Beintehaa mohabbat ki shuravat (episode 6)

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Suh:papa there is a tour tomorrow to delhi..
Pankaj:I know ur teacher called me and I also allowded u to go
Suh:thank u papa
Suh hugs pankaj
Sowwmu sees them and smiles
Next day
Suhani and sowmya gets ready to go they packed their bags and are waiting for the bus to come..its almost 3:30 pm….
Yuvi also becomes ready he packs his bags and everyone r ready anuj and yuv are most excited to see saurabh….

They all get ready …
Raj:we will miss the bus
Yuv:bus we r going by bus papa
Ma:haan so wht

Yuvi,anuj,pratima and rajesh reach d bus stop where suhani and sowmya was standing …
Yuvi was passing by suhani his heart started beating very fast…he looked back but by the time suh and sowms bus comes and they get in yuv couldn’t see anyone..after sometime yuvis bus also comes they also leave for delhi….

In the yuvi and anuj had lot of masti….suhani and sowmu also had a lot of masti….
After some time yuvi falls asleep he sees a dream in which the faces were not clear and only some parts he could see a boy introduces himself as yuvraj he talks to a girl 2 buses crash the boy cries suddenly yuvi gets up from his dream….he was perspiring a lot……..he didn’t remember what dream he saw….after sometime they reach delhi ..yuvs bus reach near a hotel named vanesa……four of them goes to d hotel takes a room….after sometime suhanis school bus reach the hotel they all get down they takes rooms in the hotel suhani and sowmya took a room it was the next one of yuvis

They go to there rooms freshen up and and comes out of the room…..birlas also gets out of the room yuvi notices so many pupil over the entry he asks the manager he replies that there is tour for these students…birlas goes to meet saurabh suhani passes by yuvi yuvani doesn’t see eachother………but feels a bit awkward…….

Yuvani meeting…

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