Beintehaa 28th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 28th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zain starts Jash-E-Eid with his performance on Yoon shabnami…. song with Aaliya. They then perform on Dekho chand aaya… song. It looks like it is their dream. They both stand on the terrace, sight a moon, and greet chand mubarak to each other in their minds. They both reminsce last night’s incident. Aaliya thinks on eid, Allah/God will set the things right.

Zain performs eid namaz/prayers in Eidgah/religious place and greets everyone.

Reporters question Surayya about the excitement this eid season. She says Usman is receprocating to his treatment, so it is special this time. Ghulam and Shabana see her and greet her eid mubarak, but she does not reply and instead goes from there getting annoyed. Aaliya bring Usman to the party venue. Shabana and Ghulam see Aaliya

with Usman and greet her and Usman eid mubarak.

Uttran’s daadi comes and greets them eid mubarak. She says she celebrated holi well and what has she planned for eid. She says maami has given her work and she will look after it. Ghulam greets naani in. Nafisa says Ghulam and Shabana Aaliya is telling lie, Surayya did not give her any work. She thinks she will destroy Surayya soon.

Paro from Rang Rasiya meets Aaliya and greets her eid murabarak. Aaliya asks about Rudra. Paro says he is outside and asks her to forget her tiff with Zain and compromise with him. Rehan and Rudra meet Zain and ask him to try to console Aaliya as anger will spoil the relationship. Aaliya and Zain both accept their advice and hug each other happily.

They both wish each other eid mubarak and aplogize each other. Rudra and Paro give their stuunning performance on Humse pyaar karle tu… song. Rudra’s mother Mohini praises Surayya for the party arrangement and says her bahu has gone a good job. Surayya says she arranged it herself. Mohini says she did it good and says bahu’s should be in their limits. Another TV serial mother interrupts them and says when bahu is good, they should not bother her. Aaliya comes there and serves them juice. Surayya asks why did she bring juice when there are many waiters. Aaliya says waiters are serving other guests. Mohan starts criticizing Aaliya and asks her to tell her arrangements. Aaliya says whole family arranged this party. Mohini asks her not to lie. Surayya asks her to go and check if Sheer Korma/sweet dish is prepared. Aaliya sadly leaves from there.

Aayath calls Ghulam and Shabana and greets them eid mubarak. Aaliya picks call from them and asks where is she. Aayath says if she will tell her address, she will try to separate her from Rizwan. Aaliya gets sad. Simar from Sasural Simar Ka meets Aaliya and asks her to not feel sad about Aayath’s anger against her. Rehan comes and informs Aaliya that he found the location of Aayath. Aaliya gets happy. Simar says soon Aayath will be found. Ganga comes and greets them both eid mubarak.

Ganga says she does not have a sister. Aaliya says we both are like sisters to you and lets go and enjoy out. Simar says maataji and mausiji are outside, so they cannot go out. They then dance on Gajra mohabbat waala…. song. Aaliya remembers her happy days with Aayath and stop dancing. Simar and Ganga try to console her.

Shiv of balika vadhu dances with Anandi on Isqh sufiyaana…. song… Uttaran’s lead star imagines his lost lady love and gets sad… Shiv and Anandi greet Zain and Aaliya eid murab. They ask why did they come later. Shiv says a man came with a missing complaint of his dog and started a big drama.

Akshay Kumar and Tamanna come tothe party and start searching their dog. They ask Chakkiwala if he saw him and shows dog’s pic. Chakkiwala jokes he just saw him in his mobile. Akshay then sees Shiv collector and asks if he saw his dog. Shiv says Zain he is the same man because of whom he got late for the party and says he is a collector and it is not his job to find a dog. Akshay jokes when Himesh Reshamiya can become actor, when Navjot Singh Sidhu can become a judge, then why can’t he find his dog. Fahad and Nafisa come there and ask what is happening there. Akshy and Tamanna says Enterminment is missing. Fahad and Nafisa say they don’t know about entertainment, but they know about a dog. They both see entertainment/dog under a table with another dog and say he is in love with her.

