Beintehaa 7th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 7th March 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 7th March 2014 Written Update

Zain reaches Raghu bhai’s party disguised as wealthy Sheikh and Aaliya as his wife with red hair. Dhoom machale dhoom music plays in the background. Security guard stops them and asks their card. Zain gives invitation card and introduces himself as Zain Abdullah and Aaliya as Surayya Abdullah. They enter in. Usman Abdullah and Surayya are seen entering the venue. Usman says Surraya that he came because of her insistence, but they will leave from party soon. She agrees. Security asks for card. Surayya says she didn’t bring the card. Just then Surayya friend comes and gets her in. Girls are seen dancing in the party and don watching their dance. Aaliya and Zain see tight security with gun-holding guards and see everybody enjoying the party.

Aaliya asks Zain to take care of his beard. He asks

her to take care of her wig. She asks if he has planned something or just came like that. He says he has to find where is Raghu bhai’s locker where he has kept Barkath Royale’s papers. She says very funny lets go and ask him directly. She then says they have find the key first and sees it in Raghu bhai’s neck, he hides it. Raghu asks his secrety if guests and their entertainment product came. Secretary says yes. Aayath and Rocky enter the venue. Aayath asks why have come to this party. He says to develop network and get contact as it is important in modeling to develop contacts. He says it depends on her how she will impress them. He says she will get money for attending the party. He shows people and says these rich people need glamour and all big models die to attend these parties as they know they earn more than 1 month’s month in 1 night. He gives her wine and asks her to hold it. She holds it hesitantly. He says he will come back and goes.

Aayath thinks where has she come and what is she doing, she has to reach Bhopal soon, else Shabana will be angry. Aaliya gets Shabana’s phone. Shabana asks her how is she, she didnt speak to her since 2-3 days. Aaliya says she is out and will speak to her later. Shabana says you sisters have grown up and don’t have time for her. She says Aayath has gone to Indore from her college and is not picking her phone. Security comes and asks Zain if he can speak English. Zain says he can speak many languages, he just has to understand him.

They go and meet Raghu bhai. Raghu says he does not know them. Zain gives his card. Don reads it as Al-Mansoor, Al-Maqsood, Al-Bukhari. Aaliya thinks what kind of card Zain has printed, Al is used for building and street’s names. Raghu bhai asks which name is his and jokes, all his guests laugh. Zain says all names of his. Don asks how can they speak good hindi when they are from Dubai. Zain says they speak to their clients in their languages. He has some 20 billion worth’s business. Raghu gets happy hearing that and asks his guests to give their seat to Zain and Aaliya. He asks them to sit down and asks what they would like to have. Zain says hotel, he wants 5 star hotel in mumbai and will pay any amount for it. Chakkiwala comes and hugs Raghu. Raghu shooes him up and introduces Zain to him. He says Zain wants to open a hotel here and asks Chakkiwala to show them the hotel. Chakkiwala asks which hotel. Zain and Aaliya realizes Chakkiwala is with Raghu bhai and playing double game.

Chakkiwala says Raghu bhai they just have papers of that hotel and can’t sell. Raghu bhai asks Chakkiwala to send Fahad and he wil talk to him. Usman and Surayya and come with her friend to meet Raghu bhai. Surayya’s friend introduces them to Raghu. Usman greets ZAin and asks who are they. They get tensed and does not utter anything. Chakkiwalla asks them to speak.

Zain and Aaliya get up. Usman greets them and shakes hand with Zain. Zain gives his card to Usman. He says even he has hotel business. Raghu asks Chakkiwala to take Zain and Aaliya and meet other guests. They go. Raghu asks Usman his hotel’s price and even asks Surayya. Usman says it is priceless. Chakkiwala asks Zain to enjoy the party and he will come soon. Zain says he wants to do hotel business and asks if they can see the papers. Chakkiwala says they have to wait for 2-3 days and tries to go. Zain stops him and asks if the hotel is Raghu bhai’s or his. Chakkiwala says it is his and runs from there. Zain says he could not belive Chakkiwala was such a beytrayer. Aaliya thanks god that Usman/Surayya didn’t identify them and prays they don’t meet any known people in party again. Aaliya is seen standing behind them.

Precap: Aaliya says they have to hide from Usman/Surayya, get paper from locker and go from there. Usman is waiting for Surayya. He sees Zain sitting next to him. Aaliya says she found the locker but has to find the key. Key is show around Raghu’s bhai neck.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. good episode I want aliya to see ayyath so shabana can find out wat her daughter does behind her bck.

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