Beintehaa…Qubool Hai Episode 12



Thank you for commenting and liking, before starting I would like you to read some FFs made by my friends, I will mention in the end as I don’t want to keep you waiting. I’m sorry for making it confusing ?.

The episode starts at Qureshi Mansion, Rehaan is still wondering,
Rehaan: OMG, have I come to the same place again?! Where am I meant to go?! It’s been 10 minuets and I still haven’t found Zain.
Fata walks down the stairs, she sees him and rolls her eyes, Rehaan sees her too,
Rehaan: Loh… Aagayi Daasi.
Fata walks past him,
Rehaan: Daasi!
Fata turns around and angrily says: I’m not a Daasi! Ugh!!
Rehaan: Then what are you? Sevika? Listen, I don’t have time for your modern names like Butler, Naani!
Fata: Butler?! Naani?! And ME?! You’re crossing your limits mister!
Rehaan: I’m crossing mine?! You’re the one who has attitude while being a Daasi! Now get me a cup of tea!
Fata: Whatever! I won’t get you a cup of tea! Am I your servant?!
Rehaan: I know you’re not my Daasi but you’re this house’s and I’m living in this house for a few days so become my Daasi! Now where is my tea?!
Fata: Tea my foot! I won’t even feed you a biscuit! You want tea right…(Fata thinks of something and then smirks) I’ll get it for you…
Fata fake smiles and goes to the kitchen, Rehaan looks on.
Rehaan: From Churel to Shanti? What’s this matter? Oh well, she’s getting me tea, you sit back and relax.
Rehaan sits down on the sofa, Fata is shown making tea, she finishes making the tea and smirks,
Fata: So Mr Blind Gadha wanted tea…? I’ll give him tea!
Fata smirks and pours it in the cup and takes the cup outside. She sees Rehaan sitting down,
Fata: Mr Blind Gadha is sitting down? Now watch how I will make him run out!
Fata fake smiles and forwards the cup next to him, Rehaan with attitude takes the cup,
Rehaan: From not feeding you a biscuit to a cup of tea?? What’s the matter huh?
Fata fake and nervously smiles.
Fata: If you don’t want the tea then I’ll take it back…
Rehaan: No… I’ll taste it.
Sunehri comes down, Zain does also Sulaimaan and Imraan.
Rehaan drinks the tea and gets shocked.
Rehaan shouts: Aaahhhh!!!!
He drops the cup and Fata smirks,
Fata: So Mr Blind Gadha, don’t ever mess with me again okay or else it would be worser! I don’t know kaha kaha se log aa jate hai!
Rehaan: Spicy! Spicy!
Fata looks away.
Zain: What?! He’s allergic to spice!
All get shocked.
Fata: Oh really? Do you think I care?!
Rehaan glares at her,
Fata then gets a call and leaves,
Rehaan: She still didn’t say sorry, how dare she feed me spice, stupid Daasi!
Sulaimaan: Are you actually allergic to spice?
Zain and Rehaan nod no.
Imraan: Daasi?
Rehaan: Yeah, isn’t she your Daasi?
Sulaimaan: Her and our Daasi? I wish…
Imraan: I never seen her enter a kitchen and now she made tea…
Rehaan while breathing: Do…is…is that even a tea? It was all spice! What kind of D…Daasi is she?! F…fire her!
Sunehri brings water and gives it to Rehaan he takes it and drinks it.

Scene shits to Barkat Villa, Dilshad is standing at the entrance, she is looking around and sees young Asad. Zain. And Barkat playing. Dilshad gets teary eyed, Shazia sees her,
Shazia: Yes…?
Dilshad looks at her and wipes her tears,
Nafeesa comes there,
Nafeesa: Dilshad Khala… Come in…
Dilshad: No, I’m here for Zoya… Could you please call her…
Nafeesa: Zoya? Um…okay.
Shazia: If you don’t mind, then can I ask you something?
Dilshad nods yes,
Nafeesa shouts: Zoya! Zoya!
Shazia: Why don’t you come in?
Dilshad looks at Nafeesa and Nafeesa looks at her and the both look at Shazia.

