Beintehaa 6th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 6th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aaliya calls her lawyer and informs that she wants to transfer her 51% shares in Zain’s name in Barkath Royale’s annual day party. She keeps a fancy dress theme.

Rocket enacts as Zain and starts shouting that he cannot hearing anything against Aliya. Bilal asks him to stop shouting. Zarina says we have to stop Aaliya from transferring her 51% shares in Zain’s name. Rocket says for that he will have to take Zain’s place in annual day party. Bilal says it is very risky. Rocket says he will use fancy dress theme in his favor.

Zain asks Aliya why did she keep fancy dress theme for the party. She says she wants all his employees enjoying party without hesitation. He asks if she is also having good news like Nafisa. She says right now she has a child/Zain which

she has to take care of. She says both he and Fahad have all good qualities of mamu/Usman. She asks what will he wear in party and reminds him of don’s party where he became Sheikh.

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Rocket calls Goa don and asks him to kidnap Zain. He says Zain’s pic, don looks at it and says it is Rocket and even he wants to kidnap him and will pay him instead if he tells his hideout. Rocket says he will send his address. Zarina asks whom he is talking to. Rocket says he gave Zain’s supari to Goa don.

Fahad says Surayya that he is happy that everything is setting right and he is getting a new baby. Surayya says she is missing Usman. Shaziya comes there wearing a weird red dress. They both laugh. Shaziya angrily goes back to her room. Bilal comes there and starts laughing and praising her. Shaziya gets irked and asks him to stop laughing and sends him out. Fahad comes and asks her to prepare a lighter food for Nafisa and look after her. She starts shouting that she become Nafisa’s servant and is taking car of her food, medicine, etc. She says he loved only Nafisa and married her on his mom’s insistence to get a boy. He sadly leaves from there.

Bilal talks to Zarina over phone and says he has to get Rocket ready as Zain. Shaziya comes there and apologizes him for shouting on him, says she vented out someone else’s anger on him. He says even his ammi gets angry on him. She asks if he wants to be her friend and asks if he wants to attend fancy dress party with her. He happily jumps and says he will get ready soon.

Zain comes to his room and sees Aaliya busy watching TV. He says he got dresses for them. She says she got an idea what to wear in fancy dress competition and takes him out.

Bilal gets annoyed that he has to shave Rocket. Rocket says he has to do it as he will get crores. Zarina asks him to go ahead. Bilal takes out Rocket’s spectacles and starts dancing. Rocket says he is not blind. Bilal shaves Rocket’s moutache and beard out.

Aaliya fixes goatee and beard like Rocket’s on Zain’s face. Rocket becomes Zain and Zain becomes Rocket for the fancy dress competition. Rocket says he will go to his Aaliya now. Aaliya kisses on Zain’s cheeks.

Precap: Aaliya gets ready as Chinese woman for a fancy dress party and Zain her husband.

Update Credit to: MA

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