Beintehaa 3rd March 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 3rd March 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 3rd March 2014 Written Update

Aaliya informs Surayya she does not have jewellery. Surayya acts as getting shocked to hear that. She asks jeweller to come tomorrow for jewellery polishing. She then ask where is the jewellery. Her other 2 bahus backs her. Shaziya asks if she sold the jewellery or sent it to Bhopal. Surayya says those are their family ornaments and Usman’s mother’s. She asks Aaliya if she can’t answer her, then she will ask someone else. Surayya then calls Shabana and asks about Ghulam’s health. Shabana says Ghulam saheb is fine, but needs some tests to be done. Surayya asks then to get them done, if she needs money from her. Shabana says she has arrange money. Surayya taunts her she is mohter of talented daughters, says Khudahafiz and cuts the call. Surayya blames Aaliya that she smuggled her in-law’s

ornaments to her mother’s home and says she theft the jewellery. She says she would have told Usman, he would have sent money to his sister’s family, he has been doing it from many years. She keeps on scolding Aaliya and says she wants ornaments by evening 4 p.m.

Surayya then calls Usman and says she wants to talk to him something important and asks him to come home soon by 4 p.m., they have to take some important decision today. Surayya then says if she didnt get the ornaments by 4 p.m., she will inform Usman saheb. Fahad listens to their conversation standing behind.

Aaliya is tensed, she thinks how to get the jewellery, whose help to take. She then takes her marriage pic and starts talking to Zain. She says she does not want to share her problem with him, she will handle herself. Zain is talking to her pic on his mobile. Just then waiter comes with lunch. Zain says it must be from his mom’s and asks waiter to serve it. Waiter says it came from their hotel’s restaurant. Aaliya is still speaking to Zain’s pic. Fahad comes and gives replica of her ornaments and says jewellers can identify them, but not his family. He asks Aaliya to give it to her mom and goes.

Zain comes come thinking he will surprise Aaliya. Chandbibi asks him why did he come home soon. He says he was just passing from there, so he came. She says Aaliya didn’t prepare food today. She says Aaliya betrayed and ddi something insulting. Zain thinks she is talking about Aaliya’s affairs and says she did it without worrying and says he caught her red handed, everybody will know it soon. Chandbibi says everybody knows about it and Surayya scolded Aaliya today. Zain gets happy and mom did right and asks what did she say. Chandbibi says about the ornament polising incident.

Zain then realizes she is talking about jewellery. Chandbibi says she cannot believe Aaliya sold the jewellery and madam is doubting Aaliya about that. Zain then remembers Aaliya taking jewellery out. Chandbibi says jewellery was of Usman’s mother’s and Surayya asked her to get them by 4 p.m.

Zain goes Angrily to Aaliya and says that bag was having his parent’s jewellery and she gave it to her boyfriend. He says she would have told him, he would have given him. He asks why did he ruin his life and betray her mamu. He asks her to get out from there before Usman gets to know that. He then sees jewellery given by Fahad on the bed and asks what are they. She says they are replica. He says she will give artificial replicas to mom and dad, he can she do that. He says she does not have answer for his question, their relationship is over now and asks her to get out from the back door. He asks her to elope with her boyfriend and get lost, he will get his grand mother’s jewellery himself. Beintehaa title song plays in the background. Aaliya stands mum and remembers her romantic moments with Zain.

Zain sees Fahad praying namaz and wonders. Surayya and her bahus are waiting for Usman. Aaliya packs the fake jewellery. Chandbibi comes and informs Aaliya that Surayya called her. Aaliya goes without the jewellery. Usman comes and asks Surayya why did she call him. She says she wants to talk important to him and says he says always says if children don’t obey parents, they have to be dealt strictly. Usman asks whom she is talking about. Zain comes and says she is talking about his bhanji Aaliya. He says since she came, everybody talks about only her and today she sold all the jewellery.

Precap: Fahad informs ZAin and Aaliya that he gave Barkath Royale’s papers as collateral to the goon. Zain asks him why did he give 200 crores worth property’s paper to goon. Aaliya says they both have to get back Barkath Royale’s papers from don’s den.

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