Beintehaa – ishq ki daastan ishqbaaz (Episode 2)

Hii gyez i am back but i am not happy i receive very low response tell me gyez its not intresting please if you donot like then tell and those comments on my ff thankyou so much all of you i do some changes in my ff please i am sorry if you all donot mind sanam Aahil is not part of this ff now Zoya(Surbhi jyoti) is shivaay sister and Asad( karan singh grover) is Anika brother i am sorry gyez but i feel asya chemistry is more better than saahil

Episode 2

ASAD Anika ishana Soumya come home from shopping

Kumud : Why u all late you know our flight in next two hours
Ishana : Bhayia and dii donot want to come thats why they come late
Saras : You both cant realise now when you go india you love and Mere desh ki meeti hai hi aisi
Anika go to his dad
Anika ; Dad we are not intrested in Your desh ki meeti we are going because we have deal
ASAD : Yeah dad otherwise we donot come
Saras : Now you both come thats final
Kumud : Go ready
Asad anika make pout and go

Secne 2 Airport

Anika : Bhayia i donot want to go india
ASAD : Why you donot worry we are going together have so much fun and meetings also
Anika : love you bhayia
aSAD : love you so much sweet cute sister

Ishana and soumya come
ishu : Bhayia and we
ASAD And Anika :We love you two so much

Next morning oberoi mansion

Dadi : Shivaay go and pick saras kumud and faimly
Shivaay : Okk dadi
ASAD ; I am also coming
omru : We also
Shivaay : Okk
They take diffrent car and go

Khuranas land on mumbai

Anika : You know bhayia we land i start to come michmichi feeling
ASAD : stop your stupid language
Anika : bhayia
Ishana come and go
ASAD : dad i booked hotel already
Saras : No beta shivay is coming to pick us we stay in oberoi mansion some days then we shift in our house which is infront of oberoi house

Anika : Okk dad i come in 2 minutes

Anika goes towarad washroom shivaay enter in Airport
Anika hit shivay
Shivaay :What the wuck
Anika ; kaun hai subah subah dimakh kharab kar diya
Shivaay : What the hell cant you see and walk
Anika : Wow you. Hit me and i cant see
Shivaay : You but Anika interrupt him
Anika : Wow your eyes like kanji like bagad billa
shivaay : Watch your language
Anika : Shut up
shivaay : You shut up i wish i cant see your face in my whole life
Anika : Same to you they walk in diffrent direction
Bg play : Ohh jaana
Shivaay see Kumud and saras he go to them
Shivaay : Ahh Mr. Saras khurana
Saras : Yeah
Shivaay : I am shivaay singh oberoi
Shuvaay greet them
Kumud : Kitna bada ho gaya hai yeh aur handsome bhe

shivaay smile
Shivaay : Aunty where is Aahil Anika ishana and soumya actually dadi tell they are also coming
Saras : Yeah beta honge yahi kahi
Shivaay ; My brother also come they can come with them
saras : how they recognize them
Shivaay : Actually they have khurana name plate so

Saras : So lets go
They left then ZOYA enter

ASAD come opposite side she hit him and she fell on but he hold her waist and they have eyelock Bg tune Mitwa ishq pa zor nahi hoo

ZOYA break eyelock

ZOYA go in hurry without talking to him ASAD is confused


Omru come and see ishana and soumya they have a board of khurana

Ishana goes to rudra

Ishana : are you from oberoi faimly
rudra : Yes amd you khurana
Ishana : Yes
Ru : Dii so we come to take you where is other

Then om come from behind ishana just then turn her hand on om shoulder om see her and they have eyelock oo sathiya play
But ishana break eyelock

Soumya come
Ru : Dii delho kitni moti ladki fir bhe oarantha kha rahi hai
Ishu : Yeah rudra tum thik keh rahe ho maine soumya ko kitni bar bola diet karo but yeh hai ki mamti hi nahi
Rudra : Yeah dii you are righ
Soumya fume in anger but doesn’t say anything
om see tgis
Om : Why are both taesing her she is so swweet come lets go
ASAD come there
ASAD : Whats up gyez
Om shake hand with Aahil they hug and then the go to oberoi mansion

They go home

ZOYA see Anika
ZOYA : Anika what are you doing here
Anika : Actuall we shift here
ZOYA : Long time you know i miss you so much
Anika : Me also sanam after come from paris we donot in touch 🙁 sanam is Anika frend amd they donot know they have relation of faimly )

ANIKA ; but what are you doing here

ZOYA ; Actually saras Uncle amd kumud Aunty our relative come so we come tpick them

Anika : Sanam oberoi so you are same oberoi we are going
Zoya: Mean
Anika : I mean saras khurana is my dad

Zoya jump exitedly and say ; Now you are goingbto stay with us we do so much fun like in paris

Anika : Yeah now lets go


Shivaay hug Aahil and then see Anika coming and say what she doing here and zoya Asad fight and Ishkara romance

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  1. Who is asad
    Is asad and aahil. Are the same

    1. Rithik

      Sory in last episode i write Aahil in place of Asad now story continue with Asad not Aahil and yes Asad aahil is same

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