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Beintehaa 8th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aaliya serves sehri to whole family and says today is special roza for us as we all are having sehri together. Surayya says Aaliya is right. Shaziya asks Surayya if she will be distributing Zakat(2.5% of earnings saved) today. Nafisa asks if that is the reason she came back 2 days early from her parent’s house. Shaziya says mummy does not distribute Zakat without herr. Surayya asks Zain and Fahad if they are at home today to distribute zakat between poor. Aaliya says today Zain is going for site inspection. Zain says Aaliya will be there instead of him. Surayya says she knows that and wants to show how much she controls her son.

Zain searches his file and asks malika-e-zain if she saw his red file. Aaliya holds his file and smiles. He asks why is she smiling. She gives him file saying

in a hurry, one cannot see things near them and asks if he did not stick love note. Zain shows her love note. Ishq duaa…. song plays in the background. Aaliya says him good boy and says if she did not get 30 notes on Eid, she will not spare him. She asks him to get ready whihle she checks Saif’s homework, kisses him on his cheek and goes. She is walking towards kids room when she sees somone stealing money.

She asks who is she and asks why did she steal. She calls whole family members and says this lady was stealing money. Zain identifies her as Khatija Bi. Lady gets angry saying she was performing dua on Usman holding money when this girl alleged her as thief, says she comes here to take zakat money and nobody misbehaves with her like that and asks who is this girl who is misbehaving with her. Surayya says she is Zain’s wife. Aaliya says she herself saw Khatija stealing. Khatija says nobody spoke to her like that and now she does not need zakat. Zain asks khatija to stop and says Aaliya she must be mistaken. Surayya asks Aaliya to apologize khatija thief. Aaliya apolgoizes her. Thief khatija says she does not need her apology and says she does not want zakat from a house which has such a bahu and says Usman’s ill health is because of her. She says until Aaliya is here, this house’s people will not be in peace. Surayya asks her to take zakath and go. Thief khatija says she does not want and asks Surayayya not to let Aaliya give Zakath money to poor as she does not respect poor.


When she leaves Surraiya tells Aliya that this year she won’t give out any Zakat. Aliya is looking down when Zain comes up and says that Aliya made a mistake and she has apologised for it. If you don’t want, Aliya won’t give out Zakat, but I can do it right? Aliya turns to Zain and says, If you two don’t want me to give Zakat I won’t. You don’t need to take any tension. She storms off from the room disappointed in Zain.
Rizwan goes to take Aayat from her office but hearing about some accident gets very nervous and scared for Aayat. But later he finds her eating paani puri. He goes on one knee and proposes to her for marriage. He says that she has all the time in the world to think.

Nafisa and Shazia insist on going to office with Fahad to help him in the site inspection because Zain is unable to go. Fahad agrees.

Surraiya pays Hateeja Bi off and turns out this was her 1st step to show Aliya that Zain is in her control, completely! What a fool! Hateeja Bi says that Aliya is very smart and Surraiya says that she’s not going to be here for long.

While they give out Zakat, Aliya hides behind the curtains and watches them. Surraiya is very happy to see Aliya’s absence and says that this is just the beginning, she will show Aliya that even today Zain is completely under her control.

Precap : Nafisa takes out the gas pipe and as soon as Aliya lights the lighter there is a huge flame and Zain is on the phone with her and he screams – ALIYAAA.

Update Credit to: MA

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