kamaal ki performance thi, now give it up for…
Zuha: Alina!!
Azraa and Fata look at each other in shock, all the Qureshi boys get shocked and so does Shamsa,

Alina is shown,
Alina: Raat mein hi jaagte hain
Yeh gunaahon ke ghar
Inki raahein khole baahein
Jo bhi aaye idhar
Aa haa… (she walks side to side and gives all the evils)

Yeh hai gumraahon ka rasta
Muskaanein jhooti hai
Pehchanein jhooti hai (She looks at everyone)
Rangeeni hai chhayi
Phir bhi hai tanhaayi
Kal inhi galiyon mein
In masli kaliyon mein
(Rahul looks at her and she glares at all while doing some moves)
Toh yeh dhoom thi
Jo rooh pyaasi hai
Jismein udaasi hai
Woh hai ghoomti
Sabko talaash wohi
Samjhe ye kaash koi
(She points at all)
Yeh hai gumraahon ka rasta
Muskaanein jhooti hai
Pehchanein jhooti hai
(She points at Armaan)
Rangeeni hai chhayi
Phir bhi hai tanhaayi
Halke ujaalo mein
Halke andhero mein jo ik raaz hai
Kyu kho gaya hai woh
Kya ho gaya hai ki woh naraaz hai
Aye raat itna bataa, tujhko to hoga pata
Aa haa… (she stops)

Alina: Yeh hai gumraahon ka rasta
Muskaane jhooti hai
Pehchanein jhooti hai
Rangeeni hai chhayi
Phir bhi hai tanhaayi (x2)

The song finishes and so does she, all clap, the judge writes the scores down,
Azraa: You were awesome out there…
Alina: Thanks.
Fata: Loved the song…
Just then Sulaimaan walks up to her,
Sulaimaan: My shoes are real okay! Not like you, cheap brat!
Azraa: Oh hello… Go show that attitude to someone else, no one would even want to look at those cheap fake shoes!
Sulaimaan: They cost more than all that cheap make up you use, you look like a Churel!
Azraa: Don’t even start on that, at least I don’t by fake sarak chap shoes and lie they’re branded! They don’t even look being worth 100 rupees!
All look there and hear them. Nusz comes out and stands up the stairs and sees them.
Sulaimaan: They’re worth millions,
Even more than your cheap life!
Azraa looks at his shoes,
Azraa: Really?! Have you seen those lately? You call them branded? Not even a beggar would want that! They would probably die out of laughter seeing those street shows on a spoilt brat like you!
She spits on them and by mistake her chewing gum falls on them, he gets shocked and panics,
Azraa (quietly): Shoot…
Sulaimaan: Oh my God, my shoes… My huaraches! My branded shoes…! How dare you?!
Azraa: What?! Don’t tell me you’re going to cry over those cheap fake shoes!
Sulaimaan: They were original! They were worth more your life! You b*t*h!
All get shocked,
Azraa: Thank you for the compliment! You see… I didn’t want a compliment from your filthy mouth! The shoes are not going to die! If you didn’t argue with me then you would’ve took that off!
Sulaimaan bends down and takes off but it is stuck on it, he gets angry,
Sulaimaan: You Have to pay for this!
Sulaimaan stands up,
Azraa: Whatever!
Azraa opens her purse and takes 100 rupees out and throws it on his face, he gets even more angry.
He holds the 100 rupees,
Sulaimaan: You’re giving me 100 rupees?! Go use this 100 rupees to by a hijab that actually covers your hair!
All get shocked,
Sulaimaan: There’s not point of you wearing a hijab when you’re hairs showing and look how short it is?! Even a 6 years old know how to wear it properly!
Azraa is shocked and speechless,
Sulaimaan: Stop pretending to be a Muslim when you don’t even act like one! If you don’t know how to wear a hijab then don’t wear it and don’t weari it for show!
Azraa looks at people around her and Zain. (Beintehaa tune plays…)
Sulaimaan pulls her hijab off and her hair gets messy, Azraa couldn’t barely speak…
Zain: Dude… It’s too much…
Sulaimaan: At Least my huaraches are genuine, not fake like you!!!
Zain: Sulay! Enough…
Sulaimaan huffs while Azraa gets teary eyed and rushes out. Alina rushes out after her,
Fata stands In front of Sulaimaan,
Fata: How dare you?! You cheap mental psycho, go get help!!
Fata also goes out.

Zain: What was that? You need to respect everyone, you can’t insult them…
Sulaimaan huffs,
Sulaimaan: Tell her that!
Zain: You still shouldn’t forget your duties, you must respect women.
Aaliya hears and gets touched,
Zain: Go say sorry…
Sulaimaan nods and goes out with her Hijaab.