Zoya was in Aaliyas room,
Zoya: Aaliya… Always listen to your heart okay… And I think you should accept Zain but he needs to pass a test.
Aaliya: Test?
Zoya: Haa, wipe your tears now… Then me and you will test him if he’s worthy of you or not, okay?
Aaliya: But…
Zoya wipes Aaliyas tears,
Zoya: Trust me Aaliya…
Aaliya nods,
Zoya: Then smile and all we need to do is test Zain, then me and you will find out if he’s the one or not… Haa?
Aaliya smiles and then nods, Nafeesa shouts Zoya again and Zoya hears.
Aaliya: Nafeesa Bhabi is calling you
Zoya: Haa, I’ll be back.
Aaliya nods and Zoya leaves, Aliya then thinks.

Zoya walks down the stairs, Surraiya and Osmaan come out too.
Zoya: What happened Bhabhi…?
Shazia: She’s been calling you from past 5 minuets and you hear now? Well, someone’s here to meet you.
Zoya looks at the door, she sees Dilshad and smiles at her.
Zoya: Khala… Come in, why are you standing at the door?
Dilshad looks at Surraiya,
Dilshad: I’m only here to talk to you and I don’t need to come in…
Surraiya looks away.
Zoya: But Khala…
Dilshad: I brought a proposal for you… Would you marry my son Asad?
All get shocked, Surraiya looks at her, Zoya is stunned. Dilshad looks at Zoya,
Dilshad: I don’t want for force you but I have spoken to Ghulam Saab and he agreed.
Zoya: Khala… I need time to think… All of a sudden.
Dilshad: Haa, take your time but we have decided Saturday as the date…
Dilshad then leaves, Surraiya angrily leaves for her room, Shazia and Nafeesa leave,
Osmaan: Beta… Always listen to your heart, it’s a good proposal, don’t let it go…
Osmaan then leaves and Zoya looks on and thinks.
Zoya: Saturday…? That’s too close…
Zoya thinks and walks off.

Scene shift to Rashid Mansion,
Razia and Shireen are seen sitting down, Shireen is crying,
Shireen: My Nikhat… What was her fault? Allah! Why did you take her away…?
Humeira comes there, Ayaan is leaning on the wall with his arms folded, Humeira walks up to Shireen,
Humeira: Maami… Don’t worry, it was meant to happen and we couldn’t stop it… Don’t forget Allah does everything for a reason, there must be a reason behind this….
Shireen cries and hugs Humeira,
Shireen: But her daughter… She had rights to come to this world…?
Humeira: She will go jannah… Inshallah they will go Jannah.
Shireen cries and hugs her back.

(Note: Nikhat was 7 months pregnant, she wasn’t allowed to travel but she insisted)

Azraa is seen eating on the table,
Azraa: It’s so sad Nikhat Baji died but it was meant to happen.
Azraa continues eating. Azraa gets a call,
Azraa: Oh Hi Najma… Called me all of a sudden?
Najma: Hi Azraa, I had called to tell you that Asad Bhaijaans getting married…
Azraa: What?! I mean… That’s good. (Rolls her eyes)
Najma: Yeah, I know… Anyways Shireen said no one would want to marry him and that no girl is destined for him, do tell her that we found a girl. Anyways you’re invited on Saturday… Khuda hafiz…
Azraa: Khuda Hafiz…!
Azraa disconnects the phone and looks on and sighs.
Azraa: Asads getting married? Oh god…
Azraa then thinks of something and smirks,
Azraa: Thanks Najma…

Scene shifts to the Bunglow, Dilshad comes back,
Najma (Excitedly): Ammi!! What did Bhabhi say?
Asad comes with a file,
Asad: She’s not your Bhabhi! Anyways I took the wrong file…
Najma: Oho Bhai… She is my Bhabhi because you two will be married soon. Anyways I want Rashid and his family to hear that Asad will get married…!
Dilshad: Najma!
Asad: Don’t ruin my mood by saying his name! And no one will tell anyone! They lost Nikhat and they will think we don’t care…
Dilshad: Asad is right, they recently lost Nikhat and then Shireen will create a scene and will think we don’t care and they have no place in our lives.
Najma: But that’s true, they don’t…
Asad: Yes we know they don’t but do you accept Nikhat, Halina and Ayaan as your siblings?
Najma: Haa, they’re always have been and yeah I do…
Asad: Then don’t tell them yet until it’s confirmed… Because I’m not even ready!
Asad then leaves and Tanveer hears this, Najma bites her tongue.
Tanveer: Asads not ready? What’s the matter here?
Tanveer looks on and thinks.

