Beintehaa Mohobbat ……. Manan [First stage of love]{ part (13)}

Hi guys i hope u remember me if not then also its okk because its the story whichis important right
So here i come withan extraordinary part of story Hope u like it guyssssssss!!!

Manik: leave it guyss spoke in utmost helpless manner and made a sad face and went to his room

Harshad: Manik listen bro we will…….but stopped as he went running from there

Manik’s room

Manik was sitting on his baronial bed with guitar in his hands .
Manik talking to himself : yaar now what should i do? Nandu is really upset , at that time when she stomped her foot i was really messed up but now i realized that she was angry at that time but i was so dumb that i could not see her anger

on the other side

Nandini’s room

Nandini was standing near her balcony looking at the glooming stars which were twinkling and she was talking to herself …… i don’t know aiyappa y i felt like a strong knife pierced into my heart when i saw that girl she stupid idiot creature jumped on Manik y y y y????? aiyappa i  didn’t felt good infact felt like thwack her to the roadside ….and again started looking at peaceful sky as she was not at peace due to her own reactions which made mess in her head

Manik’s room

Manik : ohhhh god (stood up with a jerk) actually i m dumb who i could not see her JEALOUSY ohhh yaa maybe jealousy is the reason due to which she left the place without even looking at me …………ohh yaa true
Like seriously she is jealous wow i m so happy becoz “Jealousy is the First Stage of LOVE” said with his killer smirk
so as now Ms. Nandini Murty i know u r such an innocent soul that u won’t have realized yet that u were jealous but when i m there then y to fear coz “i m gonna make u realize that u were jealous”

In the Hall

All bid good night to each other and went to their home and HarSoha went to their room , all this was clearly witnessed by a pair of eyes and it is none other than Manik Malhotra he smirked looking at the scenario as now his road was all clear and he won’t be questioned either  .

Nandini’s room

Nandini was listening to the radio

Hm Mm Hm Hm
Pyaar Humko Bhi Hai, Pyaar Tumko Bhi Hai
To Yeh Kya Silsile Ho Gaye
Bewafa Hum Nahin, Bewafa Tum Nahin
To Kyoon Itne Gile Ho Gaye
Chalte Chalte Kaise Yeh Faasle Ho Gaye
Kya Pata Kahan Hum Chale
Pyaar Humko Bhi Hai, Pyaar Tumko Bhi Hai
To Yeh Kya Silsile Ho Gaye
Bewafa Hum Nahin, Bewafa Tum Nahin
To Kyoon Itne Gile Ho Gaye
Chalte Chalte Kaise Yeh Faasle Ho Gaye
Hm Hm Hm Ho, Kya Pata Kahan Hum Chale
When someone is truly , deeply , madly , crazily in love than nature also support them . There Manik got clear road and here Nandini ‘s radio is making her think again & again about the incident that happened at Haji ali

While she was keenly staring at the sky and humming the song she suddenly felt like someone was trying to unlock the door at the door , she looked at the wall clock which struck almost 12 . She thought to go downstairs and check as all were sleeping peacefully and she didn’t want to disturb anyone .


Nandini first hesitated to open the door as there can be any thief also but then thought of some idea and went to take the bat and she had to do all this very fast becoz Nandu realized that he was trying to break the door

Nandini: aiyappa plzz be with me haan and opened the door with a THUDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD and took the bat to hit the person but was shocked to see the face of the person

Nandini : tum!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Manik gave a sheepish smile : haan main and smiled like a kid

Nandini simply got lost in his smile but after few minutes saw him clicking his fingers in front of her face which brought Nandu back from her dream land

Manik: i know i m really Handsome but u should not stare at me like this , acchi ghar ki ladkiyon ko yeh shobha nahi deta

Nandu: Shut up Manik!!!! it was nothing like that and tum , what r u doing here ? why u came at this time (by showing him the clock) and what if someone else had open the door ?……………..

Manik caught her shoulders in his hands to which she stopped her nonstop blabbering : i thought tum naraz thi issiliye socha ki tumhe mana lu but i think now u r not angry with me so i will take a leave

Nandini hold his hand : who told u i m not angry , i m angry with u…………  i m really very angry

Manik : aree haan i know but first let me come in

Nandini: arrey haan come  no no don’t sit here let’s go to my room

Manik: ohho directly inside the room

Nandini: shut up , u boys’ have only one track mind

Manik and Nandini came to her room after closing the main door

Nandu: ya now answer me!!!

Manik: ok so when i came here i saw u standing in the balcony and all the others lights were off so it was obvious that all were sleeping so i knew that u would only open the door and by the way how many times i have to recall u that u were angry on me

Nandu: haan .. haan i know and i am angry with u

Manik: waise y r u angry on meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee said with a smirk on his face

Nandu: woh ……….. becoz …………….stammering and then thought of something and told haan becoz u didn’t informed me about ur friend that she was also coming….

Manik started coming towards her and she was going backwards
Manik: ohh really was it only this much orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr something else is also there

Nandu looking here and there and said no ………………what else……..can it be

Manik: but there u behaved like an angry girlfriend who wanted to jerk me out of her hold

Nandu: haan that is true i seriously wanted to do ………………………but realized what she uttered and ran back to the balcony hiding her face in her palms

Manik smirked and saw her standing like a kid hiding from teacher after knowing the mischief done by the kid

Sorry guyss to left u on the cliff but next episode there will be some romance with some dhamaka!!!!!!

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