Beintehaa 31st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 31st March 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 31st March 2014 Written Update

Zain thinks who exchanged the letter. Fahad comes and says he exchanged it. He asks Aaliya he would have thought of Usman once. He says he does not know why Surayya is angry on her. Aaliya says she does not like her parents also. Zain says Surayya does not like the whole Bhopal. Fahad asks Aaliya to give some time to Surayya to understand her and asks sorry on behalf of her. Aaliya asks her not to think like that. Fahad says he will meet them at breakfast and goes from there.

Zain asks how did she get the mindblowing idea of leaving him. She thinks Surayya’s words and does not say anything. Zain says if Surayya asked her to leave. She does not say anything. Zain asks her to remember the promise they made at railway station of not hiding anything with each other. Aaliya says he is

right and asks him to promise not to ask Surayya about it. Ishq khudaa…. song plays in the background. Zain says she is filmy and asks promises always. Aaliya asks him to promise her again. Zain says he won’t tell Surayya and has already informed her that it is the fight between him and Aaliya.

Whole family is having breakfast. Usman says Aaliya that they didn’t go out since marriage. They should go out and enjoy. Zain says what about the conference. Fahad says conference is canceled and Usman, Zain and himself are free today. He suggests to go on family picnic today. Everybody likes that idea. Aaliya says Zain is ashamed of himself that he did not take her out till now. Usman asks Zain to take Aaliya out. Surayya interrupts, but Usman says let them enjoy. Zain asks where should they go. Fahad says there is good resort in Alibagh. Usman asks Zain/Aaliya to go and check the resort first and they will follow them later.

ZAin and Aaliya come down after getting ready. Usman asks why are they here till now. Fahad gives them booking tickets. Zain says he will call him if he does not find the road. He says he has his phone with him and to call any time. He asks them to go now and they leave. Shaziya comes and asks Fahad in which car they are going to resort. Fahad says Zain and Aaliya are going and it was Usman and his plan to send them. Shaziya thinks she will inform Surayya about Fahad/Usman’s plan.

Rizwan calls Aayath and asks to identify who is speaking. Just then, Gowhar comes running calling Rizwan. She is about to fall, but Rizwan holds her. She asks Zain and Aaliya have gone on picnic and when will they go. Rizwan says he is not feeling well and he has to go out for 3-4 days on a business trip. Gowhar asks when will he come back. Zain says he will not come back and will go to his house as Zain is alright now. Nafisa comes and says he will come back to this house. Gowhar hears that, gets happy and goes from there. Nafisa asks Rizwan if he forgot how Shaziya has ruined her life. She says she wants him to betray Gowhar. Aayath listens to the whole conversation.

Zain and Aaliya are on the way to the resort in their car. Zain says he thinks he lost the route and asks to call the resort and check. Aaliya sees sugarcane juice and insists to drink it. Zain says he won’t stop and asks her to call the resort. She asks himself to call. Their car’s tyre gets punctured. Zain says whenever she is with him, nothing good happens. Zain calls Fahad, but he does not pick the call. He calls Usman. Usman sees his call, but Fahad asks him not to pick the call. Aaliya asks if Fahad and Usman will come to change the tyre. Zain asks her to stop rubbishing. She asks if he does not know to change the tyre and reminds him of their promise. He says he does not know and asks if she knows. She says she knows but they will have to feed her sugarcane juice. A guy passes from there in his cycle. Zain asks him about the puncture shop. He says it is 6 km away. Aaliya asks about sugarcane shop. He says 2 km. She asks Zain to take him there first, then she will change the tyre. They give cycle guy 100 rs and take his cycle. They both go in the cycle to sugarcane shop. Aaliya orders juice and asks Zain to take it. He says glass is dirty. She wipes the glass. She likes juice and says it is yummy and it reminds her of Bhopal juice shop. They both travel back in cycle.

They come back and does not find the cycle guy. Zain says animals will come and hunt them. Just then they see a snake and get afraid.

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