Azraa is seen sitting on the bench and crying, Alina sits on one side while Fata sits on the other, Sulaimaan comes there and hears her crying but he is behind them.
Alina: Azraa, don’t cry, jus ignore him!
Azraa: No! I’m not crying because of what that fake loser said to me! I’m crying because I got so embarrassed in front of Zain… He insulted me so much In front of Zain… Zain saw my messy hair and my pimple, look… What must he be thinking?
Alina and Fata look at each other,
Azraa cries,
Azraa: In front of Zain… I’m so embarrassed, Zain saw me like this…
Sulaimaan walks in front of her, she sees his and wipes her tears, Alina and Fata leave, Azraa stands up,
Sulaimaan: What the hell? I felt bad because I thought I hurt you but you… You’re crying because of what Zain will think? Oh god!
Azraa: Just shut up okay! How would you feel if I embarrass you in front of Aaliya? Huh!
Sulaimaan is quiet,
Azraa: Exactly! Now just move…
She snatches her scarf of his hand and he hugs her which shocks her,
Sulaimaan: Sorry…
Azraa: Get off me!
Sulaimaan: I’m scared that if Zain and Aaliya…
Azraa: Shush! May your tongue get cut… Zain is only mine and let me go! And okay, I forgive you!
Sulaimaan lets go,
Azraa: Ugh! I have to have a shower now!
Sulaimaan: It’s good to see Azraa the Vamp back!
Azraa walks ahead and sighs, she fixes herself and enters with Sulaimaan, just then a performance starts, the flashlight points on Armaan and Sanju,

Raabta starts playing….
Kehte hain:
Khuda ne iss jahaan mein
Sabhi ke liye kisi na kisi ko hai banaaya (Armaan and Sanju dance)
har kisi ke liye
Tera milna hai uss rab ka ishaara 
Maano mujhko banaya tere jaise hi kisi ke liye
Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta 
Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta (he twirls her)
Kaise hum jaane, hume kya pata
Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta
Tu humsafar hai
Phir kya fikar hai (she smiles and he continues twirling her)
Jeene ki wajah hi yehi hai
Marna issi ke liye (he then pulls her closer.
Musa: Come on…. Everybody, join them!

Kehte hain:
Khuda ne iss jahaan mein (Shoaib and Sunehri dance, he twirls her)
Sabhi ke liye kisi na kisi ko hai banaaya
har kisi ke liye… (Asad and Zoya were forced to by Musa and Zuha)

hmm Meharbaani jaate-jaate mujhpe kar gaya
Guzarta saa lamha ek daaman bhar gaya (Shoaib pulls her closer)
Tera nazaara mila, roshan sitaara mila (Zuha forced Aarav and Shamsa to dance, Aarav unwillingly twirls her and both let out a fake smile.)
Taqdeer ki kashtiyon ko kinara mila
Sadiyon se tarse hai jaisi zindagi ke liye (Rahul was pushed in with Kriya, they start dancing too)
Teri sohbat mein duaayein hain ussi ke liye (Zain offers Aaliya, she then nods and Zain brings her on the dance floor)
Azraa and Sulaimaan get shocked. 
Tera milna hai uss rab ka ishaara
Maano mujhko banaya tere hi jaise kisi ke liye (Azraa then forces Sulaimaan and both dance near Aaliya and Zain but Aaliya and Zain are seemed to be lost in each other)
Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta (all the couples dance and do the same moves)
Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta 
Kaise hum jaane hume kya pata 
Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta (gents twirl the ladies, Surraiya feels irked)
Tu humsafar hai, phir kya fiqar hai
Jeene ki wajah hi yehi hai (Asad and Zoya share an eye-lock)
Marna issi ke liye (They do some moves, Azraa and Sulaimaan sigh)
Kehte hain:
Khuda ne iss jahaan mein 
Sabhi ke liye kisi na kisi ko hai banaaya
Har kisi ke liye… (all finish while everyone clap, Sulaimaan and Azraa immediately let each other go) all the couples smile expect from Azraa and Zain.

Shamsa walks up the stairs, Aarav fogeys his phone in his room so he is behind Shamsa, Shamsa is thinking and walking, she reaches up and slips and falls back, she forgets the oil there, while falling back, she bumps into Aarav, she falls back and turns, she falls and well and both are trembling down the stairs, Aarav stops because of his feet with a sudden jerk, Shamsa flips over and fall she in front on him, Azraa, Alina and Fata get shocked while the rest giggle.
Aarav: What the hell?!
Shamsa manages to get up,
Nusz: Oh my god!!
Nusz sees the oil and looks on, she then has a suspicion on Alina. Azraa was about to laugh when Sulaimaan puts his hand over her mouth and pulls her back,
Sulaimaan: You crazy? You’re going to put bad impression on Zain by laughing.
Kriya laughs silently, she then goes out and Rahul follows, Kriya then starts laughing out load, Rahul smiles seeing her laugh.
Kriya: Their fall was awesome… I should’ve recorded it ?

