Beintehaa – ishq ki daastan ishqbaaz (Episode 1)

Hii gyez i am back with new ff this is diffrent ff and please gyez comments on this ff

Part 1


Two girl sleep but suddenly get up from bed
Ishana ; Ohh god how can we forget
Saumya : yes dii where are dii and bhayia
Ishana : Get up saumya first we have to go and search them and then for shopping and in evening we have flight for India
Saumya : Yeah dii

Ishana saumya come out from room see her mom and dad romance

Saras : Kumud we have 23 Years for our marriage and still you are so beautifull
Kumud : Children can come stop your romance
Ishana ; Mom dad stop your romance we all have to go india
Saras : Why you are jealous of us we are married and we can do what we want
Ishana : Haww sharam karo
Kumud : Shut up you both we have to go india all packing done
Saumya : yes mumma but where is bhayia and dii
Saras : you know where they can find
Saumya : Yeahh how i forget
Ishana : Lets go

Oberoi mansion india

Sanam come in shivaay room and go to shivaay
Sanam : Bhayia get up please
Shivaay : why are you disturbing me be like priyanaka
Sanam : Yes pri omru
Shivaay get up suddenly

Shivaay : Ohh shit how can i forget we have to prepare dishes with priomru but how

Shivaay get sad and sanam cheer

Sanam : When sanam is here why fear
Shivaay : but how
Sanam : to isi baat pa ek sher arz hai
Shivaay : Not Again
Sanam : To suno
Jab ho jaye galti to maang lo apology
Jab ho jaye galati to maang lo apology
Jab kam atak jaye to use karo technology

Shivaay confuse look sanam

Sanam : Ipad
Shivaay : ohh yea

Sanam video call on Om ipad

Sanam : Hii om
Om : hii sanam
Sanam : come to kitchen
Om : How
Sanam ; Your and get sad
Omru and pri come in kitchen
Shivaay sanam in one kitchen and omru pri infront of shivaay kitchen have one more kitchen they all make some dish

Sanam : Okk bhai you know if lady mugamboo(pinky) come here then
Rudy : dii if Amrishpuri come then
Shivompri : Then they kill us

Suddenly pinky enter in shivaay kitchen and tej enter in om kitchen

Rudy and sanam : Lo shaitan ka naam liya shaitaan hajir
Pinky : What you say now sanam
Sanam : I donot say anything mom

Pinky see in video omru and pri

Pinky : How many time i say stay away from them
Shivaay : Mom please now too much
Pinky : I say this one year ago i can do this now
Shivaay ; Mom please

In omrupri kitchen
Tej : What the hell om you are talking to shivaay
Om : Please dad we are brother
Tej : So you all want then i do what i try to do
Om : Dad please

Dadi come and shout
Dadi : Everyone come in hall

Everyone come shivaay sanam pinky shakti stand in one direction and Om rudra priyanka tej janvi in one

Dadi to pinky and tej ; You both broke my house but whole property on my name uf you donot as i say then i give all property to trust

Tej : Maa what you want
Pinky : Tell mummy ji

Dadi : Tommorrow Kumud and saras coming to india with their children and i ask them to stay with us for some day because their house isn’t ready

Pinky : Ohh mummyji i am very happy kumud is coming
Janvi : Ji mummyji why are you tense if they donot want they have to stay with us
Dadi : I know beta janvi but we all have to stay like a one faimly

Tej and pinky ; but maa how can we
Dadi : i donot want any argument i say then none can change my decision if you try eles

Sanam shivaay come to om priyanka and rudra

Pinky stare them
Sanam : If we all going stay together so why this distance

Pinky stare her

Pinky tej go to room

Jhanvi : Wow mummyji i am so exited we all are leaving like a faimly after so much time
Shivaay : Yes badi ma
Jahnvi hug him and then sanam

Then all brother sister hug each other

Sanam : Who is coming Unke aane se pehle hi hamari faimly ek ho gayi i will never let them go

Shivaay : Yes dadi who are they

Om : Dadi when they are coming and where is house

Dadi : They are our very close relative…. saras is like son to me he is big buisnessman in Australia and his wife kumud she is very sweet and beautifull…. they have 3 daughter and one son……

Rudra : In our 3 girls come wow dadi they cant escap from rudy charm

Dadi : Pagal


One girl and boy running in road someone shout from behind

Ishana : Dii bhayia

Both turn they are Anika and aahil

Anika : Bhayia Aaj mai aapko hara dungi
Aahil : You cant never lose me
Anika : Bhayia
Ishana running behind them

Ishana : Bhayia please stop now we have to go india
Anika Aahil ; No we are not going we donot like india

Ishanacome near them by running
Ishana : Yeh soumya pata ne kaha reh gyi
Soumya come in car

Soumya slow car speed

Soumya : Howcan i run soo much

Aahil Anika stop : Awww tired lets go to shopping

They gobto shopping

Shivaay Anika fight on Airport Sanam Aahil meet And ishakara swwwt talk and then they come face to face in oberoi mansion


  1. Shivika22kapoor


    |Registered Member

    WOW 😲 Rithik the entire epi was awesome I really loved it man, you nailed the epi.
    Sanam’s shayiri was too much of fun.
    Saras &Kumud is nice pairing.
    Eagerly waiting to know why is the O family πŸ‘ͺ separated.
    Post next part asap.😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

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