Beintehaa 31st July 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 31st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shaziya scolds Aaliya for complaining against Surayya and Zain and asks what will Usman feel if he knows about it. Aaliya says Surayya she did not file a complaint. Shaziya drags her out and pushes her on the floor and asks her to get out from there. She goes to Zain’s cell then and is shocked to see his bruised and blood stained face. She starts crying vigorously and turns her face down. Zain asks if she is so angry on her that she does not want to see his face. She asks him to believe that she did not file complaint. Zain says how to believe her, police tortured them for 7 hours thinking that they both kidnapped her. He says he does not believe anyone except his mother now. He says she wounded his soul and it won’t heal and punishment was because he did not listen to his mom. He

says he had a mask of her love and now he does not have it now. Aaliya pleads again that she did not file complaint, but he does not listen to her. Shabana and Ghulam reach there. Zain asks them to take their daughter from there.

Rehan reaches Barkath villa, sees lights off and calls servants, but nobody comes out. He falls down on the ground and sees Usman unconscious on the ground. He tries to wake Usman, but he does not. Servant comes there and says he went to switch lights on. They both pick Usman and drop him on the bed.

Aaliya reaches police station and informs inspector that she did not file any complaint and it is a fake one. Inspector says her signatures are on the complaint letter. She says this is her signature but she does not know who took it.

Shabana asks Nafisa how did the papers reach police station when she threw them. Nafisa says she does not know and leaves from there. Shaziya taunts her that she herself filed complaint and is now acting.

Aaliya says her parents took her signatures thinking Surayya is torturing her, but Surayya is a very good lady. She requests inspector to release Surayya and Zain. Inspector agrees.

Spain doctor treats comatised Usman and says Rehan that his medicines are not working and overdose may get Usman into cardiac arrest. He asks him to get him unani medicine and call unani doctor. Rehan says unani doctor is his father. Spain doctor asks him to call him soon then.

Rizwan says Nafisa that someone from the house has done it and we should find him out. Shaziya says if Bhopalis are telling they did not, they someone else has done it and we should find the culprit soon. Nafisa says she should not spoil her mouth with foul language and says god will punish the culprit, says she saw Shabana and Ghulam talking about the papers. Shaziya asks what does she mean. She does not reply anything and takes Rizwan from there. Shaziya senses something is wrong.

Rehan gets Fahad’s call, but he cuts it. Dr. Habeeb asks him to tell Fahad about the situation is here. He SMSes Fahad that Usman is fine. Fahad reads his SMS and informs it to Zain. Zain says why did he sent SMS instead of calling and senses something is wrong there. Surayya gets a bad dream about Usman. Both Zain and Surayya shout to let them free. Usman opens his treatment and then goes back into coma after reminiscing Surayya being arrested. Dr. Habeeb gets worried and informs Rehan to call Usman’s family soon as he is nearing his death.

Aaliya asks inspector to finish the formalities soon and release Zain and Surayya. They both are released then.

Precap: Zain attends Usman’s funeral and his dad is dead because of Aaliya and says he will divorce her.

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  1. Nearly All the dramas on colours r killin off people paro is dead in RANGRASIYA,nw usmaan is dead who’s guns die next btw i think surraya shuld hve died for she has evil motives

  2. Sana :)

    i think usmaan is nt dead maybe its a dream… or he is only critical..

  3. Pata ny whts gng on….ay ek hei serail tha jo acha tha….agr usman ki death n zaya ka talaq.ay bi bakhi serial jaisa hjyga

  4. rose

    I feel so upset I wished usman did not die but got better with the shock of Zain and suraya locked up in police station

  5. aaa

    U know thia aia totl bullshit! I lobe eneintehaa but I wamna vry a sim so sad but dont wanna watvh it no more nut ahhhh

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