Fata whispers to Alina,
Fata: Bless, she fell into her own trap but very badly…
Aarav: What the hell was that?!
Imraan stands in the middle and folds his hands,
Imraan: Thank you for enjoying…
All the guests start leaving.

Shamsa runs up and glares at Nusz while walking past, she reaches her room and falls onto the floor. Zuhaib looks on. Aarav leaves to his room, Nusz tries hard not to laugh… She goes to Zuhaib’s room and starts laughing…
Nusz: Allah… It was so funny, but it was bad. Zuhaib comes there and hears her laughing,
Zuhaib: Nus!
Nusz turns around and stops,
Nusz: How did you get up?
Zuhaib: By walking… I can walk now…
Nus: You still need rest… Anyways Zub, it was so funny Na… I couldn’t stop…
Zuhaib looks at her,
Then they hear people laughing from outside,
Nus laughs even more,
Zuhaib: You shouldn’t laugh…
Nusz: I know but I will dye out of laughter… Allah…
Nusz breathes and tries to stop. Zuhaib goes out.
Nus: But why was the oil spilt there?

Dilshad: We will meet at the Nikah venue…
All nod and leave, Asad looks at Zoya and leaves, Aaliya takes Zoya and Sunehri and walks out.

Zuhaib was about to knock but hears Aarav shouting,
Aarav: What is your problem?! Because of you I got embarrassed!
Zuhaib moves back,
Zuhaib: I need to do something to unite them…
Zuhaib leaves, Zuha meets Nusz and hugs her,
Zuha: I feel like Bhai is coming back to live, thank you Nusz…
Nusz: Anyways, he’s feeling better, I’m leaving now and remember, no office work.
Zuha nods and Nusz leaves, Zain stays with Rehaan and will go tomorrow.

Zuhaib is sitting down and reading the news paper,
Zuhaib: Why is Nus taking ages? Nus!!

Barkat villa:
Nus is in the kitchen and is making coffee,
Nus: I need to give it to that Kadoos, or else he will shout.
Nusz pours it in and steps out of the kitchen but then realises she’s in her own house,
Nusz: Allah… I’m not in the same house as him… Offo, now this coffee? Anyways his house is 10 minuets away… But I might aswell drink it.
Nusz starts drinking it,

Zuhaib’s room:
Zuha enters
Zuhaib (without seeing): Nus… How lon do you take, Anyways have you seen my pen drive? Tomorrow is an important meeting…
Zuha: Bhai, it’s me, not Nus… Oho, missing her huh?
Zuhaib looks up and realises,
Zuhaib: No… It’s just that she’s always late and irregular, she always likes to annoy me and…
Zuhaib then sees Shamsa,
Zuhaib: Yeah, I miss her…
Zuha: Woah!
Shamsa stops and listens,
Zuha: It hasn’t been 2 days and you’re already that attached?
Zuhaib notices Shamsas listening: Well she does take care of me but…
Zuha: Say yes, I mean I think she’s the one who suits you… She’s perfect for you…
Shamsa fumes and leaves, Aarav is talking on the phone. Aarav smirks and disconnects the phone.

Kriya wakes up and looks around,
Kriya: Is it Sanju’s Nikkah today? Or tomorrow? Wait, Saturday is tomorrow.
Kriya gets ready, she goes down and sees Zarine doing arrangements and Sanju sitting down,
Kriya: Sanju…!!!
Sanju stands up and hugs her,
Kriya: You and here?
Sanju: Ho… You don’t want me here?
Kriya: No… I do…
Sanju: Anyways they said to stay here until Saturday…
Kriya thinks: Surprise huh? Okay…
Zarine: Kriya…Sanju, I have ordered your dresses…
Sanju and Kriya break hug,
Kriya: Okay mom…
Zarine: Allah… Where is this Musa? He’s taking ages, there’s a lot of arrangements to make and he’s lying down…
Sanju: But, why do we have to do arrangements?
Kriya: Sanju, come with me, I’ll make you meet my new friend, Ralia…
Sanju: Ralia?
Kriya: Yeah, come… And we will do some shopping in the meantime…
Kriya grabs Sanju’s hand and takes her, Kriya then turns around and winks at Zarine while Zarine smiles.

