Beintehaa 28th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 28th March 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 28th March 2014 Written Update

Surayya thinks Aaliya is obedient and left the house. She will not let her back in this house again. Usman comes and asks Surayya what happened. Surayya says Aaliya left the house. Usman asks why did she go. Surayya says if elders delay taking decisions, children will take them and this is what happened.

Zain asks Aaliya if she wants to stand her the whole night or wants to come with him. Aaliya says she does not want to come. Zain says if she wants to break all the promises made on Nikah. Aaliya asks why does he want to take her back, if he developed feeling for her. Beintehaa… title song plays the background. Zain goes close to her and sees her for sometime and then says he has solid feelings of taking back her home. He says he both can fight but cannot run away from each other and asks

her not to run, else their story will not be complete and he wants to complete the story. Aaliya says if she stays, their story will change and they both will live happily ever after. Zain asks again if she wants to come home or not. Aaliya asks him to promise. He says he does not want to give romantic promise. Aaliya asks him not to hide anything from her like she hid Fahad’s problem and he hid Aayath’s problem. Zain says okay. She asks him promise and he agrees by shaking hands.

Surayya says Usman that Aaliya broke all the promises she made during Nikah. She broke your hope. She did not have courtesy to inform us and left home like a thief. She shows Aaliya’s phone and says she left her phone so that we should not contact her. Usman asks why did she leave suddenly. Surayya says it was going on since many days. Their bedroom was divided and even life. She says I told you earlier and you didn’t listen to me. Usman asks where is Zain, he would have gone to bring her back. Surayya says Zain is your son, he would have gone to see off her. Usman says if she is telling truth, then they should not drag Zain/Aaliya’s relationship. He wished they both lived together, but they want to be separated, then ok. He goes from there. Surayya gets happy hearing him.

Aaliya agrees and goes with Zain. They sit in a car. Zain gets Usman’s call. He thinks Surayya would have told something. They come home. Aaliya tries to pick her suitcase. Zain asks her to leave it there in car itself.

Surayya says Usman if children have taken the decision, we should respect it, else they may take a harsher step. She asks Shaziya to book Bhopal’s ticket for her and Usman, and they will go and complete the remaining formalities. She says they both are of opposite nature and we tried to unite them, they don’t even talk to each other proper, not even drink tea together, then how will they live together. She sees Zain on the door and asks Usman to ask himself. Aaliya also comes with Zain. Usman asks where were they together. Zain says Aaliya was craving for ice and she wanted to go alone, so she accompanied her. Usman says Surayya she was just misunderstood. Zain asks what happened. Surayya says she saw him running and didn’t find Aaliya’s suitcase/trunk and clothes in her room. Zain says it is in her room itself and asks her to check.

Surayya takes Usman and everybody to Aaliya’s room and asks to check cupboard. she is shocked to see all her clothes present in the cupboard. Aaliya remembers Zain keeping back clothes in cupboard and asking Aaliya to finish half ice cream cup. Usman says Surayya she is misunderstood. Surayya shows Aaliya’s letter and asks him to read loudly. He reads it and it is grocery list. He laughs and gives it to Shaziya. Shaziya says it the list written for Chakkiwala. Surayya says Zain/Aaliya they changed the letter. Usman says they both are happy and are feeding ice cream to each other and asks everybody to disperse. Surayya sees Zain and Aaliya eating icecream happily.

Precap: Usman says Zain/Aaliya they did not go out since their marriage. Fahad says let us go on a family picnic.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. They both ate ice-cream nd not even given a bit of it to anyone very bad…..

  2. hats offfffffffffff to this episodeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  3. Awesome episode.. hats off writers!!!! yiu guys rock..You keep this show grounded, realistic and so enduring… Hope to see zain and aliya together … zain has a good measure of his mom… Loved this

  4. awesum serial

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