Beintehaa mohabbat….Manan (Part-5)


Thanku sooooooooooooo much guyzz for waiting for me , I never thought that i wll ever get so much of appreciation from my lovely readers Piya, Shwetha, Tanushree, Sush, Nachi, Kavina, Manu, Neha , Anjili Sorry if i missed any
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so let’s jump into the story
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Abhimanyu searching for his class
he saw staff room and went inside it
One of the teacher asked him what was he doing there

He innocently replied : Mam i was searching for my class but….
Khanna sir: which class u want to go ???
Abhi: sir B.A. first year
Khanna sir: ok boy come with me..
In the classroom chaos was going on everyone was discussing abut skit, stories, members and many other things
Sir entered the class with abhi and as soon as sir came all went silent(sir is very strict naa thats why)
Sir: Hey class this is ur new classmate (then whispering to abhi)what’s ur name?
Abhi: sir Abhimanyu thakkar
Sir : so yes Abhimanyu Thakkar

Plzz Cabir (waving hands towards him to come) start being friend with him ok !!! UNDERSTOOD?
sir went away as it was last ten minutes left for college to get over
Cabir took him to fab5 and Navini , Abhimanyu came to them
Abhi and Mukti had not encountered each other till now but now they saw each other and
Abhi: hey u here!!! (with an innocent smile)
Mukti : u here how dare u come behind me ? Don’t dare to stalk me ok !!!(with full angry bird mode)
All were looking at them with blank faces
Dhruv: do u know her mukti???
Mukti told all of them abut their first encounter
Aaliya: but Mukti sir only told us na that he is new student may be he must have tried saying something to u but u only must nt have heard..
Mukti : leave it aalu
Abhi was simply staring at her and cabir saw that and jerked him (just to avoid more stare)
everyone had intro session and Mukti was still nt interested to talk but Manik told him to just introduce herself to him so just for sake she introduced and started to talk to navya

Cabir: So bro where r u from?
Abhi : I m from Mumbai only but went to Canada for studies after 8th grade
Dhruv: Hey haan 8th grade se yaad aaya 8th member????
Abhi: Kya 8th member dhruv?
Nandini: Abhi its abut a skit , a skit competition is there would u like to join us?
Nandini was looking at Mukti as she thought she would nt like it & Manik saw that and ensured her through eyes that he wll manage..
Abhi : that’s really good to know but….(Staring at Mukti who was sincerely talking to Navya)

Manik: its ok if u wish to join us it will be great what say guyzzz??
Fab3 told: yaa sure
Mukti & Navya came back to the group discussion
Aalu: But guyss first we have to ask sir abut the story coz we don’t know naa whether he wll agree with story from syllabus
Dhruv: Once in a blue moon Aalu also use her brains for thinking something sensible
Mukti : yaa Dhruv !!

Cabir: hey aalu do u remember when was the last time u used ur brain to think something sensible beside ur clothing, accessories , make up kits, or all girly things
Manik: Hey stop teasing my lil friend by side hugging her
Navini & abhi giggled watching them like his and Nandini admired Manik by watching the care he takes for his friends

Nandini’s P.O.V
When i saw him like this , caring his friend with so much affection i was just awestruck coz how can a person be monster and best person within such a short span of time (she recalled the leg sprain) i don’t what kind of intensity is this which is making me feel something in my this small lil mind (beating her head playfully)
Navya: Nandu what r u thinking watching ur crush????
Nandini: Just talk slowly Navi if they all will listen then what bad impression it wll be of mine(talking dreamingly) then suddenly realized what she told
Navya giggled and Bell rang
all dispersed and Fab5 , abhi and Navini bid bye to each other and went to their homes
At Nandini’s house
Nandu’s P.O.V
why aiyappa why me i don’t know what happened to me while Navya asked me abut my crush and i was watching Manik ohh no god i can’t have crush i belive in love how can i be like this Crush!!!!!(with burying her head in her pillow and dozed off )

At Manik’s House
Manik’s P.O.V
yaar i don’t know it this love really The Manik malhotra is in love with her angel but really (took his guitar and started singing)
Hmm.. hmm…
Dehleez pe mere dil ki
Jo rakhe hain tune kadam

Tere naam pe meri zindagi
Likh di mere humdum
{Thinking abut first encounter with Nandini(his angel)}
Haan seekha maine jeena jeena kaise jeena
Haan seekha maine jeena mere humdum
Na seekha kabhi jeena jeena kaise jeena
Na seekha jeena tere bina humdum

and dozed off

Nandini was sleeping on her beautiful purple bed with purple blanket and Mr. Sun’s rays peeped into her room and subsequently to her eyes and she woke up
She got ready for the college in Purple & white crop top and went to have breakfast
she touched the feets of her chacha and chachi for blessings and both told : Good Morning Bacha
Chachi: Nandu rishu went to amms home as she was having some work he wll be back in few days ok bacha!!
Nandu: ok meri payali chachi but he could have told me i would drop him hmm
Chachu: Koi baat nahi Nandu when he wll return back na then do all this shiqayat to him
Nandu: as u say my dear chachu
all started their breakfast
Nandu: ok bye both of u i m getting late i will be back home as and when class wll get completed
Both waved to her and she left

ok guysss i know this was also not so big wll try next time
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  1. So its abhi…..koi nhii….manan communicatng through eyes…ahemmm….nyc update…

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  2. This was not at all short. And I don’t mind if it was also as I know how difficult it is to write soon long and post it rutu and episode was also nice

    1. Shrutu

      Thankx Neha for understanding it really means a lot
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  3. Nice update dear excited for abhi’s entery superbbbb part

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  4. It was nyc dear

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  5. Zuha Fatima

    Hey Shrutu,
    This was really stupendous work. Beautiful! The way Manan were sharing eye glances and their respective thoughts about LoVe were nice. I enjoyed it a lot! Keep up the same pace of work 🙂 Love u dear!

    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

    {If you get time please read my FF


    1. Shrutu

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  6. Kavina

    Loved it. What are the pairings. Are they going to be different from the show?

    1. Shrutu

      Thanku soo much dear
      and abut pairings no there is no change in that but why u felt so??
      tell me the reason why u felt so , so that i can rectify my mistake
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      1. Kavina

        No it’s not your mistake. I was just wondering.

  7. Mahi13

    It was nice. 🙂
    Update soon.

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  8. Hai Shrutu It’s really nice asusual….Waiting for next update

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  9. Woww itsss superbbb I jus loved it cont..

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