Beintehaa mohabbat….Manan (Part-4)


So guyz finally after the short break i am back with the small cute update hope u guyzz love it
Thanku sooooo very much piya , sush, tanushree , shwetha, zuha, neha, kavina , anjali,sharmi for giving me so much of love , appreciation and understanding
thankx a lot guys it means a lot
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Recap : manik helped her , nandini shocked by sudden question

Nandini shocked
Manik shooked her , she came back to senses and asked
Nandini: what did u asked?
Manik : it was to divert ur mind dear just aviyee
Nandini felt relived but was thinking that why i panicked so much he have not told that he loves me he just asked abut love at first sight , Nandu hitting her head playfully and said stupid Nandu just control ur thoughts hmm pagal ladki(stupid girl)
Manik:(shaking her) kya hua????
Nandini: came to senses hmm…. haan kuch nahi lets go
they started to go but all were returning from canteen and cabir told

Cabir: kya guys aap log yaha kya kar rahe the ?
Navya: Aap log aaye kyun nahi?
Nandini: woh bcoz of my leg sprain
Navya: acha….. kya kese kab???
Manik told everything to Them (but not abut his question he gave some excuse)
Dhruv: ohh yeh baat hai buddy toh hame nandini ko sick room mein le jana chahiye
Manik : No need buddy now she is all right
Nandini: ya Dhruv Manik is right now i am fine
Mukti giving a smirk to Manik and told Cabir in whispering voice : look at them yaar from first day only both are taking each other’s side INTERESTING!!!

Manik thinking abut Mukti’s smirk was going to ask her and suddenly khanna sir (English teacher)came and told everyone to settle at their respective places and lecture began
Khanna sir: so students we are gone start a beautiful as well as funny story that is “TAMING OF THE SHREW” by Shakespeare
sir started the story and everyone was listening attentively (Manik also)
the story lasted till 50 mins and then Sir told the class about the skit competition which is going to be held early
next year
Everyone was very excited and all started shouting started making groups and were stopped by sir
Aaliya: sir what is the topic?
Mukti : how many members are to be taken sir?
Dhruv: Sir is there any fixed date that when its gonna held ?

Sir: hole hole guys(calm down guys)
The topic should be any story by Shakespeare
there should be atleast 8 members
and no fixed date have yet decided so maybe mid jan
Manik: sir can we decide the story on our own or u r gonna decide?
Sir : u r free to take ur own skit but by tomorrow i want group lists and story name also!!
Yes sir all shouted in chorus
bell rang and sir went outside
Mukti : aaliya r u coming with me to sir i want to ask him abut the skit
Aaliya: Yaar u go na my legs are paining (making a puppy face)
Mukti : dekha di na dosti hmm ok mein jaa rahe hoon hmmmm
Mukti went out of the class and was talking to herself thinking abut skit and suddenly bumped into someone
Mukti: what the hell man !!!!! Can’t u walk properly (without looking at the face of the person )
Person : i am sorry actually i was searcing for my classroom but (was stopped in b/w)
Mukti : continuously yelling at him and that person was just lost in her eyes
Mukti : what? what r u looking ? r u listening
person: hmm haan yaa i am
Mukti : Whatever!!
mukti left from there

Person’s P.O.V
i was more annoyed then her the also when i first saw her, her complaing eyes her yelling on me i was liking it …
Leave it abhimanyu u have to search for ur class Lets go! (yes guyss he is abhimanyu thakkar)

In the classroom
Cabir: what guys kon kon hoga group mein ?
Dhruv: why don’t we ask Navya and Nandini?
Manik: ya we should ask them (smiling)
Cabir: bro relax bro relax control ur emotion
Manik giving an angry look
Aaliya: Hey nandini r u guys interested to join our group for the skit
Navya immediately jumped and told yes why not
Nandini: ok then as everyone wants
Aaliya : but we will be only 7 then one more from where we will find?
Manik: No issue aaliya we will think abut it later first think abut some story on which r skit wll take place
Everyone thinking and suddenly Mukti came and told
Mukti: hey guys what r u all thinking?
Cabir: abut the story
Mukti : k… but what abut members ?
Aaliya : nandini & navya wll be our crew members
Mukti: but it will be 7 only then what abut 8th one
Nandini: suddenly shouted how abut “Taming of the shrew” ??????
All: yaa

So guys i am sorry for very short update but wll try my level best to update long one next time
sorry for the late update guys !!!
think abut the 8th one
i wll try to update soon just plzz bear me
take care stay tuned plzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!

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  1. Gd see you back dear how are you!
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    Love you loads take care

    1. Shrutu

      Thanku so much dear
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      Love u tooo dear
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  2. Hai shrutu..How are you? Missed you and your story a lot…Pls update the next part soon..take care…with all love

    1. Shrutu

      Thanku very much Shwetha i also missed u all and writing
      i wll try my level best to update soon
      take care
      love u too dear
      Stay tuned plzzz!!!!!

  3. nice one…

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  4. Welcome back dear and episode is awesome I guess 8th member is abhi update soon

    1. Shrutu

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  5. Hiiiii
    Its tooooo gooood? i lyk ur fiction i lyk most❤❤?????

    1. Shrutu

      Thanku so much my new reader (i think u r new or silent reader) whatever it is no matter
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  6. Kavina

    Your back!! Loved it

    1. Shrutu

      yaa phiraa gayi aap logo ko apni story suunane
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  7. Obviously its abhi dearr & excited abt skit update soon my dearr

    1. Shrutu

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  8. It was a lovely update rutu

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      Thanku so much Neha
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  9. Hiii welcm back….was missssng u really yaar nd ur ff….lovly it was….Abhi may b the 8 th membr i guess…waitng 4 ur updates..t c

    1. Shrutu

      Thanku so much Anji
      Thankx for waiting and may be he can be the 8th lets see
      take care
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  10. Zuha Fatima

    Hey Shrutu,
    Well I am sorry for being late. Was stuck up with some work but fortunately I got some free time so caught up with your magnificent FF! Yaar…What shall I say? You have left me speechless by this amazing piece of creativity…I am crazy for Shakespeare and a play by him in your FF is more than amazing!! Jhakaas!! And about the 8th person I guess it would be Abhimanyu! Good going and do post soon and don’t forget to provide me with the link 🙂 Love u!

    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

    1. Shrutu

      ohhh dear zuha its no issue
      Thanku sooooo much its really great to know that u took some time to comment it means a lot
      and yes Shakespeare he is my favroite tooo so thats why …
      and ya i wll send the link
      Take care
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