Beintehaa 4th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 4th March 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 4th March 2014 Written Update

Surrays says Usman that she wants to speak something important to him. She says he always says when children does not obey parents, they have to be dealt strictly. Usman asks whom she is talking about. Zain enters and says she is talking about Aaliya. He says from the time she came, everybody talks only about her. This time, she sold her jewellery which she got from her Nikah. Usman does not believe him and asks what is he telling. Zain says mom is telling thaty, she thinks Aaliya sold the jewellery, but she is wrong and shows jewellery. Surayya and her other two bahus are shocked to see the jewellery. He then asks Aaliya not to be too egoistic, she would have called him and asked where he kept the jewellery. He says he kept jewellery in bank, and she could not tell his mom. Surayya asks why did he

keep the jewellery in locker. He says their cupboard locker is broken, so he thought to keeping it in locker. He says Aaliya should have told her, but she is so egoistic and does not want to speak to him. Usman says Zain is right, she should speak to Zain.

Usman says he is Aaliya’s husband and should obey him. Aaliya stares at him. Zain says this jewellery is yours and you should handle them. Usman asks Aaliya to keep the jewellery as Zain is speaking right for the first time. Surayya and her bahus are puzzled.

Zain takes Aaliya to their room. Aaliya asks why did he save her if he hates her so much. Usman scolds Surayya for doubting AAliya. He says Aaliya will do only good to this house. Surayya says she was not speaking anything, so she thought Aaliya was wrong. Usman says now everything is clear. He says he likes Zain standing for Aaliya when she is in trouble. He thinks his decision was right and says love starts like this. When love starts, the whole world sees it. He has a lot of faith in Zai and Aaliya.

Zain and Aaliya enter the room and Aaliya sees Fahad already in the room. Zain says Zain and Chandbibi told them everything in time. She would have told him that she is helping Fahad. Even phone calls and messages were from Fahad. Fahad asks if he was doubting Aaliya and was jealous of her. Aaliya says jealousy is Fahad’s nature.

Aayath tries to call Rocky, but he does not pick the call. House agent comes and asks for Ghulam. He says Ghulam had informed, he would pay some loan amount.
Aayath says Usman is unwell, so Shabana has taken him to doctor. Agent says he understands, he even said Ghulam to take loan which he can pay and not to overburden himself. He asks her to inform Ghulam that only 35 days are left to vacate the house and goes.

Surayya scolds Shaziya for misleading her. She asks her to check up her eyes. Shaziya says it was Aaliya who sold the jewellery, so she kept silent when she was asked for jewellery. Zain saved her in time. Surayya thinks how did Zain get such a huge amount. Fahad asks Zain how did he get the money. Zain does not say anthing. Aaliya asks him speak. Zain says he has many well wishers. Aaliya taunts him that Fahad has a sister like her, so even Zain must be having his sisters. Aaliya then asks if he got back the collateral. Zain asks what was it.

Aayath remembers agent’s words and Rocky’s offer of 1 lakh per day. She chats with Rocky. He calls her back and says he was waiting for her message. Aaliya asks if she comes to mumbai, will she get a chance to work. Rocky says she will get work definitely and can earn 3-3.5 lakhs per month. He asks if her parents will allow her to come to mumbai. Just then Shabana comes and asks whom she is speaking to. Rocky asks her to tell it is her college friend Rubina. Shabana says she didn’t hear that name before. Rocky asks her to tell it is new friend. Shabana goes. Rocky says nothing will happen to her until he is there.

Fahad informs he gave Barkath Royale’s papers as collaterals. Zain is shocked to hear that and asks why did he gave 200 crores rs property papers as collateral for 2 crores debt, it is dad’s pride. Aaliya says Fahad bhai is already tensed and not to disturb him much. Zain asks where did he get an advocate for him. Fahad says she is his sister, Allah sent her many years ago, but he got her just now because of him. Aaliya taunts him if he is not believing his good fate.

Fahad gets Chakkiwala’s call and asks him to come soon to get the papers back. Zain and Aaliya says they will accompany him. Zain asks them not to come with him. Zain says he will go with Fahad. Aaliya says she can’t let Fahad bhai go alone to don’s house. Zain says it is don’s house. Aaliya says she saw house manly he is when roadside goons troubled her. Zain says even she didnt do antyhing when they misbehaved with her and she was crying. They both then decide to get back Barkath Royale’s papers from don’s den and shake their hands.


Precap: Usman asks Fahad to give hotel’s papers. Fahad calls Zain and says what will he do now, don refused to give the papers back. Zain says not to worry, he will get back the papers by tomorrow evening. Fahad turns back and sees Surayya standing. Zain and Aaliya are in a car. Car stops in a traffic signals, just then another car with Rocky and Aayath stops there.

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