Beintehaa mohabbat….Manan {Great planning, Great execution}(Part-12)

Again as usual a very late update a VERY BIG SORRY GUYSSSSSSS I think my sorry sessions are increasing day by day i wish u all like this update

Manik could not understand the real intention of Nandini talking to him like this but as such he was not in that state that he can understand anything else so he decided to talk to her about it later on
Manik: no Nandini i m seriously not not aware who is this and u yes u girl plzz if this is a joke i m least interested in any of ur joke so plzz move from my way we need to go (in an angry young man mode)
Nandini: i think Manik u r really busy i think i should take a leave . She spoke in a stun manner which lead maink on giving “Why r u going ? ” look and she started walking towards the main road
Manik: Nandini , Nandini please wait listen i can explain but to his hard luck she walked without giving a damn to him
Soha jerked her hand from Manik and took a deep breath called someone and uttered offfff…. great plan executed my love
Manik looked at her all baffled will be understatement and was going to say something but before that someone kept his hand on Manik’s shoulder with which he turned around
Manik: Harshad !!!!!!! Big B aap yaha but before he can say anything else
Soha: my loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee all in over dramatically and hugged Harshad
Manik was totally blank first to see Soha who before a few minutes was hugging him and now saying “MY LOVEEEEE” to his Bigb and yaa y his big b is also reciprocating to her hug and it was enough for The MANIK MALHOTRA to get frustrated and he shouted like never before
Harshad and Soha were made a straight face and the next second both were laughing like a kid laughing at the joker at circus
Manik had enough he was hell angry on them , totally confused was not knowing the actual reason for Nandu’s departure and now this both , why the hell they were laughing like maniacs ran from mental asylum
After great difficulty harshad composed himself and said
Harshad : Sorry bhai , woh i know u r really confused with things happening to u but let’s go to home first i am tired and then we will discuss on this things…….. com’on bro
Manik was thinking , is this for real like seriously here i m hell confused and look at him he is telling that he is tired hmm i will see at home big brother but first
Manik: you Miss
Soha : excuse me Mr. i m not MISS. I am Mrs. Soha Harshad Malhotra understood my pyaare devar ji by saying this she playfully holded his cheek and told : cutiee and did hifi with her hubby
Manik looked at Harshad with a big question and he nodded a big one in affirmative and gave a “batane hi wala tha look ” and Manik made “kab”wala look
Soha: let’s go home my dear Malhotra bro’s maa wait kar rahi hogi
Harshad and Manik in unison: yes Mrs. Malhotra
And they drove off to Malhotra Mansion (MM) with lots of gossips and lots of fun but still the confusion is not been cleared
Nyonika loved Harshad a lot but not manik and so was very happy to see his son and Daughter in law she had done all the arrangements before hand as she knew their homecoming but did not spoke anything about it to Manik as it was surprise for him and so agreed not to disclose the surprise. Nyo never said no to his son to which she happily accepted Soha as her DIL . She did all the rituals and brought her bahu inside the house
Nyonika : welcome back beta and hugged harshad
Soha took her blessings and Nyo hugged her and said welcome home beti
Manik was making weird faces on which Harshad was giving “dare not u do that” look to him
Nyonika took Soha to have a look to the house as it was MALHOTRA MANSION Mumbai’s most elite class people resided here

Nyonika malhotra: The Ex-CEO of “Malhotra Empire” and owner of Space academy, India’s topmost university .
Harshad Malhotra : The present CEO OF ” Malhotra Empire ” and owner of SING FOR LIFE academy which has created today’s star singers’ all over the country
Manik Malhotra: Best in academics and Lead singer of FAB5
Soha Malhotra : Fashion designer studied from London

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