Scene shifts to Rashids Mansion, Azraa comes out and sees them sad, Azraa then smirks and then acts,
Azraa: I can’t believe them!
All look at her, she acts angry and sad,
Azraa: We lost Nikhat Baji recently and Asad Bhai is getting married…!
Shireen: Kya?!
All stand up and get shocked,
Ayaan: What are you saying Azraa?
Azraa: I’m not lying, he’s getting married on Saturday, if you don’t believe me then ask him… They’re so selfish and only care about themselves, they invited us to Asad Bhais wedding.
Razia: What are you saying? Listen to this… Asad is getting married and enjoying happy times while we are here in these sad moments… Where is Rashid Bhai… Call him, I want to talk to him! Let him hear what his son is doing!
Shireen angrily looks on,
Shireen: They say they considered Nikhat as their daughter and sister but now they showed how much they do!
Ayaan looks on angrily. Humeira looks at Azraa and shakes her head in disgust.
Azraa: They’re so fake… I mean get real sometimes! They also said that poke it in Shireens ear!
Shireen gets angry.
All shake their head in agreement, Ayaan and Humeira don’t.

Qureshi Mansion:
All are sitting down for lunch, just then Shamsa and Aarav enter,
Aarav: I’m back guys, did you all miss me?
Alina also enters, she sees Aarav and a smile appears on her face,
Aarav: What happened guys… Why are you all so sad?
Alina: I’ll tell you Bhaijaan… Zuhaib Bhaijaan had an accident, Armaan Bhai got married straight after our beloved brother died(fake smiles at Armaan but he ignores her) Farhaan Bhai and Nikhat died in a plane crash or explosion.
Shamsa gets shocked,
Aarav (acts shocked): What?!
Alina: And listen to the new fresh news… Asad is getting married.
All kind of get shocked,
Imraan: Bhabhis brother?
Alina: Haa, Nikhats brother.
Sulaimaan: Woah, it hasn’t even been a day since we lost her and he’s getting married…?
Alina: Yeah, Azraa told me and what’s the problem? If Armaan Bhai got married straight after, then why can’t Asad on Saturday? Not everyone’s love is fake like some people (Looks at Armaan then all of them)
Armaan ignores her.
Aarav: That’s very sad to hear, Farhaan Bhaijaan? Please excuse me.
Aarav acts and goes.

Alina sits down and Fata comes back and sits next to her, Rehaan looks at her,
Rehaan (in his mind): Wow, even servants get treated like Malkins… And Malkins get treated like servants.
Shamsa goes in the kitchen to help Sanju and Sunehri cook, Shamsa gets confused seeing Sunheri and Sanju. Shoaib comes and sits down on the table.
Shamsa: Um…?
Sanju: Hi, I’m Sanju, well people call me Sanju, but my friends call me Danju, Dan, Banju and loads of other names for fun but my real name is Zaara…
Sunehri: She’s Mrs Armaan Qureshi…
Sunehri nudges Sanju,
Shamsa: Oh… Armaans wife?
Sanju smiles and nods,
Sunehri: I’m Ayesha, but people call me Sunehri or Suni, Don, Duni, Buni and loads of other names but you can call me Ayesha if you want.
Shamsa: Okay…? I’m Shamsa, Aaravs wife.
Sanju: Oh…
Sunehri: I’m just here as a guest, I will leave in a couple of days…
Sanju: Then come back…
(Nudges Suni and Sunehri glares at her) then the trio start cooking.

Aarav is walking past Zuhaib’s room and sees him lying there,
Aarav: He should be in the hospital… What is he doing here? Why isn’t he dead?
Aarav sighs, just then Nusz comes,
Nusz: Excuse me…
Aarav moves and sees Nusz, he gets confused seeing her, Zuha brings the food tray and takes it in,
Zuha: Bhai..!! I’m happy you’re back.
Aarav fake smiles and says: What happened to Bhai?
Zuha: Bhai had an accident…
Aarav: What? How? And did the Dr send a nurse for him?
Zuha: Well… Something like that…
Aarav: Oh… Excuse me, I’ll be back.
Zuha nods and Aarav leaves and shakes his head.
Aarav: What a luck, he survived that accident?

