Beintehaa 6th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 6th March 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 6th March 2014 Written Update

Fahad calls Zain and says dad wants hotel’s papers. Zain says not to worry, papers will be back by tomorrow night. He turns back and sees Surayya standing behind. Surayya asks if everything is alright and says hotel staff told some weird people came to the hotel and when security stopped them, they took your name, who were they. Zain says they were new colleagues. She says she trusts him.

Rocky brings Aayath to his friend’s home and says she can stay here. Aayath says she has to go back to Bhopal in 3 days and asks if everything will be done by then. He gives evil smile and says everything will be done perfectly. She gets Shabana’s calls, picks and says she reached Indore and has got a nice accomodation. She then says she will keep the phone as her college people are calling. Shabana

says she believed her and sent there and not to break her belief. Aayath says she understands and cuts the call. Rocky says this time’s assignment is a bit different and says he will explain it.

Police stop Zain’s car and says they are checking as kidnapping has happened. Zain says he has not kinapped anyone. Inspector asks Zain to show the dickie and go. Zain gets out of the car, opens the dickie and says I told you nothing is there. Inspector and Zain are shocked to see Aaliya in the dickie. Inspector asks her to come out and asks who is she and what is she doing in his dickie. Zain says she is his wife. Aaliya says she is not his wife, Zain remembers his prank in the boutique. He says he is his wife and didn’t kidnap her. Aaliya repeats the same words ZAin told in boutique to inspector. She says not to believe Zain, says she does not want to fall in this issue and tries to go. Zain pleads her to stop. She comes back and agrees to inspector that she is Zain’s wife. Inspector asks why did she say lie. She asks didn’t he see she was sitting in the dickie than sitting beside him. Inspector insists Zain to say sorry to her. He says sssssss, but does not speak sorry. Aaliya says she forgive him it is ok. Inspector says Zain to take her and let her sit beside him, not in a dickie.

Aayath comes out shyly wearing revealing clothes with veil covered. Rocky says she is looking good and asks her to remove the veil. She hesistantly removes the veil. He says she is looking stunning.

Rocky goes near Aayath and removes her hair band to let her hair loose. He says it is perfect now. He teaches her how to walk on ramp. She first walks with stooped gait but then gains confident and walks like a model. She is about to fall while walking, but Rocky holds her. She hesistantly and shyly gets up. Rocky says from tomorrow, it is new life for her.

Shaziya asks Chakkiwala not to Raghu bhai’s party. If he gets pics with don, Fahad will get to know about his double nature. She says even Usman got an invitation. Chakkiwala says not to worry, pics are taking of wealthy and famous people. Gowhar asks why does he want to go to the party. He says many bookies would have come, he wants to meet them, make connection with them and earn more money. Nafisa hears their conversation. She calls police about the party and says many bookie’s would be coming, if they want to catch them, they should go.

Fahad says Aaliya and Zain that he has arranged a pass for don’s party and asks they were planning to go in disguise, what are they wearing. ZAin/Aaliya says it is surprise..
Aayath is trying other revealing dresses shyly. Rocky comes into her room. She says she is ready, where is the shooting. Rocky says modeling agency gave assignment to a senior model and asks sorry for that. She says she will go back to Bhopal. Rocky says when she has come, to try something where she can get 3-4 lakhs at once. She asks what kind of work.

Zain and Aaliya reach the party venue disguised as wealthy Saudi sheikh and his red-haired girlfriend. Dhoom machale dhoom song plays in the background. Security stops them and asks for a card. He removes a card and says he is Usman Abdullah and she is Surayya Abdullah. Security welcomes them and lets in. Just then Usman and Surayya reach the venue.

Precap: Zain/Aaliya try to find out the locker and it’s key. They see don sitting on a sofa. Surayya and Usman are seen behind. Rocky’s friend asks him who is this new girl. He says he brought her and will keep her for 10-15 days, let her know what is this game about and she will come back once she is into it.

Update Credit to: MA

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