Qureshi mansion:
All wake up, Rehaan is seen eating a banana, he throws the peel on the floor and hides, Fata is coming, she doesn’t see the banana peel and slips over it and falls on the floor, Rehaan starts laughing, she glares at him, she then breathes and smiles, she gets up and picks the banana peel and throws it in the bin, she ignores Rehaan and leaves, Rehaan is shocked,
Rehaan: She went easily? Somethings not right…
Rehaan is walking and thinking, he opens the room door and a bucket of Slime and goo falls on him and covers him, he then hears Fata giggling.
Fata: Tit for tat!
Rehaan turns around and wipes it off his eyes,
Rehaan: She went 2 minuets ago and got it ready real quick? Impossible, meaning she already planned this… This Daasi is going to die!
Zain and everyone laugh seeing him, he angrily goes in the room and shuts the door.

Zuha stops Zuhaib from going to work, Shamsa, Zuha and Imraan do all the arrangements and shopping for the Nikah.

Barkat Villa:
Aaliya thinks about what Zain had said, she then receives a call and attends it,
Aaliya: Hello?
Zain: Hi Aaliya, were you remembering me?
Aaliya: No… I was just working…
Zain: Yeah sure, I miss you too…
Aaliya: Zain!!
Zain: I’m joking, I just called to ask where the venue is.
Aaliya: Just for that? I mean you could’ve came with Sulaimaan and them…
Zain: Only if they had space in their cars then… Plus I can’t wait for this Nikah, I mean 3, 3 brides, you should’ve been the 4th one…
Aaliya: Anyway… What would you do if a women is pregnant and is in labor pain while an elderly person falls down, who would you help?
Zain: What? So if you were pregnant and in labor pain while Daadi falls, I would help you because Daadi can stand up again…
Aaliya: What?
Zain: Joking… Well, if Daadi fell I would help her, but if you were pregnant…
Aaliya: Not me…
Zain: Okay… I will help the pregnant lady, because her and her child come first, because the child could die but whatever happens is meant to happen but my duty would help the women but you can help the women and I’ll help the Daadi, and there we will be helping both.
Aaliya thinks.
Aaliya: If you had to choose between me and someone else, who would you chose?
Zain: Um… Why are you asking me questions?
Aaliya: Just answer…
Zain: Uh… I would always chose you… Joking, I will chose the truthful person, so if you were lying then I wouldn’t support you because it would be wrong, so the righteous one…
Aaliya: Okay… I’ll meet you tomorrow.
Zain: Tomorrow?!
Aaliya: Yeah, the wedding is tomorrow, I need to do shopping, I’ll talk to you later…
Aaliya disconnects the call and looks on with a light smile.

Qureshi mansion,
Armaan makes an announcement,
Armaan: I have decided that Alina is growing older and…
Imraan: And we want her to get married…
Alina and Fata are shocked, all think and agree, Rehaan comes out from the bathroom and drys his hair.
Rehaan: What is that Daasis problem?
Rehaan reaches downstairs and sees Alina and Fata shocked,
Rehaan: What happened? Why are their faces gone pale?
Zain: Alina is getting married…
Rehaan: What? Really? Who’s that unlucky… I mean lucky guy?
Sulaimaan: You!
Rehaan is shocked and widens his eyes,
Zain: We talked to your Ammi and she said yes…
Rehaan in mind: Why are they making me Bali ka bakra, I don’t want to get married to any of these Churailein… Allah, help me.
Fata: Are you out of your mind? I mean she could get better guys than THAT!
Sulaimaan: It should be the other way round, he should get better girls than HER! Anyways I’m surprised he agreed…
Rehaan in mind: When did I agree?
Alina: Excuse me…
Alina and Fata head out.
Rehaan: I will take my revenge from that Daasi…

Zuhaib is video chatting with the clients,
Zuhaib: Thank you very much sir… You agreed to video chat with me to do this deal.
Client: No…it was my pleasure and I think you’re worth this deal…
Zuhaib smiles and starts discussing his presentation, Aarav and Imraan leave for the office. Shamsas comes in with his coffee,
Client: Mr Qureshi, if you don’t mind then may I ask if there’s a Mrs Qureshi?
Zuhaib: Well not yet but I have one on my mind (notices Shamsa)
Shamsa thinks,
Client: That’s great, do invite us at your Nikah…
Zuhaib: Since speaking about the Nikah, why don’t you come with your Mrs to my brothers Nikah…?
Client: That would be lovely. Thank you for the invitation…
Zuhaib: My pleasure…
Then they disconnect the chat.
Shamsa puts the coffee down and walks, Zuhaib picks the coffee up and takes a sip,
Zuhaib in his head: Only Nus can help me with uniting Shamsa and Aarav…
Zuhaib: What is this?
Shamsa stops and turns around,
Shamsa: What happened? It’s your favourite coffee.
Zuhaib: This isn’t mine… It’s Aarav’s, he loves this type of coffee…
Shamsa: Sorry, I think I made it the way he likes it, I’ll just make another one for you…
Zuhaib: No, it’s okay anyway I guess I’m used to Nus’s coffee…that’s why it will seem odd, Anyways take this back, I don’t want it…
Zuhaib puts the coffee and Shamsa looks on, Zuhaib pretends to do some work on the laptop, Shamsa takes the cup and heads out, Zuhaib looks up and looks on.

