Beintehaa mohabbat….Manan {Great planning}(Part-11)

i don’t know r u guyssss surprised or not but haan it is mysurprise for u all yes you who is reading my book i wish i can keep u tuned till the last point of this STORY
Manik was lost in thinking how he will manage Nandini and Harshad was thinking to do some khurafat
Harshad : Maink…..kkkk……kkk..kk..k.. woh
Manik: bhai y r u talking like this?
Harshad : Bhai woh ladkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ……………kon thi woh !!!! hmm hmm tickling him and asking tell me na bro
Manik: Bhai stop it bhai and was having a small blush on his face by listening about Nandini which has not gone unnoticed by his lovely brother
Harshad: ohhhhh ohhh look at this someone is blushing ohh or i should say trying to hide his blushing
Manik: let it be bhai if someone will capture us like this it will look like we were doing girl talks…..
Harshad : Thanks bro murmered to the person behind Camera
Manik: hey who’s there
the person came in front in full too filmy style and the face is reveled
Manik: abey too salle
Harshad : Cabir mere bhai what’s up!!!!!!!!
Cabir: Bade bhaiya and directly hugged him and also took Manik in the hug and had group hug
A voice came from behind : Group hug hamare bina and made a sad pout
all three looked in that direction and saw Aaliya making sad pout and standing with hands on her cheeks with Mukti, Dhruv and Navya also making sad faces
Cabir: aree tum sab waha kyun khade ho com’on in
all four ran towards them and had group hug
They broke their hug and fell on the couch with a thuddddddd
Manik: Bhai now it’s enough tell me y u did all that drama , y bhabhi came to me like that and all y and how u came to know about us that we were at haji ali
All started giggling on which Manik made frown and spoke so u guysss r also included in this plan
Harshad : sorry Bro it was all and looked at others and spoke OUR PLAN in unison
Cabir: actually kya hai na Manik woh hua yun ke
Space academy
In Canteen
8:00 a.m
Cabir, Navya, Mukti and Aalia were sitting and having gala time but suddenly Cabir’s phone rang with an unknown caller-id
Cabir: Hello who’s this?
Other side : abe salle apne Bade bhaiya ko bhol gaya tu ?
Cabir: Bade bhaiya!!!!!! with a 32 inches smile
Everyone knew except Navya with which they gave a bright smile and tried to take the phone from him and Navya gave “What is happening” look !!
Mukti: Cabir mobile speaker par rak na
Aalia: yaa Cabir keep the phone on speaker so that we all can talk
Cabir kept the phone on speaker and meanwhile Mukti told Navya about Harshad as elder brother of Manik
Aalia: hey bigb what’s up aap kab aa rahe hai
Mukti : Bhai r u coming in the same way as u went there
Cabir: What r u saying Mukti ??? gave a “pagal ladki “look
Mukti: aree i mean r u coming back single only or got mingled to someoneee hmm hmm tell naa bhai
Harshad : will y guyss let me speak !!!!!!
Aalia : yaa bhai say na
Mukti : we r here bhai in India and u r in London how can we come there and stop u
Harshad: SHANTTTTTTTTT DEVIYOOO shouted in such a manner that everyone in the canteen started staring at them
Harshad: Mere pyaari behno and one bhai listen to me , today only i came back to India but Manik don’t know anything about it so we want to give him surprise him so…..before he could further continue
Mukti: Bhai “WE ” Hmm tell me na bhai who is there with u??
Harshad: woh actually ….. but before he could continue
Soha: hiiiii guyss its me ur Bhabhi Soha
Cabir: Bhai tu bhabhi le aaya aur bataya bhi nahi
Aalia : Bhai u should have called us we also wanted to enjoy the wedding
Mukti : Bhai she is right so from now on we r not talking to u bhai right aalo
Aalia: absolutely Muku
Cabir and Navya giggled at their childishness and shared a small cute eyelock(which Cabir didn’t told to all while reciting flashback)
Harshad: no my lil sissys’ u can’t do this to me ……ok plzzz baba i m sorry okk so if sorry not accepted then i will compensate it with whatever u say
Aalia and Mukti in unison : okkk then
Harshad: aree guyss tell me one thing where is Manik , he is not at home because i called maa to ask his whereabouts but she told he went somewhere early morning !!! do u know where he is !
Navya: woh i think…… stopped abruptly feeling awkward talking to some stranger
Cabir realised it is kept his hand on her shoulder and convinced her to speak further
Navya: woh actually aaj subah hum Nabdu ke ghar gaye the na waha Chachi told me that she went to Haji ali with Manik and that’s y she didn’t came with me
Harshad: but who is Nandu???
Cabir told him everything about nandini & manik which was started from day one and Navya realised that may be Nandu is also having some feeling for Him but she chucked her thoughts
Harshad: gave a smirk and said then bro let’s give him surprise + shock because surprise toh dhamka hoga but this combo will be double dhamka and discussed the plan as it happened
In between this Flashback Soha came back to the living area where all were present and Nyo left for her work

Manik: but Bigb this lend me to such a big trouble now how i will convince her she was so angry on me
Cabir: bro when we r here y u fear!! wah wah kya rhyme tha and tapped his own shoulder
Mukti : stop it Cabir and playfully hit him with cushion
Manik: leave it guyss spoke in utmost helpless manner and made a sad face and went to his room
Harshad: Manik listen bro we will…….but stopped as he went running from there

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