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Rehan asks Zara and Kabeer whose idea it was to push Surayya into swimming pool. Zara says she was just frightening her, but she herself fell into swimming pool. He asks whose it was it to frighten her. Kabeer shows Zara. Rehan says it will have a bad impression on people. Zara says Surayya scolded her first, so she tought of frightening her. Rehan says we are known by our upbringing and behaviour and Surayya is very good. Zara says Aaliya is good than Surayya in that house. Rehan remembers Zubair lifting Aaliya. Aaliya on the other side thinks why did Rehan tell that and what he wanted to tell. Zain comes in and says Rehan is a nice person. Aaliya says we can’t judge any person so early. Zain says till now he feels him good and if she has any doubt. Aaliya says she did not have

any interaction with him yet. Aaliya comes there and asks Zain if he is sure about making Rehan their company’s legal advisor. Zain says he is sure about it and one meeting with a person is enough. She asks Aaliya’s decision. Aaliya says she does not, but if Zain believes him, then it is good. Surayya says yes if Zain believes someone, she must be good. She wishes them good night and goes.

Aaliya hurriedly wakes up and sees Zain ready for office and says she has a lot of work to finish. Zain kisses her forehead and congratulates her for finishing 2nd roza/fasting day today. She wishes him the same and kisses on his cheek. Zain tags a love note on their dressing table and says he will give her 1 love note daily. Zain tries to be naughty, but she avoids him, but then says after fasting being intimate is allowed. Zain says that means she wasted their 1 night. Aaliya says it is month of Ramzan and we should pray and says it is his decision now to be intimate or pray. Zain says she taught him to fast and pray god. Aaliya gets happy and thanks him for his love note.

Rehan tensely reads Zubair’s love card for Aaliya in Usman’s hotel’s office cabin. Surayya comes there and congratulates him for joining as Barkath Royal’s legal advisor. She says even Zubair is joining Barkath Royale. Rehan apologizes her for his kid’s misbehaviour yesterday. Surayya says it is okay, they are kids. Servant comes there and says Zain wants to meet him with file. Rehan tries to remove file and removes card with it. Surayya sees that. Once Rehan goes with file to meet Zain, she checks card and remembers Rehan’s words for Aaliya. She keeps card once she sees Rehan coming back. She says Rehan that Zain now believes him as his brother and she also believes him as her third son and asks him to be with Zain always and to guide him. Rehan says ok.

Zubair says Surayya that it is his bad luck that Zain did not read his love card and maybe god wants to be together. Surayya says who knows god needs what, his love card is with Rehan and says if she made a mistake by believing him and says she now she cannot believe him and needs a neutral person whom Zain can believe easily, she got a person now, Rehan Khan, day by day Zain will believe Rehan more and he will discuss about you and Aaliya to Zain. She then informs him about her plan.

Nafisa asks Shaziya why did go to her parent’s house. Fahad asks if she is missing her. Nafisa says she always goes to her parent’s house after 1st roza. Fahad says it is her routine and will come back in 3-4 days and leaves for office. Surayya sees Aaliya waving Zain goodbye for his office. She shows a file and says it is very important file and both Fahad and Zain did not take it, even driver is not there. Aaliya says she will go to Zain’s office and hand him over this file.

Aaliya reaches Zain’s office. Zain is busy with a business meeting with his staff members including Fahad and Rehan. Aalilya reaches meeting venue. Zain asks what are you doing here malika-e-zain. Aaliya hands him file and says Surayya asked me to hand this to him. Zain says he does not need this file though but thanks her. She leaves saying she has some work. Rehan gets a call from Zara and goes out to pick it. He is shocked to see Zubair kissing Aaliya in his cabin. He then remembers Aaliya telling Zain is world’s best husband.

Precap: Zain and Aaliya and walking together. Rehan says Zain that he wants to talk to him about Zubair and Aaliya.

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  2. Finally there is a movement within the show, after all this prolonging at least someone is taking action, this is the only way the show had a chance of keeping its viewership. Im just kinda worried what will happen later on but thats to find out tomorrow i guess.

  3. Omg I hope rehaan gets his facts right before he tells Zain about aliya and zubair which is she’s innocent I am worried I don’t want Zain and aliya to split up I can’t believe how incredibly zubair is evil how will his mum and aliya parents feel about him when they find out about him

  4. Plz dont let aliyaa and zain separte in future
    plz plz plz

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