Shamsa is angry and walks down,
Shamsa (mock/angry): Oh…I’m used to Nus’s coffee…!
She reaches the kitchen.
Shamsa: That Nus is getting closer to him… What she did to me yesterday wasn’t good! How dare she?!
Shamsa looks on.

Alina and Fata reach Rashids mansion,
Alina: Aunty… Where’s Azraa?
Razia: She’s in her room.
Shireen is angry and roaming about,
Shireen: How dare Dilshad?! What does she think of her self? I lost my Nikaht and she’s enjoying?!
Alina and Fata hear,
Fata: Nor only enjoying, she’s thrown a party.
Shireen gets shocked,
Alina: Haa, we tried our best not to be apart of it because I also lost my brother but they don’t care…!
Shireen: You were right Razia!
Alina: Razia Aunty is always right…
Razia nods and smiles at them.
Fata: We will see where Azraa is…
Alina and Fata leave.
Shireen: Come with me Razia…
Razia: Where?
Shireen: To her house.
Razia: No… Let’s do it tomorrow, Anyways the Nikah is also tomorrow…
Shireen thinks and nods, Ayaan hears and fumes.
Ayaan: Asad Bhaijaan didn’t do good!
Ayaan heads out and Humeira hears,
Humeira: Allah… Help Ayaan.

Ayaan reaches Asads house and knocks on the door. Dilshad opens the door and sees Ayaan, Ayaan comes in and shouts “Bhaijaan!!” Dilshad looks on, Najma comes out,
Ayaan: Where is Bhaijaan?!
Dilshad: Ayaan… Are you okay?
Ayaan: Badi Ammi… Where is Bhaijaan?!
Asad comes out,
Asad: Ayaan…?
Ayaan turns around and glares at him,
Ayaan: Wah Bhaijaan! I must say… How can you do this?!
All look on, Ayaan walks up to him,
Ayaan: Bhaijaan… Today you have proved that I’m no one for you!
Asad: Ayaan, you’re my brother….
Ayaan: Enough! No need to show fake concerns!
Asad gets shocked, Dilshad and Najma look on.
Ayaan: If you really cared then you would be invited me but you…
Asad: Ayaan I…
Asad and all realised what he said,
Ayaan: This is not fair Bhaijaan, you didn’t invite me… I’m very angry…
Dilshad: Bas itni si baat…
Ayaan: No, it’s a big thing… He’s my brother and he didn’t invite me for his Nikah tomorrow, forget inviting, he didn’t introduce me to his wife! I’m not coming anymore!
Asad looks at Ayaan,
Dilshad: You haven’t changed at all, you’re still stubborn…
Asad: Ayaan… I’m sorry I…
Ayaan: I should’ve got the first invitation but Azraa did!
Dilshad goes and brings something,
Dilshad: No… You did.
Dilshad hands him the invitation card,
Dilshad: Look, you got the first ever invitation card.
Ayaan sees a stack of invitation cards there,
Ayaan then hugs Asad,
Ayaan: Bhaijaan, you’re getting married, congrats…
Asad lets out a faint smile. Dilshad and Najma smile,
Najma: For only a small thing you created a scene Bhai?
Dilshad: It’s not small, it’s big!
All laugh.

