Beintehaa 5th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 5th March 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 5th March 2014 Written Update

Fahad comes and meet Chakkiwala and don Raghu. Aaliya and Zain are seen watching them hiding behind. Chakkiwala says don that Fahad gave 2 crores and asks to return the papers. Don asks 5 crores. Don says Fahad didn’t give money on time, so he needs 5 crores. Don gets minsiter’s call. He informs mantri about his daughter’s engagement and invites him to come. Don says to get 5 crores, till then papers will be in his personal locker at home, it is just a business. Zain and Aaliya come and say it is not business but blackmail. Don’s goons get guns on them. Fahad asks Raghu don to stop his goon. Don says to get the money and goes. Fahad pleads he can’t arrange 5 crores. Chakkiwala stops him and says he will speak to don. Zain, Aaliya and Fahad come home and they get angry on don for his illegal

demand. Fahad says he will have to arrange money, else what will he tell Usman if he asks papers. Aaliya says if they give 5 crores, don will ask 10 crores, they will have to find some other solution. Zain backs Aaliya. Aaliya says they have to steal the papers from don’s house. Fahad says if they get caught, don’s goons won’t leave them. She asks if they don’t get caught, then. Zain asks if he has every stolen anything.

Aaliya asks Fahad to stop calling don as Raghu bhai, he is just a goon. They have no choice than stealing. Zain also backs her. She says if they can enter in disguise in Raghu’s daughter’s engagement. Zain says it is a good idea. Fahad says there would be a lot of security, how will they enter.

Ghulam and his family are having dinner. Ghulam praises Aayath for preparing nice food. He says Shabana is sitting and Aayath is serving food. Aayath says she has grown up now and can’t still all her life. Shabana asks what is the matter. She says there is a college function in Indore for 3 days, everybody is going and she also wants to go. Ghulam agrees, but Shabana does not and says where will se stay for 3 days. Aayath says her friend Rubina is also going, she calls Rubina and asks Shabana to speak to her. Rubina assures her she will take care. Shabana agrees but asks how will she arrange money. Aayath says trip is from college, not to worry. Ghulam asks Shabana to allow Aayath to go and says they can romance if she goes. Shabana gets shy. Ghulam asks Aayath to go. Ghulam says if they dont give children their freedom, they won’t realize their responsibilities. Aayath calls Rocky and asks him to book tomorrow morning’s ticket.

Surayya shows engagement card of her friend’s son and says it is with Raghu’s daughter. Usman says Raghu is a goon who does extortion, robbery, etc. He can’t go there and asks her to send good wishes to he friend and says nobody will be going from this house. Shaziya comes and says if papa and you are not going, she and Fahad will go. Surayya says angrily nobody will be going. Shaziya says she has not attended don’s party and to permit her. but Surraya does not permit.

Aayath reaches mumbai and travels with Rocky in a car. Rocky asks how is Mumbai, she says very good. She says her sister also stays in Mumbai, but she can’t meet her else her lie will be caught. Rocky holds Aayath’s hand and says she has come to build her career and once she is established, she can meet her sister who will be proud of her then. She asks if they are going to modeling agency now. He says they are not, first impression is the last impression in modeling agency and she has to get trained first. He asks if she is ready, she says yes. Zain/Aaliya’s car stops in a signal. Aayath asks where are they going, he says to see herself. AAyath/Rocky’s car also stops at the same time. They don’t see each other.

Zain tries different get ups. First he disguises as Gabbar Singh, Aaliya as princess. Aaliya taunt saying they are not going for a fancy dress party. He says all goons come there. She asks to change the dress. He taunts her for wearing a princess dress. They try different get ups, like inspector, witch, chinese lady and man, etc. Ali Ali song plays in the background. They start fighting. They finally select their dresses. Cashier asks Aaliya to pay 3000 rs. She says she left her purse in a car and says her husband will pay. Zain comes with his dress. Cashier asks 6000 rs.
Zain does not recognize her and says he is not her husband. He pays 3000 Rs and acts and going. He then asks Aaliya not to call anyone else her husband and goes.

Usman speaks to his employee and says he wants to file new tenders now as Zain has joined them. Employee says new there is there, and they have to take a big loan for that. Usman asks him to go ahead and asks Fahad to get hotel’s papers. Fahad gets tensed and calls Zain. Zain asks him not to worry as he is coming home now, he will get the papers back by tomorrow night. Surayya sees Fahad being tensed. As soon as Fahad turns, he sees Surayya standing behind.

Precap: Surayya requests Usman to go to Don’s party. He agrees. Shaziya asks Chakkiwala not to attend the party, he says may bookies will come and he can’t miss the party. Fahad says asks Aaliya and Fahad they were thinking of going in disguise for the party. They say they have a surprise.

Update Credit to: MA

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