Zuha leaves and Nusz sees Zuhaib sleeping,
Nusz: Zuhaib…?
Zuhaib doesn’t respond as he’s in deep sleep.
Nusz then thinks: He must have been through a lot, thank god Zuha told me… But I can’t believe Aarav married her…
It goes into a flashback when Nusz was standing outside, she sees Zuha and asks her for the reasons why Zuhaib is always sad, Zuha then tells her that Zuhaib loved Shamsa but she loved Aarav and they got married and Zuhaib was heart broken… END of FB.

Nusz: Enough of you being a DevDas. I’ll make you Romeo again.
Nusz smiles. She then sits near him and looks at him sleeping,
Nusz: Zuhaib! Zub!
Zuhaib doesn’t wake up.
Nusz: Zub?! Zub isn’t a bad name… So he would be Zub from today.
Nusz shakes him but he doesn’t listen, she sighs and her hand accidentally touches the TV controller and the TV turns on. She hears Gabbar and turns around.
Nusz (excited): Gabbar!!! Oh my gosh…
Nusz turns around and fixes her eyes to the TV screen and enjoys Gabbar scenes.
Zuhaib gets disturbed and opens his eyes, Nusz is laughing seeing Gabbar.
Zuhaib: What… What are you doing here?
Nusz: Shhh, don’t disturb me…!
Zuhaib: You disturbed me!
Zuhaib manages to sit up and sees what she’s watching.
Zuhaib: Gabbar?
Nusz is smiling,
Nusz: Come on Gabbar… Kill Thakur… And beat Jai and Veeru…
Zuhaib looks at her weirdly.
Zuhaib: In this movie Gabbar…
Nusz: Shhhh!! Don’t spoil it! Even tho I watched it 25 times, I only watch it for Gabbar…
Zuhaib: For Gabbar?
Nusz: Haa, without Gabbar the movie would’ve been so boring…
Nusz has her eyes glued to the screen, then Thakur, Jai and Veeru part comes,
Nusz: No! Where did Gabbar go?!
Zuhaib looks at the time and the food and thinks it’s Lunch time.
Zuhaib: Uh…
Nusz: Shh!! Can’t you skip this part?
Zuhaib then sees the remote and reaches for it, he then switches the TV off. Nusz gets shocked.

Downstairs Shamsa takes water for Zuhaib, Zuha sees her,
Zuha: Bhabhi… Where are you going?
Shamsa: Give this water to Zuhaib…
Zuha: Oh Haa, I forgot to add water in the tray… Good you’re taking a jug.
Shamsa heads up and Zuha sits on the table. The food is served on the table, Sanju sits near Armaan and Sunehri sits down too.

Shamsa reached outside Zuhaib’s room, she was about to go in but stops and sees Nusz in Zuhaib’s room.
Nusz: Why did you switch it off?!
Nusz turns around and glares at him,
Nusz: Put it back on, the good part is coming on…
Zuhaib nods no, he then hides the remote under his pillow.
Nusz: Please don’t do this to me… I’m actually gunna cry… Please…
Zuhaib: No… You already watched it…
Nusz: You’re so mean, you wont even let me watch it… So what? Gabbars always been my favourite…
Zuhaib: How can you like Gabbar? And I don’t like the movie!
Nusz: Turn it back on!
Zuhaib: No!
Nusz: On!
Zuhaib glares at her back,
Zuhaib: No!
Nusz: Allah… You’re so cruel! I don’t want to stay here…
Nusz stands up and goes to the TV, she turns the TV on using the button. It comes on and she sees the funeral part and the movie ends. Tears fall out of her eyes.
Nusz: It’s finished and Gabbars part was gone! Thanks a lot!
Zuhaib looks at her and thinks: Oh my God, is she actually crying!
Shamsa sees this and thinks who that girl is.
Zuhaib: Don’t tell me you’re actually crying?
Nusz: I hate you for this… You made me miss the best part!
Zuhaib: Oh come on… Over the movie?
Nusz: No! Gabbar… I didn’t get to see him for the last time!
Zuhaib starts laughing,
Zuhaib: Over that stupid Gabbar you’re crying?
Nusz then wipes her tears and glares at him,
Nusz: Don’t you dare call Gabbar stupid okay!
Zuhaib: I will call him stupid, he’s not only stupid, he’s filthy, idiot, Mochar, beardy, ugly…
Nusz: Enough!
Zuhaib giggles and Shamsa looks on,
Nusz: Gabbars Stupid? Filthy? Mochar? Idiot? Beardy? And ugly?
Zuhaib nods yes?
Zuhaib: See, even you agree.
Nusz gets angry and walks up to him,
Nusz: How dare you?!
Zuhaib: I didn’t show anything yet that’s worth saying ‘How dare you?’ (While saying HDY, he mocks her)
Nusz gets angry and points her index finger and him,
Zuhaib relaxes back and they glare at each other.