Scene shifts to Azraas room, Azraa is sleeping, Alina and Fata enter,
Fata: Look, we’re here stressed and this Maharani is sleeping?
Alina sits besides Azraa, she sees Azraas phone buzzing and holds it,
Alina: Sulaivamp? Who’s that?
Fata: She calls your brother Sulaimaan Sulaivamp…
Alina: But why is he calling her? And 20 miss calls?
Fata: What? Really?
Fata sees and it says 20 miss calls.
Then Azraa opens her eyes,
Azraa: Pass me my juice.
Fata gives it and Azraa sits up, she drinks it and looks at them too, she finishes drinking it,
Azraa: What happened?
Fata: Alina is getting married…
Azraa: What?! I think I’m not fully awake, I heard Alina’s getting married…
Alina: I am… But I’m not!
Fata: Her brothers have decided to get her married to Brainless Gadah…
Azraa: Eewe, him?! Tell him you can’t…
Alina: I will, I will also tell him that I love someone else.
Azraa: So we need to think of a plan…
Fata: What?
Azraa tells the plan and it is muted,
Fata: Are you crazy? I’m not being nice to him!
Azraa: That’s the only way…
Alina: Azraa is right… And who’s Sulaivamp?
Azraa: Your filthy brother…
Fata: He gave you 20 miss calls…
Azraa: What!
Then she gets a call again,
Azraa: Pick it up and put it in speaker, I want to hear what that Vamp has to say…
Alina picks it up and puts it on speaker,
Sulaimaan: Maharani Azraa… (Change tone) If your awake then listen!
Azraa: What? Why did you call?!
Sulaimaan: Where were you?
Azraa: Sleeping!
Sulaimaan: Anyways listen to the shock of the day, Zain likes Aaliya…
Azraa: What?!!!!!!!
Sulaimaan: Yeah, yesterday he told me that he likes a girl and then he said it was Aaliya, I was shocked!
Azraa: Don’t lie!
Sulaimaan: Do you think I’m lying?! Do something fast and take your Zain before he takes my Aaliya!
Alina and Fata are shocked.
Azraa: I’ll call you later…
Sulaimaan disconnects the call,
Alina: He like Aaliya?
Azraa nods, Alina and Fata smirk,
Alina: I found my way to avoid this marriage…
Fata: And I found a way to escape this plan…
Azraa: But the plan is a back up.
Fata nods.

Kriya and Sanju meets Rahul,
Kriya: Meet my new friend Rahul…
Sanju: Oh so he’s Ralia?
Kriya nods yes,
Kriya: Rahul, meet my sister Zaara, we call her Sanju.
Rahul: Hi…
Sanju: Hi.
Rahul: Ralia?
Kriya and Sanju laugh. Sanju doesn’t find Rahul good, she doesn’t get the good feeling vibe around him, they spend time together.

All are finishing off the preparations, Sanju and Kriya come back home and Zarine shouts at them for being late, all go to sleep. Aarav angrily comes home and then gets a call he smirks. Alina and Fata come, Armaan shouts at her, she ignores him and goes.

Morning: Nikah day…:
Everyone are awake and rushing, Zuhaib, Alina, Fata, Armaan and Sulaimaan are sleeping, Zuhaib wakes up because of the sounds, he looks at the time and gets up,
Zuhaib: It’s 12? How did I manage to still sleep?
Zuhaib gets up and goes to get changed,
Zuha and Shamsa are running around the house and getting everything ready.
Zuha goes to Sulaimaans room and throws water on him, Sulaimaan wakes up in a shock and gets angry, he chases her, she runs to Armaans room, they wake him up.

Alina gets disturbed by a call and wakes up,
Alina: Hello?
Alina gets shocked and sits up, she disconnects the phone and gets changed and rushes out, she goes past Zuha, Zuha looks on, all get ready.
Zuha: Oho Bhaijaan, got ready fast huh?
Shoaib: When are we leaving?
Zuha: Patience Bhaijaan, in a hour… Anyways we will tell Armaan Bhaijaan at the venue
Armaan comes: Tell me what?
Imraan: To book the cars.
Fata gets changed and comes out, she bumps into Rehaan and he catches her, Rehaan makes her stand,
Rehaan: Couldn’t you see and walk…
Fata was about to shout but remembers what Azraa said,
Fata: Sorry…
Fata leaves. Rehaan gets shocked and could hear crackers bursting,
Rehaan: She said sorry?

Barkat Villa,
Aaliya helps Zoya and Sunehri get dressed with Aayat,
Aaliya: I think he passed…
Zoya: Really? Then go for it…
Aaliya: I need more time to think…
Aayat: About what?
Nusz comes in,
Nusz: Oh my god! I can’t believe you two will be married and will leave…
Sunehri gets teary eyed,
Sunehri: I don’t want to leave…
Nusz: You will keep in touch right?
Sunehri: I will never forget you…
Aaliya: Okay… We have to leave in an hour…
Zoya in her head: I’m going to start my new life with someone… Allah, help me…
Aaliya in her head: Ya Allah… Is Zain the right choice? I don’t want to fail in recognising Zain…

Osmaan comes in, he smiles seeing Sunehri and Zoya,
Osmaan: Are you ready? We have to leave early…
Aaliya: Haa Mamu… We are ready.
Osmaan: Okay, let’s go…
All nod and head out, Surraiya sighs and leaves.

