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Beintehaa 4th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rehan sees Zubair lip kissing Aaliya with Aaliya’s back towards him. It is revealed it is some other girl.

Aaliya prepares iftari/fast breaking food. Surayya asks what is she preparihng. She says she is preparing iftari and asks if she does not share iftari with neighbours. Nafisa jokes only Shaziya’s family gets all the iftari from here. Surayya says she was thinking of sending iftari to Rehan as he does not have wife. She asks Aaliya to take it personally to Rehan’s home. Aaliya agrees.

Aaliya is busying helping Kabeer and Zara with their homeworks. She gets Zubair’s call who asks if she told anyone and if Zain will doubt. Aaliya says no. Rehan hears her conversation and gets angry on her. She sees him coming, says Surayya sent him iftari and she kept it

in his kitchen. She says she will leave now and greets Allah hafiz/may god protect you. Rehan angrily says Allah/god is the only hafiz/protector. Aaliya is shocked to hear that from him.

Aaliya asks him what does he wanted to tell, which he wants to tell now and says these comments make her feel uncomfortable, so requests him to speak properly, else not to talk to her. Rehan says thanks for iftari. Zubair comes there and takes Aaliya from there holding her hands.

Aayath is busy with her work. Rizwan brings her book. She asks where did he get it. He says from her room and says why does not she read it. Aayath says it is her wish. Rizwan says you creative people engrap in work completely. He then goes to keep the book in.

Zain tries to call Aaliya repeatedly, but her call is not reachable. Surayya sees him tensed from behding, smirks thinking her plan is successfull. She asks Surayya why is he tensed. Zain says both Aaliya and Zubair’s phones are not reachable. Surayya says she sent Aaliya to Rehan’s house with iftari and suggests him to call REhan and check.

Rehan is tensed repeatedly looking at Zubair’s love card and remembers Zubair lifting Aaliya and then French kissing her. He gets Zain’s call who asks if Aaliya came to her house. Rehan says yes, but she left with Zubair long back.

Zain tensely repeatedly calls Aaliya without any answers. Surayya says she is too careless to not inform and go. Zain asks Fahad to call police. Zubair comes lifting unconscious AAliya in his hand. Zain worriedly asks what happened to Aaliya.

Zain picks Aaliya and sits on sofa, rubbing her hands and requesting to call doctor. He asks Zubair what happened to her. Surayya looks at Zubair and smirks. Aaliya opens her eyes. Nafisa brings her water, which she drinks. Surayya asks Aaliya and Zubair where were they as it does not take that much time reaching from Rehan’s house to here. Aaliya says Zain, we both.. Surayya asks Aaliya to reply her. Zubair says we both… Rehan comes and says ..went to finish our plan. He asks Zain if he believes him as his brohter. Zain says yes, but what happened. Rehan says he knows it is none of his business, but he does not want Zain undergo a fraud. Fahad and Surayya ask him to tell what happened. Rehan asks Zubair to tell himself or else he will tell. Aaliya asks what rubbish he is talking. Surayya says Rehan does not talk rubbish and asks him to continue, but Zubair interferes and says he made a plan with Aaliya. Surayya asks what plans. Aaliya says she will tell, but Surayyas asks her to stop and let Zubair speak. Zubair says we both planned to spend time together. Aaliya asks him to tell the truth. Zubair asks if she is sure. Aaliya says yes and says it is not appropriate to hide the secret now. Zubair says truth is he and Aaliya love each other a lot. Everyone are shocked to hear that including Aaliya except Surayya. Zubair says we used to love from before always.

Aaliya asks Zubair to stop joking and says Zain that he is telling lie, the truth is they were planning a surprise party for his next week’s birthday. Surayya asks howmany surprises she wants to give. Zubair asks Aaliya to tell the truth to everyone, if he would not have loved him, why would have he wrote a card for her. Aaliya says she did not get his card. Rehan says that card is with him and starts reading the card that Zubair loves him from his childhood and he did not profess his love in front of everyone, so he is writing it in card, asking to tear the card after reading it as he does not want Surayya and Zain to read it. Aaliya remembers Rehan’s bitter words and thinks that is the reason he said those bitter words. Aaliya asks Zubair why is he doing this when she helped him a lot and bailed him out. She says it is Ramzan’s month and nobody will believe him, especially Zain who believes her a lot. Surayya asks Rehan how can he allege Aaliya on the basis of this card. Rehan says he is telling what he saw from his eyes and heard from his ears, he tells them all the incidents he saw.

Precap: Rehan slaps Zubair for telling lie.

Update Credit to: MA

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