Shamsa: Who is this girl?
Shamsa then remembers Zuhaib and her fighting,
Shamsa: Give it back Zuhaib…
Zuhaib: No! Come and get it.
Shamsa gets annoyed and Zuhaib pacifies her, she then sees Nusz and Zuhaib fighting.
Nusz takes the pillow and starts hitting Zuhaib. Zuhaib also gets a pillow and throws it at her, Nusz continues hitting him. He tried to stop her but she doesn’t stop,
Nusz: You’re stupid, idiot, filthy, Mochar, beardy and ugly!
The pillow rips and the feathers spread on both of them. Zuhaib’s hides the other pillow under his blanket,
Nusz: How dare you be so rude to Gabbar?
She tries getting the other pillow while he stops her, both fight and argue. Zuhaib pulls her hand and she slaps him with her other hand by accident on his face, Shamsa, Zuhaib and Nusz get shocked. Nusz then bites her tongue. Then a song starts playing.

Aaj ki farmaish Billu Munni aur Shamp ki Raampur Meerut aur Itava se, sangeet hai Sohail Sen ka, bol hain Dr. Irshad Kamil ke, pesh karte hain, har aashiq ke dil ko kuredane wala gaana, kaisa ye ishq hai, ajab sa risk hai.
Nusz turns around and sees the TV, Zuhaib is still on the shock. Nusz turns back and sees the remote control.
Koi bole dariya hai
(kaisa, kaisa hai isq)
Koi maane sehra hai
(kaisa, kaisa hai isq)

Nusz takes the remote and switches the TV off and looks at him. Nusz looks at him innocently.
Zuhaib: You slapped me for that Gabbar…?
Nusz: No.. You… Pillow… Gabbar…
Nusz looks down and Zuhaib gets upset.

Barkat Villa:
Zoya is still thinking, Aaliya comes there,
Aaliya: I heard about your and Asads rishta… Listen to what your heart says… If Asads the right guy then go for it…
Aaliya leaves and Zoya thinks,
O Khuda starts playing….

Ab dilon ki raahon mein
Hum kuch aisa kar jayein (Remembers her and Asads meeting) 
Ik dooje se bichhde toh 
Saans liye bin marr jayein (Her and Asads moments)

O Khuda..
Bata de kya lakreeron mein likha
Humne toh..
Humne toh bas ishq hai kiya (x2)

The song finishes….

Zoya: If Chote Abbu agreed then I shouldn’t have a problem, Asad is a nice guy but I don’t know if he will keep me happy… Kadoos!
Zoya then messages Najma that she’s ready for this Nikah.

Najma receives the message and jumps out if excitement,
Najma: Ammi! Ammi!
Dilshad comes out,
Dilshad: What happened Najma…?
Najma: Ammi, Bhabhi agreed…
Dilshad: Bhabhi?
Dilshad then realised and gets happy,
Dilshad: Really?
Najma shows Zoyas message and Dilshad is on cloud 9.
Dilshad: Then do the preparations, Saturday isn’t far…
Tanveer listens to this and fumes.
Tanveer thinks: I need to do something, Asad is only mine!
Tanveer then feels restless and thinks of something.

Barkat villa:
Surraiya is angry and is throwing stuff,
Surraiya: How can Dil say that? She promised Asad for Barkat and now…
Osmaan comes there and says: But he deserves to move ahead. Barkat isn’t even…
Surraiya: Barkats alive!
Osmaan: You can’t trust a video!
Surraiya: But I can trust my heart!
Osmaan: You broke your friendship with Dilshad, not her!
Surraiya looks on angrily and Osmaan leaves.