All the brides reach and go in the rooms,
Sanju: Why am I dressed as a bride?
Kriya: Becuase you’re getting married…
Sanju: What?! Does Armaan know?
Kriya: Yeah… Anyways take a rest, we thought to get you two remarried in front of all because the other was a sudden… Anyways excuse me…
Kriya leaves and Sanju looks on shocked.

Alina is seen running in the hospital (Raabta night in motel play):
Faili Thi Siyaah Raatein, Aaya Toh Subah Leke
Khama Si Zindagi Mein Jeene Ki Wajah Leke
Khoya Tha Samundaron Mein, Tanha Safeena Mera
Saahilon Pe Aaya Hai, Tu Jaane Kis Tarah Haan Leke (Alina reaches a room and opens the door)
Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Raabta
Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Raabta
Kaise Hum Jaane Hume Kya Pata
Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Raabta ( she sees Sid sitting up and talking to the Dr)
Ab Kya Hai Kehna, Humko Hai Rehna
Jannatein Bhula Ke Teri Baahon Mein Mein Panah Leke (She walks in and looks at Sid with teary eyes, the Dr leaves)
Faili Thi Siyaah Raatein, Aaya Toh Subah Leke (Alina hugs Sid)
Khama Si Zindagi Mein Jeene Ki Wajah Leke (she cries on his shoulder)

The song stops and he pushes her, she looks on,
Sid: Who are you?
Alina gets shocked,
Alina: Sid… Don’t you remember me?
Sid: I don’t know who you are…
Alina: Sid… Tell me you’re joking, how can you forget me?
Sid: You’re not the same Alina I used to know… Who are you? The Alina that I know was selfless but this Alina is selfish…
Alina is shattered listening to that,
Sid: The Alina that I knew was caring but this Alina is revengeful! Just go away! And only come back with my Alina!! I told him but now I’m telling you, STOP! He’s taking revenge for me and so are you but did you two think that I would be happy listening to this?! Just leave me alone!
Alina stands up and Sid looks away, Alina leaves and tears fall out of her eyes, Sid looks on.

All the people arrived, Tanveer is getting happy, Faa waits for Alina, she tries calling her but she won’t pick up, Azraa also comes,
Azraa: Where’s Alina?
Fata: I tried calling her but… She won’t pick up, I’m getting worried.
Azraa: I also called her but can’t see her… I’ll be right back.
Azraa leaves and meets Sulaimaan,
Azraa: So what’s the plan?
Sulaimaan: You impress Zain and I’ll impress Aaliya.
Azraa: Okay but not at the moment… Alina still hasn’t reached.
Azraa leaves and Sulaimaan thinks.
The Qazi walks in, the grooms sit down and Asad is nervous, the brides sit down opposite their perspective grooms. The brides blush wile Zoya is nervous, Tanveer is shocked,
Tanveer: How is this possible?! I…
Dilshad is video calling Ghulam and Khalid, they watch also along with Shabana. Armaan sits down angrily.

The Qazi starts reading out,
Qazi: Miss Zoya bint Ghulam Haider, do you accept this Nikah with Mr Asad Rashid Ahmed Khan?
Zoya: Qubool Hai…
All look on happily, Zoya is nervous,
Zoya: Qubool Hai…. Qubool hai.
Qazi: So Mr Asad Rashid Ahemd Khan… Do you accept this Nikah with Zoya Bint Ghulam Haider?
Asad: Q…Qubool Hai… Qubool hai…Qubool hai.
Dilshad gets happy, Ghulam gets emotional.
Qazi: Nikha is done… Next, Miss Ayesha bint Khalid, so you accept this Nikah with Mr Shoaib Qureshi?
Sunehri smiles: Qubool Hai…Qubool hai… Qubool hai.
Shoaib smiles,
Qazi: Mr Shoaib Qureshi, do you accept this Nikah with Ayesha bint Khalid?
Shoaib: Qubool Hai… Qubool hai… Beintehaa Qubool hai.
Sunehri smiles and all get happy and say ‘oooo’
Qazi: Nikah done now Miss Zaara bint Rahat, do you accept this Nikah with Mr Armaan Qureshi?
Sanju thinks: What should I say? Yes or No…?
Sanju looks at Armaan and he silently nods he’s,
Sanju: Q..Qubool hai… Qubool Hai… Qubool hai.
Qazi: Mr Armaan Qureshi, do you accept this Nikah with Zaara Bint Rahat?
Armaan: Qubool hai x3

Qazi: This Nikah is complete…
They fill out the rest of the forms and do the rest of the rituals. Zuhaib smiles. Nusz gets kind of emotional but doesn’t cry. Zain stands next to Aaliya.
Fata and Azraa are still waiting near the door,
Azraa: Where is she? The Nikah is also over…
Fata: I don’t know… I’m getting worried.
Shamsa walks up to them,
Shamsa: What happened?
Fata: Have you seen Alina?
Azraa: Has she told you where she is or went?

