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Beintehaa 2nd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zain sees a kidnapper carrying Kabeer and runs behind him. Rehan and Zara are also searching Kabeer. Goon keeps child in a car and tries to elope when Zain stops kidnapper and asks him to leave child. Goon takes out knife and threatens Zain to walk out, else he will kill him. Zain says he is a localite here and will call his people. Zain starts beating goon and asks Aaliya to take Kabeer from there. Goon’s friends come and overpower Zain. Rehan comes to rescue Zain and they both bash up goons to pulp. Kabeer hugs Rehan after being rescued and apologizes him. Rehan thanks Zain.

Zain asks him to thank god and says it is a fate that they met again. Aaliya aks them to have iftari now. Zain says it is their fate to have iftari together.

Surayya, Shaziya and Nafisa are on dinner

table. Shaziya starts gulping food and says it is first day of fasting, so she is hungry. Fahad comes and asks her to continue. Zain brings Rehan and his children home and introduces Surayya to him. He introduces Rehan to Usman and says he won Zubair’s case and he stopped Jhunjhunwala from frauding. Rehan says he just helped Zain in business, but Zain got back his life, his son. Zain says if dad would have been well, he would have made Rehan as their legal advisor. Fahad says yes and says dad would want you to take important decisions yourself. He asks Rehan to join them in dinner. Shaziya says Surayya he is the same lawyer who fought Zubair’s case.

Fahad’s kids and Rehan’s kids break flower vase while playing. Surayya comes and scolds them for breaking expensive vase, she asks her grandchildren not to play with Rehan’s children as they don’t know to behave well. Kabeer says she is a witch. Zara says she is daadi, not witch. Kabeer says witch can disguise as daadi.

Shaziya says Nafisa says Surayya must be under some evil’s control as she brought back Aaliya and Zubair home and even accepted Rehan as legal adviser. Nafisa says she must have accepted defeat against Aaliya. Shaziya says she must have planned something and is hiding from them, but they will find it out.

Surayya is busy talking to Zubair over phone near swimming. Kids silently come there. Surayya says Aaliya is in kitchen and even Zain is at home. Zubair sees Zain and Zubair walking and says he will create a drama now. Zain gets a call and walks out from there. Zubair lifts Aaliya and says there is abig cockroach there. Aaliya hides her face on his shoulder in fear hearing cockroach. Rehan sees them together and remembers Zubair’s love letter. Kids frigthen Surayya and she falls into swimming pool. Zain and everyone come to her rescue. Aaliya asks Zubair to leave her and looks at him angrily. Nafisa pulls out Surayya from swimming pool. Surayya tries to beat Rehan’s kids, but Rehan rescues them.

She says Rehan his kids are too evil and uncultured. Shaziya and Nafisa also back her and shout at kids. Aaliya says they are kids and tend to make mistake. Zain consoles Surayya. Rehan apologizes. Zain says it is okay. Shaziya taunts Rehan if he will not give anything today as he gifted Saif telling toothfairy story.

Surayya sees Rehan and Aaliya talking. Rehan says Aaliya that she is a nice person and is lucky to loving husband and family who will be with you always, says true love is very rare to find. Aaliya says she did not understand. Rehan says I think you understood and goes from there.

Precap: Surayya remebers Rehan’s words and thinks he can help her separating Zain and Aaliya.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Meh Pehli agaya aaj 🙂 Kesi ho tum looge?

  2. This show kitnah boring ho Raha hai? Wouldn’t you guys agree?

  3. Exactly! Beintehaa is getting really boring nowadays 🙁

  4. Jhalde se update karo please

  5. Witch haha so funny

    1. So true……….
      Suraiya is getting wicked day by day

  6. Pix I defo agree, it’s just dragging on too much now

  7. Yaar plz quick

  8. And girls did you hear harshad aka zain is dating gunjan aka nafisa? The chemistry between zain and aliya has pretty much ended.

    1. It is not true 🙂 its a rumour by E24 because they have nothing better to do!

  9. Whatevs- I know right! They need to end this track ASAP :/ otherwise I’m off to watch rangrasiya, which is way more interesting at the moment hehehe XD

  10. Yeah I like rangrSiya more at the moment, it’s much more interesting these few days

  11. Im sure there is a new arc (story segment) for the show to conceive, but my god they are really dragging this on. The zaya moment with there marriage in the rain was one of the most tense moments for there relationship in terms of validity and volume of expression. That being said its just getting much now, ive never liked the idea of zubu and alu but the way the writers (Theres 5 of them) are constantly trying to reinforce is degrading the show, i would hate to lose interest in this fantastic show because of this stupidity.

    1. I like the idea and thoughts to the progression of this enthilestic series. But unfortunately it is seemingly dragging on. People have lost hope: me 🙁 . Therefore TRPs would decrease. Once TRP has decreased its hard for it to increase once again. Which could be an inevitable problem for the creatives. So I suggest that they MOOOOVEEE OOON!

      1. The show started fantastic, unfortunately when money comes into play everything changes, if you think rehan was chosen cause of his acting skills thats dam wrong, the show needs funding. The idea was to pull in external audiences, also they tried there own ways to increase viewership which arnt going great. There is always a good chance the show will be cancelled, wouldn’t be the first and def not the last. I would be somewhat sad if that was to happen but i can understand why. As far as your comment its all about interpersonal relationships and its understanding, each person will understand zaya differently and react accordingly. Being from london i understand zaines ideology which may be the reason i enjoy the show so much.

  12. blo*dy nonsense.

  13. so sad for suraiya…. 😉

  14. Meri Aashiqui tumse hi is now much better i guess….. beintehaa is really get boring, day by day…..

  15. People just chill ….. The director of the show is very good and almost all of his shows are hit like ipkknd and geet so chill and watch Wat will happen next…….

  16. People just chill ….. The director of the show is very good and almost all of his shows are hit like ipkknd and geet so chill and watch Wat will happen next…….

    1. You do realize its the writers that come up with the right, yes the director is skilled in his own right but without the writers he will just be a name. Director cants save shows, thats the job of the writers. Not trying to imply you are totally wrong but u seem to have limited (very) knowledge about how shows are produced my freind.

  17. I to am finding it boring suraya I dislike and zubair I am just not enjoying it much

  18. The serial started v well now its going down the drain .cant believe zubair going against aaliya so many years of bonding of brother and sister cant go down the drain like this its just becoming an evil saas bahu drama .I have left the serial its a waste of good time

    1. I concur with you to some degree, what really annoyed and confused me is that they portray zubair to be enjoying destroying zaya, i can understand the situation but the writers have turned him into a evil person. i was assuming he was gonna try and trick suryaa by telling zain and aliya so they could come up with a plan to make it look like there marriage is destroying and by enough time zubiar could leave with the money and visa, but the writers really have lost the plot, i don’t wanna leave the series but there is a good chance it might be cancelled before i can make up my mind.

  19. beintehaa is going to loss his viewers because of boring and stupid track.

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