Beintehaa mohabbat….Manan (Part-9)

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Navya: Nandini where r u ???(screaming at the top of her voice) r u listening to me (Ya guyzz this time Nandu have seen a dream)
Nandini: Hmmmmm haan kuch nahi , i m here only why r u screaming ?
Navya: ohh plzz jhot kissey bol rahi ho? Don’t u know u r very bad in telling lies so don’t pretend in front of me ok!!
Nandini : Navya there is nothing like that i was just mesmerized by his voice
Navya: oohhhohhh Mesmerized and all haan!!!
Nandini: plzz yaar nothing like that
Navya: ok so now as the performance is over now its time to enjoy girl let’s go
They both went for the party which was good where fab5 , navini & abhi were there
the party was good but manan were lost in themseleves . Party got over by 10:00 and all went home and dozed off with the beautiful memories of today…………………..
26th , 27th,28th, 29th and 30th went in doing preparations of fab5’s songs which they had to present to the music directors who were going to make an album for them
Navini and abhi were always by their side for their support and mukti and abhi’s problems were also getting sorted manan were getting closer day by day now they were knowing each other so well that now they feel like they were together since childhood , all were happy to be together for each other but “Happiness is something which don’t stay with us for long ”
“If there is something which is constant in our life is CHANGE”. Change can be any manner , from happiness to sadness or vice-versa………………………
31st December 2016
It was early morning sun was about to rise and Nandini in her room getting ready to celebrate the last day of the year so it was the sole purpose to wake up so very early , getting ready to greet chacha-chachi and her Friends Forever for the coming year.
Nandini came downstairs and greeted everyone in the house
Chachu: Nandu bacha why u woke up so early u should have slept na
Nandini: nahi chachu actually i wanted to celebrate this last day of the year with full on masti(fun)
Chachi: aap bhi na murty ji Nandu puttar so what’s ur plan for today going for ur practice or nt??????????????
Nandu: ya chachi definitely first we all should have our breakfast and then i’ll leave .
All had their favorite breakfast that was dosa and chatni and Nandini went to the college
Nandini P.O.V
It is only 8:30 and college timings are from 10:00 oh ayippa what i’ll do for one & half hour shall i call Manik to join me? oh no nandu how can u act so stupid but i think i should let me call only
Manik’s P.O.V
The phone was continuously ringing but i was not in any mood to pick it up but finally after three simultaneous calls i had to pick it up and to many utter shock and surprise also it was Nandini my angel was calling me so early but why was everything alright . She told me that she was waiting for me at mumbai central but why and then when i asked her the reason she told that she want to spend this last day of year with full masti so i also thought why nt spend some with my angel so i also said yes and got ready and went their . I was there by 9:30 and my angel so was looking the most beautiful girl on this planet in her blue and red salwar kameez with fish tail and some light make up with her side bag and thinking deep about something and a beautiful smile on her cutest face and i can’t stop looking at her . Seriously can anyone look so gorgeous in such an elegant dress up and with a smile she can make me crazy by her one look
Manik: Hi Nandu opps sorry Nandini
Nandini(smiling): hi Manik and no need of sorry u can say nandu
Manik: So what’s the reason that we r here??
Nandini : Manik i actually wanted to go to Haji Ali (it is in Mumbai if u guyss want to know more abut it u can Google it) if u can accompany me it will be great ,only if u want
Manik(thinking): i can accompany u anywhere u want my angel
Manik: ya sure why not
They both started walking on the bridge which connects the road and Hajiali in between the sea
Manik: is there any sole purpose for coming here ?
Nandini: no there is no sole purpose but becoz i love to come here and today is the last day of year so to celebrate and thank god for this beautiful year and beautiful people like navya , abhi,and all the members of fab5 who came in my life to make it beautiful so which could be more beautiful place than this(showing the view of sea and the mosque ) and u r also the one who made it beautiful
Manik:(thinking) Yaar how can she celebrate her day here , for the very first time in my life i have seen a girl who is so very simple . i feel as the days r passing more& more i m falling for her she is beauty in simplicity and see her she is thanking god for bringing me in her life .
it is what i always wanted … Thanku so much almighty
Anyways Happy makarsankranti

Precap: some happy moments of manan and may be the proposal day

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