Sulaimaan gets angry seeing Zain and Aaliya talk and laugh.
Zain: Aaliya… We are still friends right?
Aaliya: Haa…
They smile at each other and share an eye lock.
(Tu Noor Hai… From Beintehaa plays)
Sulaimaan: Azraa can’t do anything… I need to do something.
Aaliya: Zain… I…
Zain: Don’t worry, I know… And understand.
Sulaimaan: Hi Aaliya…
Aaliya: Hi. So are you ready to accept Sunheri in your house?
Sulaimaan: Yaa, she became my Bhabhi now, so I have to.
Zain: Excuse me.
Zain leaves.

Sunehri hugs Nusz and Aaliya, she then hugs Aayat and Kriya. The Bidaai is done, Nusz stands with Aayat, Tanveer fumes and leaves.
Nusz turns around and sees Zuhaib standing there,
Zuhaib: I need to talk to you…
Nusz: Me?
Zuhaib then takes Nusz to aside and tells her something and it’s muted,
Nusz: Me? I mean I’m not that good…
Zuhaib: Olease… I need you to help me reunite Aarav and Shamsa…
Nusz: Okay… I will do that Sunehri and Sanju could have a peaceful environment.
Zuhaib: Thanks…
Zuhaib leaves,
Nusz: Allah… Help Zuhaib…
Nusz then leaves.

Zoya and Asad enter the bunglow, Najma takes Zoya to her/Asads room.
Asad and Dilshad talk,
Asad: Ammi…
Dilshad: I know… It must be so weird… But you will get used to her, Anyways go and talk to her, not me…
Asad: Ammi, me?
Dilshad: Haa you… Go!
Asad then starts walking slowly towards his room

Qureshi mansion:
Sanju is in her room and Sunehri is in hers, the constables come back,
Constable Gulgulay: How was the Nikah? Anyways today is our last night because we are gone, Anyways where is Ms Alina Qureshi?
Imraan: She must be coming…
Fata: She’s been missing for 4 hours and they don’t care!
Sulaimaan: Shut up! She must be coming back…
Azraa: She’s not! Where could she be?
Zuhaib: Are you sure she wasn’t at the Nikah?
Aarav: Where could she go…?
Zuha: In the morning, she went out, she was shocked and ran out, I saw her going…
Gopi: What?! We need to tell Inspector Saab!
Gulgulay calls the Inspector and tells him Alina is missing past 4 hours.
Azraa: You know what… Just sit here, me and Fata will look for her!
Azraa and Fata head out, all then follow and start looking for her, Zuha stays at home with Sunehri and Sanju while Shamsa, Armaan,
Shoaib, Imraan, Zuhaib and Sulaimaan head out to find her, Aarav sends a message and then heads out.

Precap: Alina to be found, Zuhaib pushes Aarav off the cliff… Zuhaib gets arrested… Shamsa slaps Zuhaib… All try their best to bail Zuhaib out… Asad and Zoya talk. Shireen to come and slap Dilshad and create a scene…

Guys, there’s a change in the casting, Ravi Dubey will be replaced by Shravan Reddy, so Zuhaib is Sharavn Reddy…

Asad: Karan Singh Grover
Zoya: Surbhi Jyoti

Aaliya: Preetika Rao
Zain: Harshad Arora

Ayaan: Vikrant Massey
Humeira: Ketki Kadam

Rizwaan: Vikas Grover
Aayat: Shivangi Joshi

Najma: Niti Taylor
Imraan: Vikram Singh Chauhan

Ayesha AKA Sunehri: Sunehri?
Shoaib: Namish Taneja

Nuszat / Nusz: Nusz ?
Zuhaib: Sharavn Reddy

Zuha: Zuha?
Musa: Karan Kundra

Kriya: Kriya?
Rahul: Parth Samthaan

Zara/ Sanju: Sanjana?
Armaan: Sidhant Gupta

Alina: Alina ?(one of my friend)
Siddharth: Siddharth Malhotra

Sulaimaan: Siddharth Gupta
Azraa: H.N (My Sister, she doesn’t want her real name revealed so her initials…)

Fatima (Fata): Fatarajo ?
Rehan: Arjun Bijlani

Shamsa: Shamsa ? (one of my friends.)
Aarav: Vatsal Sheth

Thank you so much for commenting, I really appreciated and I hope you continue liking this FF,

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    Lovely one and love u

    Sunehri Mehta (Sunuzurahlima besties forever ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤)

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