Beintehaa mohabbat….Manan (Part-10)

This story will be Beintehaa which means extreme everything wll be beintehaa so guyss i hope u all like the extremity of love
Love is what will always be there in the heart no matter what situation does but life and love have its own plans so never mess with both it can sometimes take us to Lot of happiness or sometimes to lot of hatred
Let’s see what manan r upto
Happy reading!!!!!!!
Manik:(thinking) Yaar how can she celebrate her day here , for the very first time in my life i have seen a girl who is so very simple . i feel as the days r passing more& more i m falling for her she is beauty in simplicity and see her she is thanking god for bringing me in her life .
it is what i always wanted … Thanku so much almighty
Nandini: Manik have u came here before?
Manik: Not really,
Nandini: means!!
Manik : I have seen this from far standing on the beach but never came over here
Nandini: ohhhh
Walk went in silence with soothing atmosphere, pink breeze and cold winds.
They reached the mosque and both went through different directions as there is ritual that girls and boys have to go from either side of tomb and both cannot go together. They did their prayers
Nandini(praying): i don’t know allah miya what u have written in my destiny but i m pretty much sure that life is going to be perfect if u r always by my side
Plzz allah miya help me to score good grades , to achieve what chacha chachi wants and one last thing plzz fulfill Manik’s wish also coz he is really the wonderful person and i also…….
R my feeling for him r ok, is there any issue if i say this to him that i lo………
no no no hw can i even imagine , i should never think about this but anyways plzz do fulfill all his wishes
Thanku allah miya for always being there
Manik: (Praying) Ya khuda i don’t what to pray in front of u coz i never had this kind of feelings which makes me go crazy all the time
Is it true what Cabir says that i really love ?oh really is it? heaven knows but yes plzz allah tara plzz let that things happen in my life which are best for life and yes ,Nandini also, plzz be with us always together bless us god
Nandini and Manik came outside the mosque and started going back suddenly Manik’s call rang and
Manik: yes who’s this?
Other side : Manik my baby my love hw r u my jaan?? hmmm tell me baby
Manik: who’s this? Mam i think u have mistaken i m nt that person whom u r searching for
Other side: No no jaanu u r the one whom i was searching for since ages now toh my search had come to an end.
Manik(totally confused ) Mam i m sure i m nt the person u r talking about ……(before he could continue further)
Other side : ohh baby i can see u wait wait wait ., i m coming to u
Manik & Nandini were on the way back to the roadside but suddenly one girl came running towards them and suddenly jumped on Manik as if she know him since ages
Manik immediately jerked and hold her with shoulders and told her
Manik: Hello miss. who r u & why r u jumping on me ????????????????(totally baffled)
Girl : Manik baby i m Soha ,remember we used to hang out late nights and do lovey-dovey talks and u know (winks) right. today also ur mesmerizing fragrance can make me go crazy…
Manik: excuse me plzzz i don’t know u so plzz maintain distance (holdeing her with shoulders and pushing her away from him)
Nandin i’s P.O.V
we were having peaceful walk but suddenly a phone changed the peaceful smile present on his face to totally baffled expression , god knows what was happening but i could only frame that someone was on the other side whom Manik was not knowing i mean some wrong number and i thought he would disconnect soon but that did not happen infact what happened made me a hot blooded person which i am not but today for the first time in life i felt so irritated like i was feeling to take her hands away from Manik at the very moment yes yes how can she jump on him like seriously did she really jumped on him and hugged him how dare she do this ……………Oh god what’s happening man
And Nandini stomped her foot which caught their little attention but Soha was not in any mood to leave him and still she was holding him on his shoulders
Nandini: Manik u didn’t told me about ur friend ,that she was also going to join us on the way (throwing draggers on him like an angry girlfriend)
Manik could not understand the real intention of Nandini talking to him like this but as such he was not in that state that he can understand anything else so he decided to talk to her about it later on
Manik: no Nandini i m seriously not not aware who is this and u yes u girl plzz if this is a joke i m least interested in any of ur joke so plzz move from my way we need to go (in an angry young man mode)

So guyss i m very very very sorry for late updates
and ya guysss i think this episode was not up to the mark and sorry to bore u guysss
plzz sorry for this also but next time i will try to write some cute moments of Manan
I have one question for u guysss
Did u guyss liked the possessive yet trying to be normal behavior of our Nandu?
Plzz answer me guyss i m waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Totally loved it. AWESOME……I have been dying to read the NEXT EPISODE. i was wondering what happened to you as you were not posting for a generation.You nailed the possessive part. You have nailed it girl….Waiting for the next episode dear.

    1. Shrutu

      First of all a very big sorry for not posting for GENERATIONS and Thanku sooooooo much ……..i m so very glad so read ur comment and next episode is on its way …………….. again a big sorry dear……………….

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