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Reporters throng police station and start questioning Nafisa if her facial scar is because of Surayya’s toture like she tortured Aaliya. Shaziya asks Nafisa not to open her mouth. Reporters asks where is Aaliya.

Aaliya tries to call Zain, but his phone is switched off. She calls home number then. Usman hears phone bell and reciprocates by shaking his hands and blinking his eyes.

Badhi phupi calls Ghulam and says Surayya deserved that punishment. Ghulam asks what does she mean. Phupi says you did right by filing a domestic violence case against Surayya.

Reporter calls Aaliya asks if she can get her interview and some evince against Surayya. Aaliya surprisingly asks what does she mean. Reporter says she is talking about domestic violence case filed by her against Surayya

and Zain. Aaliya gets panicked hearing that and falls on the ground. Rizwan comes and holds her. Aaliya she did not file any case and has to go and sort out, but she falls unconscious. Shabana reminisces Ghulam throwing police complaint papers and thinks someone picked it and file a false complaint.

Fahad comes to police station and sadly sees Zain behind bars. Zain asks about Surayya. Fahad says he does not know why Aaliya filed a case. Rehan comes there and informs he cannot get bail as it is domestic violence case. He asks Fahad to be with Surayya while he will be with Zain. He says Zain that he does not believe Aaliya has filed a complaint and it must be someone. He called Aaliya, but she is found no where.

Usman reminisces Surayya and Zain being arrested and Aaliya is alleged for filing a complaint. He starts crying and shaking his hand and throat and calls Zain. Zain hears Usman’s voice and asks Rehan who is there with Usman. He says no one. Zain asks him to go and be with Usman. Usman leaves.

Aaliya wakes up, sees Rehan’s missed calls and calls him. Rehan asks how can she file a complaint against Surayya and Zain, they are behind bars because of that. Aaliya says he did not file a complaint. Rehan says he saw her signatures on the papers. Aaliya says her parents she did not, but sees their heads down in shame and reminisces signing a paper on their request. She says Rehan she will call him later and cuts the call.

She asks Ghulam and Shababna why did they take her signatures without her knowledge and file the complaint. Ghulam says he saw Surayya slapping her and tell about other incidents. She asks who told you that. Shabana says they did not file that complaint, wanted to but Usman stopped them and they threw papers in dustbin. Ghulam asks if she is sure she is safe. Aaliya says yes and says Zain loves her a lot. She does not know how to face Zain now and leaves from there.

Nafisa sees Surayya sleeping on floor and being served jail food and smirks. Shaziya says she is Surayya Abdulla and will not eat this food. Inspector says she is a criminal and has to eat that, else sleep hungry. Aaliya comes and asks inspector how can she give that food to Surayya. Surayya wakes up hearing her voice. Aaliya is shocked to see her behind bars.

Precap: Rehan reaches Barkat Villa and finds Usman on floor.

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  1. Now zaya

  2. Very sad epi…

  3. Zain and aliya will get divorce! ! Nooo

  4. I thnk usman may slip to coma or die

  5. No thy wont hope so but even if thy get divorced the story will turn more interesting

  6. I wish the divorce part doesn’t happen

  7. I wish that the in which it is told that they are getting divorced is just to get the interest of the viewer like us. In reality the promo is just opposite to promo Usman will be perfect except of dyeing and they will namot get divorced but more love will be there than before. That is what I think not the reality. And this epi is named as shockking epi….

  8. I hope whatever u said nitika is become true..

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