Beintehaa…Qubool Hai (Episode 1)


Episode 1:

It my first time and it’s different from the original plot, I hope you all like it.


The story unfolds with a girl standing on a balcony and looking at the moon. “Why did this happen? The person who I loved the most had betrayed me, he used me, why? What have you written in my destiny? If this was meant to happen then I’m happy because you never wanted my bad” the girl says and wipes her tears. Behind her a lady is standing, she is looking at her with teary eyes and says “Allah…what have you destined for my daughter?” A flashback is shown, Aaliya and Zeeshan get engaged, after few days Aaliya falls in love with him, then the next day she sees him with another girl and she confronted him In front of everyone and he admits he was cheating on her, she slaps him and walks away. End of flashback. The girls face is shown and happens to be Aaliya. The lady is revealed to be Shabana, Aaliyas Mum.
Shabana: Ya Allah, help my daughter.
Shabana wipes her tears.

Then another girl is shown coming out of the airport, she looks at her phone, “Allah, why can’t I get any network? Where should I go now? Ya Allah, please help” the girl said looking worriedly. “Zoya…relax, nothing will happen” the girl says to her self, her face is shown and it is Zoya. “Where should I go now, it’s night also…?” Zoya says to herself. Zoya then walks ahead and bumps into somebody, “Oh god, couldn’t you see while walking? Or were you wearing a blindfold?!” Zoya says and bends to pick her suitcase up. “Oh hello, I was walking with my eyes open but I don’t know about you!” A manly voice is heard, Zoya looks up at the man and he takes his black sunglasses off. His face is revealed, “Well… I guess you forgot to use your eyes behind those dark sunglasses!” Zoya says and walks off and the man looks on angrily.

“How dare she talk to Asad Ahmed Khan with that attitude and tone?! A new voice is heard, his face is revealed and its Ayaan, the man turns around and is revealed to be Asad and he sees his younger brother Ayaan coming with two suitcases and a shoulder bag. “Bhai, if you want I’ll sort her out, how can she talk to you like that?” Ayaan says while walking up to him. “You should ignore girls like this who have no manners at all!” Asad puts his sunglasses back on and walks, Ayaan shakes his head and follows him.
Ayaan: Bhopal…here we come.

Zoya is walking down the streets hoping to find a taxi,
Zoya: How will I reach Bhopal?
Zoya checks her phone and gets a signal,
Zoya: Yes, finally the network is back. Thank you Allah.
Zoya goes through her contacts and finds the name she was searching for, she presses on it and calls the person but no one picks up, she then calls someone else and ‘Khala’ is shown on her screen.
Zoya: Hello, Khala, why isn’t Aaliya picking up?
Shabana: Beta, she’s… Just get here and I will tell you.
Zoya: Khala, I’m already here but I need a lift to reach Bhopal.
Shabana: Really?
Zoya: Haa Khala, I’m here.
Shabana: Zoya, tell the truth…
Zoya: I’m really here Khala, I’m near the airport.
Shabana: We will come and pick you up.
Zoya smiles,
Zoya: Khala, don’t tell anyone, it’s a surprise and haa, Chote Abbu knows I’m here and there he is.
Zoya waves at him.

Shabana: Oh, so that’s why he had left early.
Zoya: I’ll come and talk to you.
Shabana: Okay, Allah Hafiz.
Zoya: Allah Hafiz.
Zoya puts her phone down in her handbag and rushes to him.
Zoya: Chote Abbu, how are you?
He is revealed to be Aaliyas father, Ghulam.
Ghulam: Alhamdullilah, I’m all fine, what about you beta? How have you been?
Zoya: Alhamdullilah.

Ghulam: Shall we go?
Zoya: Haa, let’s go.
Ghulam takes the luggage and puts it in the car and they leave.

(Zoya was found by Ghulam near the lake, he decided to adopted her when she was 4 years old and he named her Zoya, so he’s been taking care of her and he had sent her to New York with his sister for studies and now she’s back, she calls him Chote Abbu because she knows he isn’t her real father and she calls Shabana Khala, Zoya’s full name is Zoya Ghulam Haider)

Precap: Zoya and Ghulam reach Bhopal and so do Asad and Ayaan… Zoya finds out what happened with Aaliya… New entry arriving…


Do comment to tell me how it was and thank you for commenting on the Promo, I appreciated it and I hope you like it. This is my first time writing it, I hope I don’t fail it.

Thank you

Credit to: Halima

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