Akshay asks entertainment if he ran away from his wedding because of this little dog and says he will let him marry this dog at the same wedding desitnation.

Zain, Rudra and Shiv dance on a song from Akshay’s upcoming movie which he came to promote. Then, Zain and Aaliya and other couples dance. Akshay and Tamanna also dances with the couples. Akshay then wishes eid mubarak and leaves.

Aaliya adds dry fruit in sheer korma and asks chef to serve it in a bowl as she has wants Surayya taste it. Chef adds poison in sheer korma and says he prepared it like she wanted. Mohini sees that and gets suspicious on Aaliya. Aaliya asks Surayya to taste sheer korma. Surayya tries to taste it when Mohini stops her and says it has poison in it and alleges Aaliya. Everyone are shocked to hear it and gather around them. Aaliya says she herself tasted it. Mohini says after you tasted it, you asked chef to add poison in it and asks Surayya to call chef and ask him. Chef comes and says he added the ingredients given by Aaliya. Aaliya says she did not ask him to add poison though and asks Surayya to believe her. Surayya says she does not believe her. Aaliya tastes sheer korma. Zain tries to stop her and runs towards her, but she already has tasted it. Zain asks why did she eat it and asks Surayya why did not she stop her. Surayya says she was confident and wanted to taste. Aaliya falls unconscious on ground while everyone watch her shockingly. Hakeem Habeeb asks Zain to take her in as he will have to remove poison from Aaliya’s stomach. Ganga and Habeen remove poision from her body.

Surayya scolds Shabana and Ghulam and alleges Aaliya for spoiling the party. She asks them to ask Aaliya how did poison come in sheer korma. They both sadly leave from there and start crying. Shabana says however the poison came, Aaliya had to drink it. Nafisa says Surayya forcefully made Aaliya drink poison to prove her point as she does not like Aaliya. She asks chef to tell truth. Chef says he had to obey Surayya’s order as she is his boss. Shabana asks Nafisa what does chef mean. Nafisa says he is old chef and obeys Surayya’s orders.

Once Aaliya wakes up, Zain scolds her for consuming poison and asks why did not she think of him. She says it looks like he will cry now. He says any husband would do that and says he will go out and check. She says him I love you. He says I love you too and goes out.

Shabana reminisces Zain and Surayya misbehavior towards Aaliya and humiliation and chef adding poison on Surayya’s order. She sayts Ghulam that our daughter is not safe here. Ghulam says she is right. They both recall getting Aaliya’s signature on divorce papers and asks Shabana asks Ghulam to take those papers to police station. He says yes or else Allah wil not forgive them.

Rehan informs Aaliya that Aayath’s location has been detected. Aaliya gets happy.

Shabana informs U*sman about ill treatment to Aaliya by his familyi members and her life is danger and tells him the incidents happened. She says she will to go to police station now and tries to get up when Usman holds her hand, trying to stop her from doing so. Shabana is shocked to see Usman’s improvement and asks if he can hear her. She informs Ghulam about it and asks him not to file police complaint and tells how Usman held her hand. Ghulam says it is Allah’s wish and throws papers in dustbin. Nafisa takes papers out from dustbin and thinks that this complaint will surely go to police and calls police disguised as Aaliya.

Shastri sisters meet Zain give him a bangle to give it to Aaliya. Aalilya meets Shabana and Ghulam and inform them about Aalilya’s location and they leave from there. Zain searches Aaliya, but she is not there.

Fahad start performance on Wallah re wallah wallah…aadab arz hai…. song with Shaziya and Nafisa joining them. Nafisa stops them and starts dancing alone in a weird way with sword holding men.

She then stops hearing police siren. Police come and say they have come to arrest her on Aaliya’s complaint of domestic voilence and fear for life. Wile everyone is shocked to hear that, Nafisa smirks thinking her plan has worked.

Precap: Usman silently watches Surayya being handcuffed and dragged by police.

Update Credit to: MA

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