Qureshi mansion:
Aarav sits on the table too, all start eating, Alina and Fata eat fruits with plain white rice and vegetables as their topping.
Rehaan: Eee…. Who eats that?
Fata ignores him,
Rehaan: Daasi… Pass the juice.
Fata: For gods sake I’m not a Daasi!
Alina: Daasi? Are you out of your mind? She’s not a Daasi…
Imraan: She’s our cousin.
Rehaan: Oh… So your cousin is appointed as your maid?!
Fata puts her spoon down,
Alina: She’s not a Daasi, she’s our cousin and she’s here to visit! She no Daasi Vaasi…!
Rehaan: Oh, so she’s here to work while Visiting? She’s really nice Daasi…
Fata: Oh God! This boy! How many times do I have to tell you, I’m not a Daasi!
Rehaan: I told you before, I don’t have time to call your modern names for a maid… You’re a Daasi and you’re eating with the Maliks…?
Zuha, Sulaimaan, Imraan, Armaan, Sanju, Sunheri, Zain and Shoaib giggle.
Fata: You all are finding it funny Naa?
Fata stands up and picks the juice up, she fake smiles and walks to him, she then pours the juice over Rehaan.
Fata: Now find this funny!!
She puts the empty jug down and Rehaans mouth drops,
Fata: Losers!
Fata sigh and leaves, all look at Rehaan while he’s soaking wet in Juice. Alina picks up two plates and leaves.
Rehaan: Stupid Daasi!
Zain: She’s not a Daasi…
Rehaan: I’m taking my revenge from this Daasi! I know she isn’t but now she is!
(A tune plays…)
They finish eating, Aarav thinks where Shamsa is.

Scene shifts to the room,
Shamsa: How can she slap Zuhaib?
Nusz: Well… It isn’t my fault, you shouldn’t have said anything…
Zuhaib ignores her, Shamsa Comes in and Zuhaib sees her, Nusz turns around and also sees her, Nusz then sees the food,
Nusz: Oh fish… I forgot about the food.
Nusz brings the food closer and puts it on the plate, Shamsa looks at her,
Nusz: Gabbar ke Chakar mein Khane ko Bhool gayi. (Because of Gabbar I forgot about the food)
Nusz forwards the plate to him but he doesn’t take it and looks away,
Nusz laughs a little,
Nusz: Ho… You look so cute when you’re angry, is anger always on top of your nose?
Zuhaib glares at her and Shamsa looks on.
Nusz: You’re a baby too, you’re so stubborn.
Nusz takes the spoon and fills it with food she then forwards it to his mouth.
He doesn’t open his mouth.
Nusz: Stop being a baby and open you’re mouth…
Zuhaib doesn’t open his mouth.
Shamsa: If he doesn’t want it then…
Nusz turns around with a smile,
Nusz: He does… He’s such a Bhukad…. He eats everything… If it was up to him, he would’ve ate Gabbar.
Zuhaib: Gabbar…? I’m not that desperate that I will eat Gabbar!
Nusz turns around,
Nusz: You are…
Zuhaib: I’m no…
Nusz quickly puts the spoon in his mouth and smiles, she sees his reaction and laughs a little.
Zuhaib then swallows it and Shamsa looks on.
Shamsa: Here’s the water… Aarav must be waiting for me…
Nusz: Okay, you can put it on the table…
Shamsa puts it on the table and turns to leave.
Zuhaib: You slapped me…?
Nusz: It was an accident! I didn’t mean it and you were teasing me!
Zuhaib: Over that Buddha Gabbar?! That’s what’s shocks me… I mean if you slapped me over anything else then I would’ve got it but Gabbar?
Nusz: You took the pillow…
Zuhaib: Because you hit me with it because of Gabbar…
Nusz: Because you made me angry… Because you were…
Zuhaib: Gabbar! The whole problem is Gabbar, you technically slapped me for Gabbar.
Nusz thinks and bites her tongue,
Shamsa walks slowly out of the door while hearing their conversation.
Zuhaib: Slapped me? You’re so weird, slapped me for that Buddha, stupid Gabbar!
Zuhaib continues complaining while Nusz sighs, Shamsa turns around to them and Nusz gives a quick peck on the cheek she slapped Zuhaib. Shamsa sees this and gets shocked and widens her eyes, Zuhaib is shocked and stunned and can’t even move.
Nusz: Now Happy?! I can’t believe I had to do this to shut you up and yeah, this is for Gabbar too! And Anyways you’re not too bad to be Gabbar…
Nusz then stands up and gives him the plate and leaves, she sees Shamsa but goes past her,
Zuhaib: weird, slapped me because of Gabbar and kissed me because of him too. And me and that Buddha Gabbar?!

