Beintehaa 29th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Beintehaa 29th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Police come with warrant for Suraya…. Says Aliya has complained

Zain is in tears cos the warrant has Aliya’s signature on it … Rehaan the lawyer says … It’s for kitchen fire incidence , Suriya’s attempt to murder and Zain had pushed her … That’s why she was taken ill.

Everyone is looking for Aliya … Rehaan says she might be with Ayat and Rezwan cos she knows about their marriage …. Baru Bahu ( don’t know her name ) feigns her happiness and says to police she will help find Aliya … Meanwhile we learn she has hidden the phone so Aliya cannot be contacted … Police says … The whole family might have harmed and. Goom ( hidden) her … Bari baru is happy that she is getting the best present for EID

Suriya cries to osman Sahab … Look what your bhanji did to us .

Police arrest both Zain and Suraya … Zain is extremely hurt … The whole media world has landed on them … They follow them to court house … Fahad pleads yo police that it must be a misunderstanding … They will call minister verma Sahab ,.. He is a family friend and surely wil help…

Police warns Fahad … Rehaan asks them to not hurt Fahad cos there are laws against police harassment too… Suraya us dragged into a cellar .

Everyone is shocked to learn that ZAIN it’s behind the marriage of Ayat and Rizwaa. …. Ayat says … I don’t want to hear your lecture … You were going to sacrifice me for gawhar … You didint care about my love for Rezwan. Aliya is crest fallen

Zain is being tortured by police … Hot tea is thrown on him, his head bashd against the table and then the floor … Police says within 15 minutes you have to tell us where us aliya …. Zain hears his mom screaming in another room , she is being tortured too… All his memories of good times with Aliya flashes by while he lies on the floor

precap … Aliya picks up phone … A reporter asks about the case against MIL and husband … She is stunned by this information …

Update Credit to: pollyanna

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  1. Wat is dis….give full update…n very shocking episode….

  2. Sad episode … Nafisa is so evil to do that and what is up with Ayaath.

  3. I agree I never thought Rizwan was bad

    1. u r my husband

  4. OMG Aliya likes slapping people today she slapped Rizwan

  5. What the hell is this?

  6. hmmm I don’t know if Rizwan or Aliya is right ???

  7. Whats up lea?

  8. 🙁 sad episode

    1. u r my wife

  9. How can the police hit zain n Suraya

  10. but surraya is bad so she deserves to be In jail

  11. Is anyone but the beintehaa family gonna comment here

  12. OMG we r the beintehaa family

  13. madhubalaRISHABkundra

    Ya…madhu s here to comment.. 🙂 beat romance s yet to come..hang on…

  14. madhubalaRISHABkundra


  15. Here is ek hazaron mein mare behna hai

  16. Great episode I agree with rehan

  17. Jee aab zain aur mere beech mein jagra ho gha coz usman will die. I’m also so sad but let’s see what will happend with usman and me !

  18. I am so tensed about their talaaq and even to usman mamu

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