Beintehaa mohabbat ki shuravat (episode 2)


Hello guys dis is jenny with my ff guys pls support me as i am not getting any comments from u i am really sad i think u guys dont like my ff so as soon as i will end this…
At yuvis house
Pratima(yuvi ma):after doing pooja comes to yuvis and anujs room anuj get up it is 7 now get up
Anuj:ma just 5 mins pls ma u make yuvi bhayya wake up
Ma: arre budhu ur bro woke up and went for jogging in the playing garden…u get up anuj i m getting angry
Anuj: ok ma
Pratima makes anuj ready calling bell rings its none other than yuvii
Pratima opens d door
Pratima:u came so early
Yuvi : ma ur tauting me today i am so late
Pratima: haan i know u woke up late now dont talk and go get ready the school bus is not ur property it will go leaving u
Yuvi :ma i want to tell u one thing
Ma: wht??
Yuvi:ma today one pigeon was going on flying around me i saw a chit tied to its leg i got hold of the chit and saw this message
He gives dat chit to pratima and pratima reads it loud
Pratima: love can happen only once and that love will always remain let u get ur luv as soon as possible by S…Yuvi who wrote this???
Yuvi: i dont know ma i didnt see i felt like this was for me…
Pratima: maybe this is for u from somewhere ur future girl must have send for u
Yuvi : never ma u know i dont believe in all this faith and all ma i m going to get ready
Ma:yuvi listen hmm there will be a girl waiting for u…somewhere

At ammus house
Ammu is getting ready as a beautifull bday girl to go to her school
Suhani : am i looking gud hmmm i dont know
Somu fom outside d room
Somu : haan u r looking like cindrela happy??
Ammu : somu when did u come??
Somu : long time before but madam u were getting ready so i was waiting
Suhani : acha(oh)
Somu:by d way wht were u doing in the garden with d pigen
Ammu: ha vo nothing just playing
Somu: oh playing ammu u cant lie me tell me d truth.?
Ammu: somu i tied one chit to d leg of the pigeon it was a quote i wrote in it “love happens only once and always remains” it was actually for that person whoever will be mine in d future
Somu:ohh so u mean ur prince charming ????you r mad nothing will happen like dat u believe in all these things that is d foolish thing .
Ammu: maybe but my heart is saying wht i did is correct and the person to whom this chit will reach will my prince charming ..

At yuvis house
Yuvi(thinking) :wht ma told was it true will this be my future cindrela but why my heart is beating so faster why do i think that whtever ma told is true i wish that it is true ..he smiles the episode freezes at yuvis and suhanis face

4th persons entry and school tour

Credit to: Jenny

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  1. Good.But you have to write a storyafter yu- ba marriage.its my request.plz

    1. Ok i will write within a few days

    1. Thank u there will be more twists and turns ….in my ff

  2. Kya ammu or suhani ek Hi hai??

  3. ammu or suhani ek hi he kya ?

  4. Very nice

    1. Yep ammu is suhani

  5. Very good ? episode

  6. Super and dnt think to end pls continue..

    1. Ok i will surely continue

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