Shamsa: What’s happening? I mean why am I getting angry seeing all this?!
Shamsa starts walking.
Night and all go to sleep except from Nusz and Zuhaib,
Nusz: I feel so guilty slapping him…
She looks at Sunehri who’s sleeping next to her.

Zuhaib: Why am I thinking about it too much? She’s one weird and Pagal girl.
He turns to the side,
Zuhaib: Why do I feel different around her? Why am I opening up? Who is she? Go to sleep Zuhaib!
He then turns to the other side and gets shocked,
Zuhaib: Tum?!
Nusz is sitting on the other side,
Nusz: I came here to say sorry, I shouldn’t have slapped you and I know it’s your fault… I mean my fault. Sorry Gabbar.
Zuhaib: I’m not Gabbar…
Nusz: Zub then…
Zuhaib: Zub?
Nusz: Either Zub or Gabbar…?
Zuhaib: What’s the problem in saying my original name?
Nusz: Nothing but I’ll call you Zub. Did you forgive me?
Zuhaib: Okay, I forgive you…
Nusz: Thanks… Bye.
Nusz leaves and Zuhaib smiles and shakes his head.

Gulgulay and Gopi examine the whole house and then fall asleep.

Aaliya and Dilshad are discussing about Zoyas mendhi on the phone,
Aaliya: Haa Khala, we will arrange a venue… Her wedding is the day after tomorrow rights?
Dilshad: Haa… I’ll meet you today.
Aaliya: Teek hai, Allah hafiz…
Dilshad: Allah Hafiz.
Aaliya goes to Zoyas room and sees her sleeping.
Aaliya: Allah… This girl is getting married and she’s still hasn’t changed her habits.
Zoya murmurs: What happened? Why are you shouting so early in the morning?
Aaliya: Get up… It’s your Mendhi today and then your Nikah on Saturday…
Zoya: What time?
Aaliya: At 3:00pm.
Zoya: And it’s only 8
Zoya then opens her eyes,
Aaliya: Zoya Rani… Get up and it’s not 8, it’s 1:00pm
Zoya wakes up and sits up,
Zoya: What?!
Zoya sees the time and is shocked.

Qureshi mansion:
Armaan and Sanju are leaving the house and Alina looks there,
Alina: Where are these two going? I need to follow to find out.
Alina goes out and follows them, they reach a restaurant and get out, Armaan holds her hand and takes her inside,
Alina: Date?! Chi! I wasted my time for no reason.

Episode ends on Zoyas shocked face and Alinas disgusted face.

Precap: Part 2… Sunheri also marrying on Saturday…dance in the Sangeet… Zuhaib manages to walk little…Shireen to create a scene… Zain wins Aaliyas heart by passing all the tests…. Tanveer to plan something… Saturday… Shamsa to make Nusz slip down the stairs but… Asad and Zoya dancing.
Asad: Karan Singh Grover
Zoya: Surbhi Jyoti

Aaliya: Preetika Rao
Zain: Harshad Arora

Ayaan: Vikrant Massey
Humeira: Ketki Kadam

Rizwaan: Vikas Grover
Aayat: Shivangi Joshi

Najma: Niti Taylor
Imraan: Vikram Singh Chauhan

Ayesha AKA Sunehri: Sunehri?
Shoaib: Namish Taneja

Nuszat / Nusz: Nusz ?
Zuhaib: Ravi Dubey

Zuha: Zuha?
Musa: Karan Kundra

Kriya: Kriya?
Rahul: Parth Samthaan

Zara/ Sanju: Sanjana?
Armaan: Sidhant Gupta

Alina: Alina ?(one of my friend)
Siddharth: Siddharth Malhotra

Sulaimaan: Siddharth Gupta
Azraa: H.N (My Sister, she doesn’t want her real name revealed so her initials…)

Fatima (Fata): Fatarajo ?
Rehan: Arjun Bijlani

Shamsa: Shamsa ? (one of my friends.)
Aarav: Vatsal Sheth

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