Beintehaa mohabbat ki shuravat (episode 3)

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Suhani and sowmu are walking towards school
Somu:ammu whenever u get ur prince charming ur mr perfect tell me ..
Ammu:shut up dont taunt me my heart is saying like this thats why i said u forget i want tell u anything from today(ammu becomes angry)
Somu:achha teek hai fine i wont taunt u i was just telling u dat this is not reallity ok fine u r right happy???
Suhani:happily ha by d way i got my mr perfect
Ammu : i will tell u from class
Somu:not possible tell me pls
Ammu:shut up and walk or else i wont tell u ever
Somu:ok fine
Yuvi and anuj goes by school bus yuvi reach his class
Yuvi(thinking):was it true whtever ma told if it is true i m waiting for my cindrella(smiling)
Ammu and somu reach class
Entire clas:happy bday to u happy bday dear suhani…
Suhani gets shocked as everyone started giving her gifts
Ammu:wait how do u guys know that it s my bday
One student :he told us
Suhani looks at a boy and screams KARAN(yes guys he s d 4th person or hero of our story the dashing handsome hero)
Suhani:karan u told them thank u so much
Another student:he started telling dis 1 week befor yesturday he called everyone at night
Suhani(looking at karan):thank u yaar
Karan kneel down

Karan:happy bday my dear best friend this s ur gift
Suhani opens d gift and is amazed to see a very beautifull painting of her
Ammu:thank u so much yaar
Somu:karan u have made many paintings of suhani why didnt u make any of mine??
Karan:do u know why cause i have not yet studied how to paint a monkey
Somu:oh(without thinking)
Suhani and karan starts laughing
Somu:(comes into sense) wht how dare u call me a monkey karan i wont leave u
Some runs behind karan …karan collides with arjun (arjun is d enemy of ammu somu and karan)
Arjun:wht sorry u r always with girls r u a girl darr pok
His friends start laughing ..karan feels sad
Ammu:he walks with us as a best friend he is not like u walking behind girls like a flirtatious crocodile
Arjun(angrily):how dare u talk to me like this one more time if u talk to me like this then
Somu:then wht dont play with us get lost
Arjun and his friend leave angrily
Somu:wht ever he was telling is true u r a dar pok boys should be stable not like u
Karan leaves from there becoming sad
Ammu:r u mad??
She leaves

At yuvis school
Anuj comes to yuvis class
Anuj:bhaiyya i forgot to tell u ma told me to inform u today papa is coming
Yuvi(happily):really i m so excited by d way chottu u go class is gonna start
Anuj:bye bhai
At suhanis school
Karan is sitting so sadly near d steps suhani comes there
Suhani:so u r here
Karan:u came to scold me right
Ammu:never karan u r best d way u r and i like u soo much
Karan smiles
Ammu:somu come here .
Somu comes there
Somu:i m sorry yaar ..
Karan smiles .
Suhani:somu i told u na that i got my mr perfect and d mr perfect is karan
Somu :oh
Karan looks on happily
Karan somu and ammu reach d class teacher comes to there class
Teacher: children u will have a class tour next friday to delhi
Somu ammu : tour yai(hifi)
The episode freezes

Yuvis father rajesh birlas entry..suhannis bday party

Credit to: Jenny


  1. Aqsxxh

    love ur Fan Fic I don’t think u should worry about about comments as many people maybe silent readers like me ??❤️ So please carry on ?

    • Jenny

      Lovers r suhani and yuvi soon u will understand but for a story twist and turns r required thus i have made dis..

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